Conference Session Spotlight on: RHIAN CAHILL, LEXXIE COUPER and JESS DEE

Today we’re putting three of our most successful epublished-first authors under the spotlight.  At FROM HERE TO ETERNITY Rhian, Lexxie and Jess are presenting a Sunday afternoon panel session titled: The Only Stupid Question Is The One You Don’t Ask.

THE PANEL IN A NUTSHELL:  Q & A discussion with three multi-genre ePublished authors. Topics covered will include formatting for different publishers, contract clauses, cover art request forms, different points of sale, researching your market, book promotion and establishing an online presence.

Tell us about yourself in 10 words or less.

Jess Dee:  Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and author.

Lexxie Couper:  I write about love. I love my family. I eat.

Rhian Cahill:  Wife, mother, friend, writer.

Have you presented sessions at previous conferences, for RWA or other organisations?

Jess Dee:  I was a panel member for ARRC, 2009, as well as sitting on two panels at ARRC 2011.

Rhian Cahill:  I’m sitting on two panels for ARRC 2011.

What prompted you to put together this workshop for “From Here to Eternity”?

Jess Dee:  Rhian Cahill came up with the idea for this workshop. With the explosion of ebooks and digital publishing, it’s a side of romance writing that can no longer be overlooked. As e-authors, we’d like to help increase the awareness of this very exciting aspect of publishing.

Rhian Cahill:  I can’t take all the credit, I was asked by other members of RWAus last conference and thought it would be a great way for members to gain insight into the ‘mysterious’ world of digital first publishing.

What will participants take away from this session?

Jess Dee:  Our goal is to provide participants with a basic understanding of e-publishing in the romance writer’s world.

Lexxie Couper:  That being a digital first author does in fact mean you’re a real author, with real stories, real chapters, real royalties and real readers. And they’ll also know how to go about becoming real if they haven’t already taken the leap into the ebook publishing world.

Will there be hands-on exercises or audience participation?

Lexxie Couper:  Well, we’ll definitely be expecting the audience to do some belly-dancing….what? What did you say, Rhian? We’re not? Oh, well…ummm….RC?

Rhian Cahill:  LOL. Don’t worry, there’s no belly-dancing.

Do you use examples (from your own books, other books, etc)?

Rhian Cahill:  Most of what we discuss will come from our own personal experiences in digital first publishing so it’s more than likely we’ll use our books as examples.

Which members will benefit most from this session?

Jess Dee:  Anyone interested in the dynamic world of digital publishing. Whether you are a published print author wanting to know more about e-publishing, an aspiring author targeting e-publishers or simply curious about the ever growing popularity of e-books, you’ll benefit from the session.

Lexxie Couper:  Those already writing ebooks, those wanting to be published in ebooks…or those who are more than a little curious about what this whole “ebook” phenomenon is and how it’s solely responsible for the utter destruction of all bookstores the world over. (Err…ignore that last bit, okay? I’ve been listening to the media too much.)

What is the best part of conference for you?

Lexxie Couper:  Definitely meeting people I know from the loops. Writing can be a solitary career so I love getting the chance to actually meet the wonderful people who exist in the same romantic mindset as me.

Rhian Cahill:  Conferences are always great for face to face time with those we spend our days talking to via the internet. It’s also a brilliant way to meet new friends and of course those favorite authors whose books sit on your keeper shelf. Plus what’s not to like about spending days with people who share your passion for all things romance.

Any advice for conference first-timers?

Jess Dee:  Don’t be shy. Stop people and talk to them. Introduce yourself, ask questions, chat. Romance writers are a very friendly bunch. The more people you meet, the more you’ll enjoy the conference.

Lexxie Couper:  Wear comfortable shoes. And a big bag for all the goodies you’ll be taking home.

Rhian Cahill:  Listen, ask, learn. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Introduce yourself, it’s hard not to be shy but try, the people attending are just like you and most of us won’t bite unless you ask nicely. *grin*

What is your latest release and where can members find out more about you?

Jess Dee: My upcoming release is a novella called Full House. It’s the third book in the bestselling Three of a Kind trilogy, published by Samhain Publishing. Full House is an erotic, contemporary, M/M/F ménage. It releases in e-format on the 12th of April 2011.  For more details you can check it out at Samhain Publishing.

Lexxie Couper:  My next release will be Tropical Sin, a highly sensual romance about three people who find their hearts where they’d least expect to – at a luxurious island resort in Far North Queensland, available from Samhain Publishing September 4th. You can find out more about me at my website.

Rhian Cahill:  My next release won’t be until December 2011 and I’m still unable to give details on that one. But you can find all my books and any news of upcoming releases on my website.

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  1. Having just been on panel with you guys at ARRC2011, I know you’ll be presenting a very funny session that will share lots of great wisdom and a lot of laughs! It was fascinating listening to you talk on the weekend and look forward to hearing more in August. I learnt so much!

    And look forward to catching up with Lexie at Gloucester in early May for the writers festival there 🙂

  2. Oh Lexxie, you and Helene are going to be at Gloucester? Now I’ll really have to get up there for at least one day.

    Great post ladies. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all in Melbourne.



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