Authors for Queensland auction – RWA members give generously

While the floods in Australia have been devastating, it has been absolutely heart-warming to hear stories of people teaming together to help out their fellow Aussies.

Romance Writers of Australia has already launched the Flooded Communities Book Appeal, and the Australian Romance Readers Association has put out a call for items for a silent auction.

Meanwhile the Authors For Queensland Auction has already kicked off, and many of our RWA members are offering signed books, mentorships, manuscripts assessments and more.

Here I will link to as many of the RWA members that I can identify.  If I’ve missed your item, please let us know in the comments.

One of the already hotly contested items is a 6 month mentorship with the gorgeous Robyn Grady.  6 months? No wonder the mentorship is a hot auction item (and if you’re going to the Melbourne conference you can meet your mentor in person).  Get bidding,  romance writers!

Next up is a signed novel twin-pack from Helene Young –  Wings of Fear and Shattered Sky. Good to see Helene is putting her day-job experience to good use in her novels.

The multi-published Anna Jacobs is offering a critique of a historical or modern novel.

Tamara Gill has a Regency package up for auction: this includes two e-books To Sin with Scandal (short story) and a novella A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command, along with two bookmarks.  Mmm, wonder if she’ll throw in the Lord as well?

Erin Grace has a 2-ebook package on offer of Historical Romance and a handmade bobbin lace bookmark. Now if I know Erin, she will probably throw in a Duke or a Lord or at least a picture of one of her hunky muses.

Fiona Palmer has donated a signed copy of The Family Farm, or double your reading with a set of The Family Farm and Heart of Gold.

Fleur McDonald is willing to read 3 X 3 chapters and a synopsis and give feedback, so you can bid here, or here, or here but don’t win on all 3 unless you’ve got 3 different manuscripts! The lovely Fleur has also donated 2 sets of signed novels Red Dust and Blue Skies:  Bid here and here.

Lisa Heidke also plans to be busy as a result of this auction.  You can bid on 2 X 2 -hour mentoring workshops here and here or if you just want to read the results of Lisa’s hard work, you can bid on one of 3 sets of her novels, Lucy Springer gets Even, What Kate did Next, and Claudia’s Big Break.  (all 3 signed in every set).

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to see your name in a romance novel, and not just on the front cover.  Here’s your chance to be a hero or a heroine in a Nikki Logan novel. Wonder if I could make a bid for my late furry friend Dorkus?

What a fantastic contribution from these authors! Well done and may you raise lots of dollars for the cause.

There is loads more on offer: young adult books, young adult manuscript assessments, non-fiction, children’s books – it’s well worth checking out.

Bidding ends next Monday 24th January at 11pm.

And stay tuned to this blog, as we bring you more news on our Flooded Communities Book Appeal, and other  fund-raising initiatives of other writers’ organisations.



A couple more that missed the original blog post.

The fabulous Anna Campbell has donated a MS assessment (three chapters and a synopsis) to the cause along with a signed 5 book pack!

Jess Anastasi, the hard-working organiser of our own Book Appeal, has donated a pack of 3 signed books: Dead Reality, Sanctuary and Severance.

Bronwyn Parry has donated a signed set of  her 2 romantic suspense novels As Darkness Falls and Dark Country.

Thank you to all our wonderful members, both donating and bidding! Good luck.

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  1. Kylie Griffin

     /  January 18, 2011

    The hearts of our members are huge – thank you, everyone! 😀

  2. I agree, Kylie. What a fabulous auction. I trust no friendships will be harmed in the fierce bidding war on Robyn’s mentorship (what a huge opportunity!)

    (And Diane, I would really like to see Dorkus in Nikki’s book. )


  3. Thanks for putting this up! What a fantastic lot of items up on offer! Mine has just gone up – I’m giving out a critique of a partial to 50 pages and a pack of five signed books

  4. Again, can I just say how proud I am to be an RWA member.

  5. As a former Queenslander, I would also like to contribute to the cause.
    To date, my memoir, “The War Within” (Murdoch Books) is approaching the 15,000 mark, and I have spoken at 144 libraries across Australia to present an author talk. I have also spken in many schools.
    Since a quarter of my book deals with my experiences as an infantryman in the Vietnam War, I also show a 35- minute DVD of rare, historic colour footage I shot in the jungles of Vietnam- film now valued at over $100,000.
    As well as donating five signed copies of “The War Within” for auction, I would offer an author talk to any organisation looking for something unique- a talk and film which, I’m told, has a profound effect on audiences.
    Someone just needs to contact me re the next step- I am travelling to Queensland this weekend, hoping to assist with the clean up.

    • Hi Don,

      Romance Writers of Australia has not organised the Authors for Queensland. We have merely reported here on the RWA members who have contributed to the cause.



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