BLOG BITE with … Lynne Kokshoorn, a 2011 Little Gems Author

Please say hi to this week’s special Little Gems feature author.

About writing short stories tips etc…

 My Little Gems story has a very simple theme – I have fear that people will think why did that win? I got lucky – thank you judges.

A friend of mine says that a good short story is a slice of life – not the whole package. I thought about this a lot when I wrote my story. I kept telling myself to keep it simple. My output isn’t high but with this entry I tried to listen to judges of the past and not squeeze a whole novel into three thousand words.

Sometimes we will have a story theme that strikes a chord with the judges – once again a slice of real life. Something they can relate to maybe?

 Too many characters can slow the story down. I find inspiration comes from daily life, the ups and downs of life. As I read a lot of short stories myself I appreciate a sense of fun or humour in a story.  

 Three words to describe me…

Busy! (Who isn’t?) Family orientated. Sporty (though my jogging is down to a fast walk.)

 At home I cook…

Everything! I love cooking but not the mess I make. 

 My worst habit is…


It’s a bit daggy but I love…

The History Channel, English History, and Time Team UK’s archaeological digs in particular.

My first job was…

In the NZ Railways wages and office work.

 My day job…

Self employed. I work for our car company, tax, wages etc. I’ve been doing it so long I’m over it!! 

 Saving for…

A trip to see Hadrian’s Wall.

 I procrastinate by…

Answering email, gardening, watching Masterchef.

 Three things people might not know about me…

I met my husband when I was seventeen and he was nineteen.

We are still happy together and we have four children.

And drum roll please…. I recently met a lovely young man named, Prince William and he invited us to his wedding!!

Favourite author…

I’m a readaholic when I have the time or if I’m procrastinating! I love Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, PD James, Jodie Picoult, and Irish writers Cecila Ahern, Cathy Kelly…

Currently reading…

The English People’s Friend magazine. I have an idea for a story for the magazine. I also have an Erica James novel on the go too.

Plotter or Panster…

Panster. Absolutely but I do put a theme word on a blank page sometimes and put other ideas or links around it.

I would like to meet…

Agatha Christie, what an incredible mind.

If I was stranded on a island…

My resourceful hubby, books and food glorious food!!

I write…

When I’m not procrastinating, mostly short stories, but have completed two and a half novels that will never see the light of day. I struggle mostly with editing, grammar and punctuation.

You’ll find Lynne’s short story in the 2011 Little Gems Garnet Edition. Order your copy now via the RWA website. NOTE: Orders now will help us determine our print run. Books will not be available until August 2011 (RWA conference time 🙂

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  1. Hi Lynne,
    First congratulations having your story in the ‘Little Gem’ anthology. I can so relate to watching anything to do with history.

    OMG, an invite to ‘THE WEDDING’. Did you go? I won’t rattle off the hundred and fifty questions that just flew through my head. LOL.

    Good luck with your writing.


  2. Cath Evans

     /  May 20, 2011

    I’m with Sandie, a gazillion royal wedding questions!!

    Congrats on your gem story. I look forward to reading it. I like the slice of real life stories.

    Good luck with your writing!


  3. Hi Lynne
    Congrats from me too. Loved your bio, great answers. I met my husband when I was seventeen too and we have five boys. I started writing when I had four kids, and the first story I ever sold was about the boys soccer game. It was called Mums Joy Of Soccer. 5oo words. But I felt like an author when WW published it. And it took me ten years to sell a book. So hang in there.Can’t wait to scoop up this years Little Gems.
    xx Fi

  4. I’m looking forward to reading your story Lynne!

  5. Hi Lynne
    I am always amazed by the similar interests and ambitions of my fellow romance writers!
    Loved Hadrian’s Wall -keep saving. Both 19 when we were marreid!
    Love my garden and my cooking and use both for procrastination.Placed my order for Little Gems today!

  6. Karly

     /  May 20, 2011

    Huge congrats on your little gems inclusion! how cool is that?! And yes, this wedding???? I’d also love to know more????? Please tell me you didn’t wear a hat as ghastly as Princess Beatrice????

  7. Noreen

     /  May 20, 2011

    Congrats for your story in Little Gems. Did you go to THE wedding? I love the People’s Friend and hope to send a story there too.

  8. I love wedding- royal or not. But that is huge!
    I so cant wait to get my hands on the little gems this year.

  9. lynne kokshoorn

     /  May 23, 2011

    Hi everyone
    Thank you all so much for your congratulations I feel like a fraud I really don’t write a lot – I’m procrastinating how on here!
    Lovely to see you all on here, Sandie, Cath, Fiona, Kez, Annie, Karly, kerri and Noreen.
    firstly I apologise for not replying sooner had a huge week/ weekend (school ball )daugher looked beautiful in her purple gown. Had a house full of people and the photographer here and aunts, grandmas, mums dads dogs kids etc and lots of oohs! and aahs! the girls looked beautiful a rainbow of coloured dresses, and the guys looked so well groomed in their suits.

    Anway I think as I’v been tardy, hopefully Jenn approves – I’ve never blogged before!-
    I’ll answer some of the posts as one.
    Hi Sandie, no we didn’t actually go to Prince Williams wedding – he was here visiting our Pike River mines families – (greymouth nz.) Im not one of the families – but my hubby is the mayor. So while we were with him he asked us to come but then he was such a lovely young man Prince William that he would ask the world. He’s very very nice and down to earth just like anyone elses young man to talk to. He talked about his mum and Harry he got on well with everone and felt right at home, said he would love to bring Kate back with him.

    Hi Kerri, I didnt write about a royal wedding for the Little Gems but someone else may have? And no Karly I didnt got to the wedding and I wouldn’t wear a hat like that lol wasn’t it …well…amazing/ differrent lol. I hope she sacked her umh! stylist.
    Fiona, I read the medicals – my favourite line – I’ve read your bio your medicals are very real your family life shows through.

    Bye for now

    cheers lynne kokshoorn


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