June Hearts Talk

The latest edition of Hearts Talk is here. This is available only to members, but here is a little peek….

Rachel Bailey chats to Debra Dixon

Welcome, Debra! We’re very excited to have you coming to our Sydney conference. Have you been to Australia before?

I haven’t been to Australia before and I’m very excited to be joining you for the conference. I am hoping everyone I meet will fill my brain full of slang and culture to bring back with me.

Can you take us back to the beginning of your career and tell us about your first sale?

Gutenberg had just invented the printing press. All of my author buddies were very excited, because it meant better distribution and royalties.

Oh, you want the real story? Fine. Whatever.

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Girl Meets Boy: Plotting The Romance Novel By Joan Kilby

The course of true love never did run smooth. –William Shakespeare.

In a romance novel, the hero and heroine’s pursuit of concrete, well-defined goals and the obstacles they encounter are what drive the plot. Woven into this story is the developing love relationship. Ideally, critical incidents in the plot will trigger developments in the romance and vice versa.

I like to follow Aristotle’s 3 act structure when plotting because it adapts neatly to the classic romance plot: Girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy.

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Sun, Surf & Sizzle Conference Update

Sold Out: The Saturday\Sunday conference sold out in record time—surprising even the coordinators!

Stop Press: Publisher Ali Watts from Penguin Books Australia will be attending

ARRA Signing Event: An exciting new event to be held in conjunction with Sun, Surf & Sizzle this year is the Australian Romance Readers Association book signing event

Donations: We’re relying on your generosity to keep those donations coming for conference goodie bags, door prizes and raffles. All donations will be gratefully accepted.

The RWA Group Grants Scheme – Launching July 1st 2010

Gosh, this sounds interesting! What is it?

A fund that any RWA Affiliated or RWA Associated Group can apply to in support of the wonderful work they do in advancing the careers of their RWA members.

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Jessica Hart, Author Interview with Barbara Hannay

Jessica Hart has written 55 books for Harlequin Mills & Boon’s Romance line and is a past winner of both a RITA (Best Traditional Romance 2005) and the UK’s coveted Romance Prize (2006), as well as a National Readers’ Choice Award in 2009. In her “spare time” she has also acquired a PhD in Medieval studies. If you add the fact that she’s passionate about Australia, you can see why we’re very lucky to have her as a workshop presenter at this year’s conference.

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Anne Gracie interviews new Aussie author, M.J. Scott

AG: I met Mel Scott back in 2001 at the Victorian Writers Centre. Mel’s been the poster child for how to get published. She’s worked, studied, explored her voice in a variety of subgenres, submitted her work for critique, and entered competitions, and finally, it’s all paid off: in February Mel’s agent, Miriam Kriss sold her first book in a three book deal to Ace/Roc (a division of Penguin, New York.)

Congratulations, Mel—it’s wonderful, well deserved news. So, tell us how it all happened.

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A Writer’s Husband’s Life: Tales From the Other Side with Elliot Hannay

Elliot, you are more involved with romance writing than most husbands or partners, how did that come about?

First let me stress that I don’t co-write any of Barbara’s novels, the craft of romance writing is well beyond my capabilities.

However I’m quite chuffed when she refers to me as her “first reader”.

I suspect I became more involved than most husbands because of my professional career as a journalist and editor and I’ve always been fascinated by a good story. I read my first novel when I was ten (James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans by the way is not only an adventure story; it’s one of literature’s great romances).

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Of course don’t forget our regular columns:

From the Prez with Alison Ahearn

Market Watch with Pam Collings

Contest News with Catherine Evans

The Last Word with Christina Phillips

Member News & Releases with Rachel Blair

Member Spotlights with Sandii Manning – This month featuring Shelley Findlater

Events Calendar with Doreen Sullivan

Practicalities, Technicalities with Michelle Wood – This month featuring Anna Cleary: Critiquing and Why It Works

And Introducing our newest column: Ask Aunty Fi with Fiona Lowe!

This month, we’re thrilled to launch a brand new column— Ask Aunty Fi! The ever-fabulous Fiona Lowe is making herself available to answer all those niggling questions you’ve been too scared to ask anywhere else. These first questions are from Team Hearts Talk members, but we’re looking for more. If you have a burning question, send it in to: AskAuntyFi@romanceaustralia.com and Fiona or one of her fellow aunties might choose yours for the column! But before you submit, be aware that when we ask for advice, we don’t always get what we want to hear, and that’s okay because with advice, you take what you want from it and leave the rest.—Ed.

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