Conference Spotlight on: LISA HEIDKE

Today we chat to Sydney writer and mother of three, Lisa Heidke, about her Sunday afternoon session intriguingly titled SENSE & SANITY: LIVING WITH THE FIRST DRAFT.  I mention the mother-of-three because I reckon that may just be relevant to what Lisa has to share with conference delegates about sense and sanity for a busy writer.

THE WORKSHOP IN A NUTSHELL:   This workshop looks at the nuts and bolts of the writer’s life. How do you make yourself write when you don’t want to? What motivational techniques can you employ to make the most of your writing day? How do writers balance their ‘regular’ life with their writing life? Participants will put together a schedule to structure their writing life, individual to their situation.

Who is Lisa in ten words in less?

Writer, contemporary women’s fiction, procrastinator, mother, karaoke tragic.

What prompted you to put together this workshop for “From Here to Eternity”?

It’s easy to dream of writing a novel, what’s hard is making it happen. As a writer you need to be focused, determined and disciplined. You also need to schedule your writing so that precious writing time doesn’t get frittered away answering emails, playing patience and nattering on Facebook and Twitter!

When speaking at conferences and seminars, I am often asked about how to ‘fit in writing’ around family, work and sleeping.

In answer to that question, I have put together a workshop that is practical, realistic and most importantly, doable.

What will participants take away from this session?

I am hoping that after participants have been to my session, they will have very clear directions in their mind about how they are going to achieve their writing goals and finish their novel. As long as they have the discipline and drive, it can be achieved.

I want them to go home believing in themselves and their ability, confident that they will find the time to make writing part of their everyday lives.

Which members will benefit most from this session?

Both published and unpublished writers will benefit from this session. Published authors, because it will force them to refocus and perhaps discard some of the bad habits (such as procrastination) they have picked up.

Unpublished writers, because it will help them finish that novel they’ve been writing. The session will motivate them to keep going and stay focused on their writing project.

What is the best aspect of conference for you?

I love attending the seminars because I learn something new all the time. Even when I think a session might not be relevant for me specifically, I find that when I attend and participate, I always learn something new. I love hearing about how other writers organize their day, find inspiration for their next novel and am enthralled by the process of how their characters, scenes and story lines come to life. It’s fascinating.

Anything you’re particularly looking forward to at the 20th anniversary conference?

I am really looking forward to Bob Mayer’s Friday workshop. I love the title, Warrior Writer!! I read that and thought to myself, yes, that’s what I want to be. His blurb about ‘teaching writers how to become successful authors in the new age of publishing’ has me hooked!

What is your latest book release and where can members find out more about you?

My latest book is called Claudia’s Big Break, and was recently listed in SMH’s Spectrum as one of the Top Ten Australian Best Sellers (Feb 5, 2011.)

Members can find out more about Claudia’s Big Break and my other titles, as well as read my weekly blog, at my website. They can also follow me on Twitter: @lisaheidke .

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  1. I’m very much looking forward to your session Lisa! I’ll gladly take any help I can get when it comes to organising my day to fit the writing in, it always seems to come last!
    Congrats on reaching the SMH bestsellers list too 🙂


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