March Hearts Talk Wrap Up

The latest edition of Hearts Talk is here. This is available only to members, but here is a little peek….

It’s our Conference Issue!!!!


Author Interview: Mel Teshco talks to Angela Knight


New York Times bestselling author, Angela Knight takes some time out from her hectic schedule to chat about her incredible career as a paranormal and erotic writer. Published with Berkley, Red Sage, Changeling Press and Loose ID, she has a string of highly popular books under her belt. After a stint as a comic book writer and ten years as a newspaper reporter, in 1996 she realised her dream of romance publication with small press Red Sage in their Secrets 2 anthology.


Angela lives in South Carolina with her husband Michael, a polygraph examiner and hostage negotiator.

Hi Angela, welcome to Romance Writers of Australia’s HeartsTalk magazine.

And thank you so much for inviting me!

What do you think was your breakthrough moment that led to your first sale?

My sister had a lot to do with that. She was a comic book retailer at the time, and she was going to a comic book convention where she knew David Anthony Kraft, publisher of a small black and white press, would be appearing. So she took one of my stories and gave it to David. He was impressed enough to offer me a contract.

That was a pivotal moment, because he had me work with an editor named Dwight Zimmerman. Dwight taught me more about writing in the months I worked with him than all the creative writing classes I’d taken in college or all the books I read. He gave me solid techniques for creating conflict, plot and character that I still use. It was because of his rather ferocious editing that I gained the skills I used to get the eye of first Alexandria Kendall at Red Sage, and then later Cindy Hwang at Berkley.

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Magic at Rainbow’s End by Marion Lennox

Sometimes the road to publication seems endless. Sometimes, on the way, you can be overwhelmed by negatives. I’m not speaking of how hard it is to get published. You have the talent to achieve your dreams; I know you do. It’s just a matter of time and work and faith. The dream of the gold— publication—at the end of your rainbow keeps you going. But sadly at times the gold starts looking tarnished.

Sometimes dreams are diminished by published authors whinging about the good ol’ days, the state of the market, multiple revisions, changing lines, GFC, RSI, the stupid way Word keeps thinking I want dot points… Oh, wait, this isn’t about me. It’s about all of us.

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The Em Dash vs. The En Dash by Enisa Hasic

A dash is a punctuation mark similar in appearance to the hyphen, though longer and with different usage. Dashes vary, the most common being the em dash (—) and the en dash (–). Based on typographical measurements, the em dash (also known as m-dash or m-rule) is the width of the size of the font. A 10-point font has an em-dash 10 points wide. A 12-point font has an em-dash 12 points wide. And so on. For reference, there are 72 points to an inch. An en dash is half the width of the m-dash.

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Conference Special!!

20th Anniversary Conference

11th -14th August 2011


It’s a milestone year and your conference team has been working hard to bring you a celebratory conference experience you’ll never forget!

Registration is now open and this year we introduce:

* online registration

* online accommodation booking

* bonus Thursday and Friday workshops

* the largest selection of workshops ever offered

* more editors and agent pitch choices than ever before

all for the same price as the 2008 Melbourne conference and only $10 more than 2010 (early bird members’ price.)

Special Guests Include:

* Susan Wiggs

* Kelley Armstrong

* Kristin Nelson

* Angela James

* Erika Tsang

* Lucy Gilmore

* Bob Mayer

and of course lovely members such as Stephanie Laurens, Marion Lennox, and Keri Arthur.

A full program is available now for viewing on the website.

Registrations NOW open!!!


Q&A with Scott Eagan ~Greyhaus Literary Agency~ by Helen Lacey

1/ Can you tell us about yourself and Greyhaus Literary Agency

Greyhaus opened its doors in October of 2003. At that time, I was at a point in my life that I wanted to turn my skills for education and writing in a new direction and Greyhaus happened to be in the right place at the right time.

When I opened Greyhaus, I knew I wanted to keep the agency small and really focus on working with new authors and really building their careers. I haven’t ever seen myself wanting to expand the agency into a lot of other areas or with a huge number of other agents working with me. I believe that remaining small has allowed me to really work closely with the authors really wanting to make huge strides with their writing.

I came to the agency with over 20 years of education experience, teaching a great deal of writing. That work was at the K-12 through University level. I still continue to do some adjunct work teaching English and Literature in the evenings at the local community colleges.

I have a BA Degree in English Literature, and 2 MA’s – one in Literacy and one in Creative Writing.

Outside of all this, I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I have three kids that keep me very busy with their activities in USA Swimming (where I am an Official), with English horse riding and with Ballet and Tap.

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Online Workshop: Understanding Men

Do you wish you had a better understanding of men? Now is your chance to improve your real-life relationships with men and enhance your male characters all through taking the same course.

Sign up for Romance Writers of Australia’s online class taught by Debra Holland, Ph.D.

Registration opens Saturday 12 March 2011 and closes Friday 22 April 2011

Course commences Monday 2 May 2011and finishes Friday 3 June 2011

Fees: $25USD RWA; $35USD non-RWA members

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RWA Noticeboard

Communication Channels

Romance Writers of Australia is run by volunteers, and does not have office staff to handle enquiries. In most cases, email is the preferred method of contact and is likely to get a quicker response than the telephone.

Save yourself and the volunteers wasted efforts by making sure you send your query to the right person; check the procedures and contact names listed in notices. RWA contact details are also printed on the inside cover of Hearts Talk and listed on the RWA website.

There are times when an RWA volunteer may need to contact members. In order to facilitate communication, please make sure you regularly update your personal details, including your postal address, telephone number and email address, with the member secretary:

Call for Submissions!

Have you ever wanted to contribute to Hearts Talk?

Now’s your chance to be part of the fabulous team behind the scenes of RWA’s official publication. Or perhaps there’s a question you’d really like answered or a writing topic you want to know more about. All contributions and suggestions, large or small, from a single idea to an ongoing commitment, are welcome.

Right now, we are actively seeking:

* Heart Photos for the cover

* Article topics: what are you burning to know?

* Interview requests

* Writers and researchers

* Photographs and images

Please direct all enquiries, suggestions and expressions of interest to the editor, AJ Macpherson:

Event Reminder!



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Dear Auntie Fi, How do I get more emotional punch into my story? ~ From Judy; Partner of Punch!

Dear Auntie Fi, I keep reading how I should show and not tell my story but I don’t really get it. Wouldn’t showing everything really drag the story out? ~ Unsure in Ultimo

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