BLOG BITE with… Anne Whitfield

It’s a bit daggy but I love…

John Denver’s music. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music. One minute my dad would have a John Denver cassette playing in the car, my mum would be cooking and listening to Mario Lanza on record and then when I was with my brother we listened to anything from The Angels to Kenny Rogers.

My first job was…

My first job was about 10 years old and working Saturday mornings in my mother’s bookshop. She had a huge second hand bookshop that she started with a very small shop and years later when she sold the business, it was three shops all knocked into one. She had 3000 Mills & Boon books alone. I had a huge array of children’s fiction to choose from and at the time Enid Blyton was my favourite.

Saving for…

A new house, a new car and another trip to England to see my family.…Altogether that sounds so scarily expensive!

I procrastinate by …

Surfing the net and reading UK newspapers online. Social networks are also addictive! Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc, I’m on them all! I also enjoy wasting time on Amazon UK and looking to see what new dvds are out. I watch a lot of UK TV shows.

Three things people might not know about me are…

  1. I collect Royal Doulton lady figurines.
  2. I love researching genealogy. The furthest I’ve been able to go back is with my mum’s father’s side – 1550 Norfolk UK. We believe they were originally called de Gaye and were from Normandy France.
  3. For two years I ran a bookstall at local markets.

I write…

Historical women’s fiction in my favourite eras of Victorian & Edwardian, plus the odd contemporary romance and short story.

THE HOUSE OF WOMEN by Anne Whitfield is available in paperback and ebook.


Grace Woodruff is the eldest of seven sisters, and the pivot upon which the family revolves. She is the buffer between her violent father and her sisters, who look to her for guidance. As Grace tries to hold them together through times of hardship and humiliation, her own secret love, William Ross rejects her. Thankfully another man, Doyle gives Grace the calm support she has been missing. Only, their subtle attraction creates more disturbance. When shocking events occur, Grace makes decisions that will affect everyone’s future, which sets sister against sister, mother against daughter. As her life crashes into chaos with scandal, near bankruptcy and murder, a coalmine disaster brings Grace into contact with an introverted miner. His cool reserve makes Grace take notice. This man is dismissive of her station and evokes an image of a life much simpler.

Sounds great, Anne. Nice to meet you.

For more information about Anne and her writing:

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  1. Hi Anne, the book sounds great. How fantastic to be able to trace your family so far back.

  2. Louise Reynolds

     /  July 1, 2011

    Hi Anne,
    Lovely to see you here! We share a love of genealogy – my earliest goes back to Cornwall about the same time – du Hamel! Mine were Huguenots, what about yours?
    All the best with The House Of Women. You know I’m a huge Kitty McKenzie fan.

  3. Great blog bite, Anne!
    I would love to own a bookshop one day and I cannot stop looking at your new cover! The House of Women sounds like a wonderful read.
    Tam 🙂

  4. Hi, Anne. Lovely to read more about you. I would have looooved to work in a bookstore as a 10 year old. Heaven!
    Congrats on your latest release. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    Louise I don’t know much about the French link to my family, as i haven’t been able to trace it fully. I desperately need to go to England, probably to Kew and research the records more thoroughly than I can do online. Our name de Gaye originates in Normandy France and my ancestors owned land in England in the 1500s, I’m hoping one day to find more answers!

    Growing up and having a bookstore in the family was great, all those books to read. Heaven!

    Thanks again!

  6. Hi Anne, lovely to see you here and learn more about you. John Denver is one of my all time heros. I remember learning the lyrics to Annie’s song for a recital way back when and still remember them. A true legend. What an awesome job to have at 10! I can see why you would have a special love for reading and writing. Enid Blyton … mmm … Famous Five?

  7. Juantia, my favourite Enid Blyton was The Wishing Chair and the Faraway Tree!

  8. Hi Anne,
    Nice to see you here and learn some more about you. Imagine starting your working career at ten – and working in a bookshop! Heaven…

  9. Anne Lister (nee Johnson)

     /  April 15, 2012

    Did your Mum and Dad live in Halifax or that area and when did they emigrate, 60s? You look awfully like a friend I had in those days who emigrated to Oz, I worked evenings with her when the children were small….

  10. Hi Anne.
    My parents lived in Wakefield and emigrated to Australia in 1968. My maiden name is Brear, Mum was called Betty Brear. I’m now writing under the name of Anne Brear.
    it would be strange if mum was your friend all those years ago.
    Thanks for commenting.


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