A Day in the Writing Life of …..Suzi Love

Welcome, Sue and thank you for taking the time to participate on our blog. Another great volunteer, Sue Webb is our New Member Liaison Co-ordinator and writes under the name of Suzi Love.

What time of the day do you write? Are you a morning, night-owl or anytime writer?

I’m definitely not a night owl anymore! I need 8-9 hrs sleep/rest every day to avoid Chronic Fatigue, so I write during the day, claim the right to a horizontal read/nap in the afternoon, and tackle ‘non-creative’ computer jobs at night.

Where do you write? Do you have your own special place? Does the location vary?

Oooh, I love, love, love retreating to my ‘office’! I can cram it with books, decorate it with nonsensical doodads (pink of course!), email friends, chat on e-loops, cruise the web for photos of historical hunks, get lost for hours in historical research, yet still claim ‘I’m Working’! Sheer bliss!

What’s the first think you do before you begin to write?

I have to check all my emails first, so I’ve caught up with everyone’s news before I can concentrate on writing. Hate missing someone’s good news! 

Are you a plotter / planner or a pantser? Do you edit as you go or prefer to edit after completion of the ms?

When I’m writing historicals, especially a series, there are far too many characters, titles, names of houses and estates etc for my muddled brain to remember, so I make endless lists and then roughly plot characters &  possible titles and link them to balls, houses, or estates.

What writing tools do you favour? Long hand, computer …..

Muscle problems mean writing long hand is out for me so my laptop (Pink, of course) goes everywhere with me. My family joke I coordinate my outfits around the laptop glued under my arm.

Do you use whiteboards, posters, visual aids to help in your creativity?

My DH made a hinged tri-fold cork board. I adore Word’s Document Map for sorting chapters and scenes, then I use it to print out an ‘Outline View’, cut it up into chapters and scenes, and pin them to the corkboard and then shuffle around if I need to put a bit more sexual tension or something in earlier. It’s so much easier to see what needs to be moved where when an entire book is spread out in front of you.

Sue Webb w/a Suzi Love                                   http://www.suzilove.com

Thank you, Sue for sharing a day in your writing life with us.

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  1. Sue, you left out your most prominent visual aid to help your creativity – Keanu *wink*

    • Anita,
      I was hesitant to share all my life-sized Keanu posters because it would make all you ladies far too jealous!
      You’d be trying to steal them form my office!

  2. I wish I could be that organized, Suzi. Seeing the book in total would be helpful, but I’m a panster and a serious attempt to shape my story while I’m writing it, seems to kill it for me. Consequently lots of drafts follow, and writing the synopsis, eek!

    • Maggi,
      My dreadfully spotty memory these days means I need to be extra organised. Otherwise, how would I find time for long lunches with friends, or cosy cuppas and chat with other writers?

  3. Sue
    Now I won’t feel so guilty catching up on my emails before I write! It was great to meet you at the conference. Happy writing.

    • Annie,
      Yes, it’s far to hard to concentrate for us super-nosey people until we know exactly what all our friends are doing for the day,
      Starting with the emails menas a clear mind to start work- or at least- that’s the theory, isn’t it?? LOL!

  4. Hi Sue *waving*
    I love the colour of your laptop…now why didn’t I think of that!
    Great blog post!
    Tam 🙂

    • Tam,
      You mean your laptop isn’t pink???
      I thought everyone had a pink one!
      Much easier to write romance with pink accessories – or at least that’s my story when I buy all pink! LOL!

  5. Hi Ms Suzi – Ms Pink Extraordinaire. Yay for working out your day to avoided the dreaded chronic fatigue. My hat off to you 🙂

    • Eleni,
      You understand more than anyone what it’s like trying to fit in a full day’s work without collapsing, don’t you? But you always manage things so well and, hopefully, our slower pace will get us there in the end- to a lovely book contract!
      Thanks for dropping by,

  6. Hey Sue

    Yeah!!!! I opened my blog and saw you – hello Ms Suzi-Love.

    Great to see the PINK lap top still working!!!

    Waving madly!

    Hugs and hugs

  7. Hi Sue 🙂

    Love the sound of the tri-fold cork board. What a great idea! Your DH could start a whole new trade with those 🙂 Dressing to match your accessories, i.e. the pink laptop – my friend Deb, the wardrobe coach is going to love that one!

    Great post.


    • Tina,
      Oh, yes, that pink laptop is soooo well-traveled – as you know! Remember washington?? And this year it went to New York and London and Melbourne and…oooh…think it’s time it stayed home for a while and helped me do some writing,
      Is it warm enough for boating yet? Can’t wait for summer weather!

  8. Hi Suzi,
    Lovely to learn a little more about you. Love all that pink 🙂 It was great seeing you at the conference again.

    • Juanita,
      Yes, maybe I should get my DH to start a cork board industry for writers to help pay for my next conference. What do you think? But it truly works sooo well for planning out scenes and chapters.
      And oh yes, everyone should dress to match their writing accessories- very inspiring!

    • Serena,
      Soooo lovely to see you again in Melbourne!
      And also lovely to manage a writers / readers conference in Melbourne and avoid visiting the hospital there! Nice change after my last 2 trips- He he!
      You’re such a kind and caring person at conferences and it is lovely to see you enjoying yourself and to see your family doing so well.

      • Hi Suzi,
        Yeah, I didn’t want to bring up the hospital visits. Poor you 😦 But you made it through this time 🙂

        Thanks, bella.

      • Serena,
        Made it through conference still wearing a big grin this time- woo hoo!

  9. Wonderful to know more about you Sue. XOXOXO

    • Tegan,
      It was so lovley to meet you in person at conference,
      Thanks for traveling so far,
      And thanks for dropping by the blog here to check out my crazy writing days,

  1. A Day in the Writing Life of …..Suzi Love « Romance Writers of Australia | Suzi Love
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