BLOG BITE with Eleni Konstantine

It’s a bit daggy but I love…
Watching/hearing DVD commentaries. I find the whole process fascinating – their story arc process, how they shot scenes, what they liked and didn’t like and wish they had time to improve. Oh and I’m am abit of SF fan girl – Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Firefly, Farscape – you get my drift :)) But no I don’t dress up like any characters. Though hopefully I will get to go to WorldCon that is being held in Melbourne in September. Fingers crossed.

Three things people might not know about me are…
• I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome….. So zombie-dom in the mornings. Doesn’t help that I’m also a klutz.
• I was made in Greece, hatched in South Africa as an Australian born overseas, and raised in Australia. While I’ve been to Greece, I haven’t yet gone back to my birth country.
• I was once asked ‘how much?’ and I wasn’t working in a shop. LOL! Yup, I don’t know what part of my uni clothes (leggings if I recall) and backpack made this guy think that. Definitely no stilettos or mini skirts involved.

Currently reading…
What aren’t I reading? I’ve so many books on the TBR pile and it’s hard to keep up. Where’s the pause button? At any stage you can see what I am currently reading at my reading blog. I always read more than one book at a time. This is no reflection on the books but more the way my brain works with the fuzziness of CFS at times. So I drift from one to the other, depending on my day.

As I write this, I’m reading…
Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur
Quest by Shannah Jay
Lover Avenged by JR Ward
Heart & Craft edited by Valerie Parv
Sizzle, Seduce & Simmer edited by Marion Lennox
Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac (not exactly for fun)
Rhiana by Michelle Hauf
Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon by Anne Oliver

Plotter or pantser…
Pantser. though like Maree Anderson I’m not a fan of the word. To me it sounds like a kid who is going through toilet training. Eeew great image – not! So flimmer, barnstormer (Maree’s term though I think of storm troopers from Star Wars) – whatever the term you use, it’s more organic. More freestyle. Hmmm…a freestyler? Um, maybe not. 🙂

I may have a rough outline with signposts but things don’t stay its course and I have fun writing that way. I get a few surprises like characters popping up turning things on its head.

I write…
Fantasy and paranormal fiction with romantic elements.

I’m still waiting to be published in novel form but have had some short stories published.

You can visit me at my web hangouts
My Website –
Eleni’s Taverna –
Eleni’s Kafe –
Eleni’s Library –
Bootcampers 101 –
SA Romance Authors –

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  1. Anita

     /  May 7, 2010

    -woot- Now that I’m not posting the Blog Bites I can sneak in and steal the Golden Adonis from under Sue and Anna’s noses ;o)

    Hey Eleni, fun bite! I knew you had a big web presence, but I’d never thought about it as one bunch before. How do you manage to stay on top of that list and fit in writing? I struggle to manage one blog, lol.

    • Congrats on getting the Golden Adonis Anita! Very hard to obtain from those to ladies 😀

      The answer to your question re web presence and staying on top of it – um, I don’t – LOL! I’ve been very quiet lately. With the Bootcampers, I have help with Bootcampers Fiona and Roseanne. The SARA site is information and news rather than a blog. Twitter is whenever – LOL! See what I mean? But since I stopped studying a month or so back I’ve been concentrating more on writing first then the web presence.

  2. Hi Eleni,
    great post – love the freestyler term =)
    and hurry up and publish your fantasy – soo want to read it!!

    • Hey Mel,

      Score 1 for freestyler 🙂 LOL – I think of gymnastics and since I’m not athletic (i.e. see klutz above), the term seemed funny to me.

      Oh and from your lips to the publishing gods ears re the fantasy 😉

  3. Hey Eleni,
    Great BB, I’ve always love your flimmer reference for pantsers. Okay, I may work on a heap of different MSs at once, but I can’t read more than 3 novels/books at a time. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself.

    • Hey Sandie,

      Score 1 for flimmer 🙂

      Funny how our brains can work – either a heap of MSs or books – or one at a time. I’m always fascinated reading and talking about how different writers work.

  4. Hey, Anita, what are you doing with MY Adonis? And why is he looking so happy? Snort!

    Eleni, great to see you here. That’s a fabulous photo! Love hearing about your writing life! And wow, that’s some reading list!

