BLOG BITE with Paula Roe

Three words to describe me… Talkative, enthusiastic, loyal

My day job is… A writer and a mum.  Two jobs that are seriously underpaid but so incredibly satisfying for the soul. 

Saving for… So far – a trip to the UK, Antarctica, Disneyworld, the Arizona Meteor crater, Scotland, and an archeological dig.  My son has big dreams and is making a list, you see… 

I procrastinate by… Watching TV and the internet.  It’s a love/hate relationship.

My worst habit is… Chewing my nails.  And procrastination. 

I would most like to meet… David Attenborough because…. he’s well-travelled, well spoken and full of interesting things to say.   

If I was stranded on a desert island, the three things I would take are… Besides sun block, food, water and books?  A solar powered iMac with wireless, shampoo and a fully-pimped out cruiser with a cute crew who know how to navigate.  (If it’s less than three star, I’m staying home.  So you can guess I don’t do camping…)

I write… Hot Aussie contemporary romance for Silhouette Desire – and in my spare time I’m plotting a futuristic off-world paranormal/fantasy saga, a body-switch YA, and a women’s fiction.  It’s the Gemini in me <g>.  

A recovering contest junkie, Paula’s 2009 release The Magnate’s Baby Promise won Favourite Short Category Romance in ARRA’s Australian Romance Readers Awards in May, and her current release The Billionaire Baby Bombshell, (June in the States, July in ANZ) was a Borders Group Top 10 best seller.   Visit Paula’s web site for more details, plus helpful links and articles for writers. Post a comment before 5pm AEST tomorrow (Sat) and you could win a book from her back list.

If you’d like to step into the blog Bite hotseat, send Jenn an email.

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  1. Am I the first to comment? I can confirm Paula is a typical Gemini! Looking forward to the next book Paula.

  2. Paula,
    Talkative? Enthusiastic? No!
    I thought you were one of the quiet and demure crowd- He he!
    Great to hear more about your great travel plans,
    Good luck with the next book,

  3. Sandra Harris

     /  July 9, 2010

    Hi Paula, I so hear you on the camping thing. These days for us that consists of anything below the 5th floor in a 5 star hotel.

    And thank you for being so generous and helpful with your knowledge, I’ve gained a lot of information from your web site.

  4. Hey everyone and thanks for having me biting 😀

    I’m sure I’m not the only one here with a school report card that had ten variations of “could work harder if she didn’t talk so much” 😉

    Sandra – you are so welcome! I love to share 🙂

  5. Camping. Such fun…. Not! Last time I went camping I took an inflatable mattress, pillow, fitted sheets, and duvet. I had a solar shower, and one of our group had a full-size gas barbie. That’s my idea of camping — if I’m forced to go, LOL. I’m also with you on the procrastination. TV, internet and the evil EFT: email, Facebook, Twitter. Ah, procrastination is so very sweet 😉

    Hey, if you’re ever stranded on an island, can I be stranded with you? You’ll need someone to help with that crew. You know, applying sunscreen to all their hard to reach places, LOL.

    Great blog bite, Paula. And I hope you get to visit some of those places on your wishlist!

  6. You and your lists! And now your son is making them too. Well, start them early, that’s what I say!
    And as for procrastination… Harry Potter Lego for the Xbox is absolutely the best way to waste time at the moment. So very cool!

  7. Helen Sibbritt

     /  July 9, 2010

    Hi Paula

    Love that list and I am no camper either but I would have to have books to read LOL. Love your stories and I am soo looking forward to the new one out in a couple of weeks YAY.

    Have Fun

  8. Jennie!!! Lego Harry Potter is on my son’s list 😀 but we’re waiting until they issue it on PS2 and there’s some cheats up on the internet 😉

  9. Theresa from RWAustralia and the Paranormal Group

     /  July 9, 2010

    Hi Paula,

    I so agree with you regarding camping. Let’s just hope neither of us ever gets stranded on an island.

    You are one of the most helpful people I know.

    You go girl!


  10. Kylie Griffin

     /  July 9, 2010

    Hey, Paula, I’m with you if you ever go to Scotland, on an archeological dig or manage to buttonhole David Attenborough! I don’t know how many wildlife documentaries I sat through with him in them as a kid, and now on Austar, but I love any of his work. What a great influence he’s been for conversation. 🙂

  11. You’re a Gemini, Paula? Fantastic – no wonder you’re so good with words!

    I still love camping, but my husband’s take on it is, ‘The only stars I sleep under are 5 Stars…” So Sandy, he’s in complete agreement with you too…

    Look forward to your latest release, Paula!

  12. Hey, Paula!

    I share your procrastination habits! 😦

    Fun bites and a terrific list of things to save for – your son has big, interesting plans for you!


  13. Helen ::blush::
    Theresa and Helene – now there’s a good start for a story! Start with two camping-hating gals and strand them on a desert island 😀
    Kylie – I love Sir David, and so does my boy. I’ve cheerfully sat through a bunch of documentaries for the last five years and it never gets old! The stuff that gets absorbed into a 9yo brain is so amazing…
    Hey Shazza! as my dad would say, ‘champagne tastes on beer income’… 😎

  14. Maree – you’re on! 😀

  15. I can vouch for those qualities in you – talkative, enthusiastic and loyal – they’re three of my favorite things about you! LOL! Why didn’t anyone tell me you don’t have to CAMP if you get sent to a desert island? In that case, sign me up! 🙂

  16. awww, thanks, Kitty!

  17. Hi Paula,

    Geez Louise, I love the concept of the ‘fully pimped-out’ cruiser. Whoo hoo! That’s one boat I’d like to float on.

    Love ya work!


  18. Hi Paula,
    You, talkative – never. You can take me with you when you travel to Scotland, I will gladly carry your bag, run errands, cringe, grovel, whatever it takes. I have been to Scotland twice and it is absolutely beautiful and I would love to go back.



  19. Hi Paula! You are a great writer and. a great mum and a lovely person to boot.
    Love Melanie x

  20. Great blog bite 🙂

    I agree about the camping – the only stars I want to sleep under are five stars – LOL

    Cheers, Joanne

  21. Love what you’d take to a desert island, Paula!

  22. Thanks for all the comments, people! The closest I ever got to camping as an adult was backpacking through Europe… now THERE was an adventure. Would love to have enough time and money to do it all justice – shopping, sight seeing, maybe a wild torrid affair with a suave European 😉 Anyone with me on that? 😆

  23. Hey Paula,

    Love your bite!! Your son has a great sense of destinations 🙂 And your cruiser idea sounds perfect! 😉

    E 🙂

  24. so now I pick a post for the prize… it’s Joanne Dannon! Yay! Joanne, email me at paula (at) and let me know which book from my backlist you’d like.

  25. you can always count on 5 star hotels when you want maximum comfort and a lot of souvenirs ~~,

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