Face 2 Face with…The Coven

October means Halloween and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate then with an interview with this months Face-2-Face Group ‘The Coven’.

AREA/REGION: Inner and Western Sydney
MEMBERS & GENRES: A mix of published authors in romance, short stories, erotic romance and women’s fiction 

No, we don’t sit around a cauldron and conjure up spells from eye of newt. Jenny’s kids labeled us ‘The Coven’ because we tend to cackle a lot whenever we get together.  Of course, our talented artist and potter, Bernadette, then made these fabulous badges which have since become our logo.

We are a long-standing RWA group with some recent new additions. We meet once a month at Jenny’s house as this is the most convenient and central location for everyone as we all travel from far and wide – outer west and Blue Mountains, Randwick and inner west.  With Jenny and her you-beaut coffee machine, Judy supplying the Tim Tams, Paula usually whipping up dessert, and discussion of all things writing, it’s no wonder we laugh a lot.


Our members are a wonderful and varied mix of genres, styles and experience:
Paula Roe, Jenny Brassel/JA Lesley, Maggie Nash, Shannon Curtis, Keziah Hill,   Bernadette Magee,  Judy Neumann & Kitty Bucholtz.

We try to keep our meetings fairly structured and they generally include a
presentation from whomever has chosen that month’s writing topic.  In the
past we’ve covered conflict, Facebook/social media, editing, plotting, marketing, structure, conference wrap ups and how-to book reviews… pretty much anything that will help us improve our writing.  We also swap reading and research books, discuss market and industry information and drink coffee.  A lot.

Last year we had a fabulous writing retreat in Katoomba and are planning another this month.  We are also developing The Writers Coven blog and with our cumulative knowledge of  writing, editing, publishing, formatting and cover design and marketing, we’re planning to publish an anthology in 2012.  No rest for the wicked!

The Coven is a registered face-to-face RWA group, and we mail/discuss/communicate via an online Google account.  We are a closed group at this time.  Any enquiries should go to Paula Roe paula@paularoe.com

Many thanks to Paula Roe and the other wonderful ladies for agreeing to take part. And don’t forget if you’re part of a writing group, whether it’s online or you meet in person, and you’d like to see yourselves on the RWA blog then email Jane Quick at f2f@romanceaustralia.com.

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  1. Awww, you have some of the nicest people in your group. I love hearing about other f2f groups. Each one has something unique (pointy hats, anyone?) but they’re all testimony to the great fellowship within RWA. Looking forward to your anthology, ladies!

  2. Great to read more about your group. Good luck with the anthology, and love the sound of the trip to Katoomba.

  3. OMG Judy got stretched out and I got stretched in … LOL!

  4. Maggie Nash

     /  October 6, 2011

    Thanks everyone! We have a lot of fun, and yes, we do manage to do some writing too! Paula…never mind…we know what you look like!

  5. We are also lucky to have a new member Coleen Kwan who’s just been published by Carina Press.

  6. Thanks for the welcome! Our group definitely personifies the supportive, encouraging and FUN atmosphere RWA is known for. 🙂

  7. Some of my fave people in this coven, and I defy anyone to cal them bit – oops – Witches. LOL. I can imagine the cackling. Sometimes I even think I can hear it…

    Love you guys, love your enthusiasm, your productivity and the support you always offer each other – and any stray person in need of support. More power to you! xxxxx

  8. Oh, we forgot to mention that sometimes a good bottle of wine or champagne helps the meetings along, especially if there is cause for celebration. Usually can’t decipher my notes from those events, but email is a great backup!

  9. Okay, SOME of us enjoy the wine/champagne. Others enjoy the tootin’ great coffee Jen whips up.


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