June Hearts Talk Wrap Up

The latest edition of Hearts Talk is out now.

Our monthly member-only magazine has the latest news and information for writers.

Here is a little peek….

Mel Teshco chats to Michele Hauf

Michele Hauf, gifted author of paranormal, historical, fantasy and action/adventure romance, takes the time to chat to us at HeartsTalk about her amazing writing career. She has been penning stories for over nineteen years, with thirty-eight published novels and novellas under her belt and with more to come. Her first published novel, Dark Rapture, featured a musician vampire hero and Scarlet, his destined mate.

Her stories are often set in France, where you just might find musketeers, vampires and faeries, though she does step out of her comfort zone, away from her snowy and cold environment, to write about countries she has never visited and creatures she has never seen. Hi Michele and welcome to Hearts Talk!

You write in many different genres. How do you find this process?

Refreshing! I like the change of scenery, so to say.

I love paranormal, but sometimes I just want to write action/adventure without any vampires showing up, so the fact I get to write the Rogue Angel series offers me that opportunity. Also, it stretches my writer’s muscles to try different genres, and to not ever get stuck writing just one thing.

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Blogs Ahoy! with Jo McAlister

I wish I had a dollar for every time I thought at the beginning of my writing career, “There’s just too much information, I can’t keep track of it all!” Every time I open up the internet I’m confronted with writing blogs, industry websites, book reviewer sites—and don’t even get me started on Facebook, MySpace, or that fabulous time-suck of the universe, Twitter. Industry information is out there, but there’s a lot of it. All that info is daunting. Discouraging, even.

And let’s face it, we’re all busy. Living life, reading, blogging ourselves and, oh yeah, writing. Is there an easy way to keep up with all of the industry blogs/ websites that report on industry business? How does one find out the cool stuff about Amanda Hocking’s $2 million deal and how many units J.A. Konrath has published this week? There’s so much industry gossip and other uh-maz-ing interesting writing tidbits out there, yet no-one wants to find themselves drowning in floods of information.

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Creating the Romance with Marion Lennox

Did you watch the royal wedding? If so, you weren’t alone. Estimates are that over two billion people sat glued to the telly as a nice looking boy with a shy smile married a girl you could have gone to school with. Even my DH, handing me a cup of tea before heading to the sanctuary of his study, was caught. The bride emerged from the car. He mentioned that the bridesmaid was cute. He sat and watched.

If every there was a wedding that had everything, this was it. This was a boy who twisted our hearts as he marched stoically behind his mother’s coffin, whose face is an echo of the tragedy that was his mother, a prince who’ll one day be king. He’s a prince of the realm and he was wearing a uniform to die for.

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From Here to Eternity: Conference Essentials

20th Anniversary Conference, 11th -14th August 2011, Melbourne

With Conference 2011 less than two months away, the organising committee has compiled this guide for new members, first-time registrants, and everyone eager to get the most from their conference investment. If you’re not attending the Melbourne conference, this information might help you plan ahead for the Gold Coast 2012 or Perth 2013 conferences.


By mid May, 325 writers and publishing professionals had registered for this year’s conference. A third are published authors, a third are attending their first RWA conference. Two are attending their twentieth—they will be wearing big gold stars for perfect attendance.

Almost a third are Victorians, the same from NSW, with registrations from all other states and territories as well as New Zealand, the USA, Canada and England.

Tip: Do your homework so you are familiar with all the presenters, as well as the editors and agents taking formal pitches. Try to read some of their books (or their clients’ books), look up their websites, read their blogs, punch their name into Google. You will get more out of what they have to say as it builds on knowledge you already have, and you are more likely to get those light bulb moments, or to recognise an opportunity for networking.

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Conference Contacts:

Louise Reynolds – conf2011@romanceaustralia.com

Bronwyn Jameson – conference@romanceaustralia.com

For news and updates, follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/RWAusConf2011 and the RWA group page on Facebook.

RWA Noticeboard

Romantic Book of the Year (RBY) Finalists 2011
Winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner at the Conference, Saturday 13th August. The July issue of HeartsTalk will feature interviews with the nominees.

Lynne Wilding Meritorious Service Award – Call for nominations

Established in 1996, this award’s intention is to recognise and honour an individual’s outstanding contribution to RWA. Past winners are Enisa Hasic (1996), Marg McAlister (1997), Angela Dennis (1998), Meredith Webber (1999), Waveney Lockyear (2000), Hazel Forbes (2001), Linda Bagnat (2002), Paula Roe (2003), Alison Brideson (2004), Emma Darcy (2005), Robyn Aldridge (2006), Malvina Yock (2007), Rachel Robinson (2008), Anne Gracie (2009), Serena Tatti (2010).

20 Years of Romance Covers

In August 2011 we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the formation of Romance Writers of Australia. To mark this occasion and to showcase the publishing success of RWA members over two decades, we’ll be featuring ‘20 Years of Romance covers’ on the RWA blog during July.

To add to the fun, RWA members will vote for their favourites with the most popular displayed, and one overall “winner” announced, at conference in August. This will replace the annual conference Cover Contest.

Clatyon’s Conference 2011

Can’t make it to Melbourne for conference this year?

You can still sign up for the Clayton’s Conference!

Registration opens soon

For more information check the blog and the next issue of Hearts Talk.

Need some inspiration or external motivation? There’s still time to sign up for the 50K in 30Days!

The beginning of winter is a great time to burrow down into your writer’s cave and get some serious wordage happening. 50K in 30Days is an opportunity to work with other writers, pacing and supporting each other through a month-long writing marathon. It’s easy.

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Of course don’t forget our regular columns:

  • From the Prez with Alison Ahearn
  • Events Calendar with Doreen Sullivan
  • Contest Page with Deb Bennetto > This month featuring the Emerald Category 2011 Report from Contest Manager, Leisl Leighton
  • Market Watch with Sami Lee
  • The Last Word with Jo McAlister
  • Member Announcements (News & New Releases) with Bronwyn Stuart
  • The Writer’s Life with Marion Lennox > This month ‘Creating the Romance’  (see above).
  • Ask Auntie Fi with Fiona Lowe

Dear Auntie Fi, With longer quotations in Romance writing, can a lead-in sentence of text end with a comma as the idea then becomes a quote by a character in the next line? Or does the quote just tack on, on the same line? Is length of each perhaps a factor here?

I’ve been looking at so many novels trying to get a feel for it but see short quotes and descriptive text that seem to be running along together quite happily or a paragraph.

I also thought quotation by a different character, in general, had to start on a new line. 

Are there definitive rules, please Auntie Fi, or am I locked into my past and need to escape? ~ Querulous in Queanbeyan

Dear Auntie Fi, I don’t understand all this insistence on formatting manuscripts correctly. Isn’t it the writing that matters? ~ Easygoing from Echuca.

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  1. another sensational edition. well done all. In fact I normally wait for my ‘mail’ version but I coudn’t wait to read so I downloaded. I’ll read it all again in print hehehehehe


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