Blog Bite with…Maggi Andersen

The marvellous Maggi Andersen takes a bite today…

 Three words to describe me…Passionate, tenacious, curious.

At home I cook… As little as possible, children are far away and DH has now retired from the law and taken up cooking. What joy!

My first job was… Working in a bank even though I’m hopeless at math. I did learn to add up long columns of figures, but I still can’t balance my cheque book.

Favourite author… C S Harris who writes dark Regency murder mysteries with great aplomb. She is a master at suspense and I enjoy their historical accuracy.
Currently reading…Tasha Alexander – And Only To Deceive I’m enjoying it because it offers more than just a romance, there’s a good well-researched mystery plot as well.

Plotter or pantser… I’m a bit of both these days, having painted myself into a corner in the past, which took a lot of hard work to get out of. Writing is a journey; I know where I’m going not how I’ll get there. I edit each chapter as I go, have a vague idea about the next scene, although it seldom pans out the way I planned. I’ve tried to plot the whole thing out in advance but my characters have a habit of taking over and rarely listen to me. As they are incredibly brave and resourceful I don’t argue. 

I write… more historical romance these days, from sexy Georgians and Regencies to darker Victorian mysteries. I have some young adult and contemporary romantic suspense novels published too.

GIVEAWAY – Maggi’s Regency novel, Rules of Conduct is released in print in May and she is giving away an e-book to one lucky reader. (Don’t you love that cover!)

RULES OF CONDUCT by Maggi Andersen

4 Hearts from THE ROMANCE STUDIO: Plain and simple, this is one sweet romance full of adventure and mystery that shouldn’t be missed.


The Duke of Vale is destined to marry the woman his parents have chosen for him. But he cannot forget the beautiful and mysterious woman he calls Viola.


After losing her memory, Viola knows only of her Classical education, and her love for the Duke of Vale. In her flight from danger, she has broken all the rules of conduct. As she falls further in disgrace and her choices narrow, she must fight for what is hers.

Buy the book here or on Amazon and find out more about Maggi at    

Maggi will pick one lucky person from the comments. Closes 5pm (Aust EST) Saturday 30 July. Winner announced here.

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  1. Hi Maggi
    Viola -what a gorgeous name for a heroine.
    Can’t wait to read Rules of Conduct

  2. Hi Maggi,

    We run into each other again. 🙂 I love the plot line of Rules of Conduct, ‘and Viola must fight for what is hers.’ Sounds like a great read. All the best, Suzanne 🙂

  3. Thanks Annie. Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Thanks for featuring me today, Jenn.

  5. You are very welcome (and also forever know to me as “Maggie Most Patient”!!!) 🙂 Have fun (and I so love that cover)

  6. That cover is beautiful, and the story sounds intriguing. I am usually a paranormal junkie but I might have to defect for this one.

  7. It is pretty isn’t it? Hi Suzanne, and Peta, thanks for the comment.

  8. Wow! Congratulations Maggie. Love the sound of your book and the cover is just gorgeous. My dear husband has learned to cook over the last couple of years since he stopped working to have his two knee replacements. I keep telling him he’s a better cook than me now. Must be all those afternoons he spends watching Hewie but you won’t hear me complain!

    Zoe Younger

  9. Very wise, Zoe!

  10. I love the cover! It’s gorgeous! I’d love to have the chance to read this book – it sounds very interesting 🙂

    • On behalf of Maggi, thank you for visiting our blog and congratulations. You have won Maggi’s fabulous novel – Rules of Conduct. I will email you directly about claiming your prize.

  11. Juanita Kees

     /  July 29, 2011

    Awesome cover, Maggi. I’ll definitely add it to my TBR list. And : “Writing is a journey; I know where I’m going not how I’ll get there.” Love it! So true …

  12. Cath Evans

     /  July 29, 2011

    Lovely to meet you, Maggi. I love the pantsers amongst us… especially published pantsers… it gives me hope! I never know what’s going to come out of my keyboard. Some days I’m shocked.

    When you edit each chapter as you go, do you also have to go back afterwards to tweak things to fit what came out of your mind later in the story?

    Happy writing!

  13. Hi Farida andJuanita, thanks for stopping by.
    Cath, I edit and re-edit many times more than someone who plans the story in advance, I’m sure. But I’ve tried writing a synopsis first and either ignored it or the writing sounded flat. I write as if I’m reading a book and that’s the excitement for me.

  14. Good evening this morning, ladies!

    I always enjoy learning a bit more about Maggi. What a gorgeous photo, too!
    Your bank job story is great. Oh my. Well, you can’t be great at everything and I’m glad you stick to words not numbers.

  15. Hi Debra, nice to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by.

  16. Congratulations to Farida Mestek. This weeks winning comment.

  17. OMG! Thank you very much! I can’t wait to read it!

  18. Congrats Farida. Enjoy!
    Many thanks to Jenn.


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