    • Anita was quick off the mark this morning Anna. Adonis is being very well looked after I’m sure. 😀

      I loved the photo because next to me (cut out) is my god-sister laughing as well. And the air-brushing helps – no double chin!

      Even though I have on the to go list – there’s always more in the wings!

  5. Hi Eleni! So great to see you here and find out a few extra facts =)

    You guys think she’s busy with this stuff? If you heard all the other things she does like the SARA website creation and maintenance, stuff for the upcoming Romancing The Novel in Adelaide, and a heap of other things, I’m sure you’d be flabbergasted! I get tired just thinking of it…

    So, Eleni, thanks for all the wonderful things you do! And I second the hurry up and get published!

    • Hey Bronwyn,

      Hmmm…put that way no wonder I’m tired! 😀 Seriously, I’m lucky everything I can do can be at my own pace and time. I tend to have night owl tendencies, so get a lot done at night. I just can do 9-5 anymore and I’m in awe of everyone who has families and/or works and writes as well.

      And you’re welcome Bronwyn – I love being part of SARA!

  6. Kalimera Eleni!

    Love the blog bite. I really want to know what you said to the “How much?” comment and how long the guy was in hospital:-))

    And I have to second what Bron said and add my thanks to you for all your amazing work for SARA – I seriously don’t know when you get time to write!

    Efharisto poli, Eleni!

    • Yia sou Trish,

      I look back and laugh at that incident Trish. When I asked ‘What?’, the guy repeated and the world seemed to slow down with my ‘nooooo’. He just shrugged and walked away. He thought he could get a quickie before going to where he was going. Shudder.

      I find doing other in writing things help the creative process & keeps reminding me that I need to write. It’s the other stuff in life that gets in the way that usually stops the writing process – study, family health stuff etc. That takes me time to pull myself back to writing, but I always get there.

      Efharisto for your kind words.

  7. Sandii

     /  May 7, 2010

    I too have to share a secret passion of all things Trekie. Still can’t choose between Janeway or Piccard as my favourite Captain. Inspiration for the upcoming ‘fantasy’ party at the conference??

    Thanks for all the work you do and hugs on the Chronic Fatigue.

    Looking forward to seeing you in August.


    • Hey Sandii – yay another Trekie fan! I have to say hands down Picard is my favourite. I think Janeway was a wonderful captain too but Picard with that deep voice, composure, and sense of dry humour just worked so well. I’ve missed seeing the TNG crew.

      Well that’s a great idea for the ‘fantasy’ party 🙂

      Thanks for the hugs & roll on August!

  8. Gorgeous photo, Eleni.

    Erm, I like DVD commentaries, and love all those sci-fi tv shows you mentioned. Funnily enough, I’ve also been asked the ‘How much?’ and I was dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sensible shoes, and carrying a backpack! Maybe it was the backpack?

    • Hey Sussan,
      Yay another DVD commentary fan as well as the sci-fi fan!

      OMG – it MUST be the backpack. I wonder what they think we were hiding in there? 😀

  9. Eleni,
    I’ve never liked “pantster” either. How exactly does one “fly by the seat of their pants” anyway? Organic stormtroopers, perhaps? Just as long as you’re not the one that hits his head when he comes through the door!
    And I really enjoy watching/ listening to DVD commentaries, too! Especially when the commentators have really yummy voices like Crispin Freeman or Adam Baldwin, or are Scottish.
    And for my money it’s a toss up between Picard and Archer ;p…………..

    • Hey Jennie,
      It’s one of those terms I haven’t thought of. anyone know it came to be?

      Organic stormtroopers that are not klutzes – Love that! 😀

      Yay for another DVD commentary fan!

      And Captain Archer – what a guy. they definitely cancelled that show way before it’s time. Had so much more to explore.

      • Couldn’t argee more! Scott Bakula…Mmmm.
        And I have to ask, which Stargate is your favourite? SG1, Atlantis or Universe?

      • Oh you ask a tough question re SG. I love them all. SG1 I would have to say though – it could be light and dark; loved the humour; loved the action; love the world-building and how it grew.

        However, I’m loving SGU as it’s different. They have different purpose & it is darker, edgier. . And great to see RDA guest star at the beginning of the series. Love SciFi TV that they are fast-tracking from the US.

  10. Great Blog Bite, Eleni. Didn’t know you were born in South Africa – how interesting!

    I do hope you manage to get to WorldCon in September. Not my thing, but I’m sure you’ll love it.

    See you soon at Romancing the Novel!


    • Hey Claire, see you learn something new about people every day! 😀 Thanks on the good vibes for the WorldCon. And one more week until RTN!!!! Huzzah!

  11. LOL on what you might be hiding in the backpack!! Great blog bite, Eleni. I’m quite shocked you didn’t mention Battlestar Galactica though!!!

  12. Hi Eleni, great Blog Bite. Can’t wait to meet you next weekend.
    I love watching DVD commentaries as well, last week in fact I watched the making of New Moon. ‘Go team Edward’!!!
    Tam 🙂

    • OMG Tam – noooo!!!! Team Jacob. Actually I prefer James from the first one – he had real teeth.

      • Tracey – I never believed in the teams because I thought they were unnecessary. Edward and Bella. Breaking Dawn just showed why. Never felt right with Jacob – always saw him like the little brother – ewwww!

    • Hey Tam,
      I actually laughed during the ‘Twilight’ DVD commentary -Rob Pattinson made some funny comments on playing Edward. Haven’t gotten the New Moon to check out yet.
      And yes, RTN is almost here! Huzzah! See you then 🙂

  13. Bec

     /  May 7, 2010

    Hi Eleni,
    Cool to learn more about you. Some interesting stories to tell indeed.

  14. Hey sweetness – great blog bite. And high five fellow SciFi Fan.

    • Hey there my IM buddy Tracey. Go another SciFi fan – just had my fix of SGU and Warehouse 13 🙂 Am a happy girl. 😀

  15. Just wanted to thank everyone for popping in to check out my blog bite & a big thanks to Anita and Jenn for having me here 🙂 RWA rocks!

  16. How did I miss your blog bite, Eleni? It’s only just come up today in my Google Alerts… mutter mutter growl growl.

    Now how did I guess you’d be a Firefly fan? I must confess I have the words to the theme song printed out and stuck on my noticeboard.

    Loved learning my about you, babe. You’re totally awesome…you know that, right?

    Big hugs,

    • Hey Maree,

      Awwww shucks and thanks 🙂 Hugs back.

      Firefly – oh what a series that was – I caught it on DVD after they’d cancelled it – before it’s time IMO. Cool re the theme song. I’ve got it somewhere. I just don’t have space underneath all this ‘stuff’ to put it right now.

  17. Eleni,
    Great blog bite,
    Loved hearing more about where you were born etc, and as you know, I’ve always admired the way you work through the Chronic Fatigue exhaustion thing,
    Thanks for sharing with us,
    As for Anita ‘Minding’ Adonis for Anna and I for a week, we expect him back in perfect condition ie not worn out!

    • Hey Suzi,
      Thank you very much, that is very kind of you. LOL for Anita – Anita you better take care of Adonis or there will be a throw-down I think! 😀

      • Anita

         /  May 8, 2010

        Eleni, I think I’ll be in trouble if Adonis isn’t kept happy… but I can assure everyone he’s just fine. Quite enjoying the change in scenery in fact (I don’t think Sue and Anna take him out much while he’s in their hands *wink*).

      • LOL Anita. Good job. 😀

  18. Shayne Collier

     /  May 9, 2010

    Hi Eleni,
    Geez, you’re popular.

    A lovely blob post. I didn’t know you had chronic fatigue. You poor poppit. Can you recover from it or is it something you have to learn to live with?


  19. Wonderful Blog Bite, Eleni. I’m in awe at how many books you read at once!
    And glad to see another “freestyler”…or is that “barnstormer”?

    • Hey Cathryn,

      It would be interesting to see the percentage of writers who are ‘freestylers’ as opposed to plotters as opposed to something in between 🙂

      As for the reading, it’s such a different way that I used to read years ago. About 3 books max at once. One at work, one on the bus, and one at home. Again, I freestyle with the reading 😀

  20. Eleni – I love watching dvd commentaries too! I remember watching all the Buffy ones years ago. Happy times. =)

    Btw, I’m Team Edward and Team Jacob. Why should I have to choose? 😉


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