Blog Bites with…Anne Oliver

I would like to welcome the lovely Anne Oliver who writes feel-good stories with style and sensuality- it say’s so on her website.

Three words to describe me:  Introverted.  Creative.  Dreamer

 At home I cook:  As little as possible.  Usually something quick and easy.  I can’t understand the satisfaction people get out of cooking.  You produce a wonderful meal and ten minutes later there’s nothing to show for it but a messy kitchen.

My worst habit is: Procrastinating.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: Eating raw cake mix straight from the bowl.  Haven’t done it in a while though because I don’t bake often…

My first job was: Teaching.  I taught for 40 years.  Enough.

My day job is:  Writing. 

Saving for:  Travel. 

I procrastinate by: Shopping.  Surfing the Net and when really desperate, housework.

Three things people might not know about me are: Astronomy has been a favourite pastime since childhood.   One branch of my family tree goes back as far as  Edward I.   I’ve constructed four patchwork/appliqué full size quilts.   

My secret skill that is no longer a secret: Writing.

Favourite author:  Nora Roberts

Current reading:  Fulfilment by Barbara Delinsky

Plotter or panster:  More of a plotter since I became published because pantsing takes me off on tangents that I only have to delete later L

I would most like to meet: A time traveller…

If I was stranded I would take:  A ruggedly good-looking  SAS soldier… 

Why I write:   I love the controlling my characters’ destinies.  Although sometimes they refuse to cooperate and do their own thing — and I love that too. 

Thank you for sharing  with us today, Anne.

Tofind out more on Anne and her books like ‘There’s Something About A Rebel,’ pop on over to her website.

RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature.

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  1. Interesting to learn more about you Anne. I’m a cake mix fan too… and cookie dough. They had tubs of dough for sale at Master 4’s kindy and i think it was supposed to be cooked, but wow the choc ship tasted good straight from the fridge.

  2. Hi Bec, thanks for dropping by.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one with fingers in the cake mix. (Or maybe you were more refined and used the wooden spoon.) I think I ‘trained’ my two kids as well. A friend of mine used to like drinking jelly before it set, but that never did it for me. I’m in the mood now, I think I’ll have to make cakes this weekend. My favourites; jelly cakes.

  3. Wow, that’s some serious lineage there, Anne. Are you in direct line? If so, which wife? I’ve always thought the idea of the Eleanor Crosses to be so romantic. Loved finding out more about you.

  4. Interesting interview!! You cracked me up about the dinner and messy kitchen – how true 🙂

    I dont get eating raw cake – ugh! much prefer when it comes out of the oven 😉

    Just finished “Rebel” and really enjoyed it 🙂

  5. Juanita Kees

     /  October 7, 2011

    We have so much in common, Anne. Rebels, sexy SAS soldiers, raw cake mix, Nora Roberts and the same approach to housework 🙂

    Lovely getting to know you and I’m looking forward to reading your book and finding out exactly what it is about a rebel that makes us swoon.

  6. Linda

     /  October 7, 2011

    I’m laughing. NOW get why you bring such healthy food to critique group! It’s because you hate cooking and it’s not messy, not because you love carrot sticks and celery! 😉

    Agree about the cake mix – takes you back to childhood, doesn’t it?

    And yes, I can just imagine you telling an SAS soldier that his services are required. I’ll have one of those too, thanks 🙂 And he should be tall with dark hair and brown eyes and and…

    Linda x

  7. Hi Louise,
    I checked my family tree, because I didn’t really know, not thinking too highly of the man. It was Margaret,daughter of Philip III of France, and also descended from Edward III and Philippa of Hainault. Fun really to have a link to the past.

    Glad you enjoyed Rebel, Joanne, and I love fresh cake out of the oven too!

    Juanita, yes we have plenty in common, don’t we? I like to think the SAS soldier will satisfy my every desire AND get us out of danger safely. Hope you enjoy Rebel. I liked writing a kinda sequel to Not So Secret Diary.

    Linda! You caught me out; does that mean I have to bring something unhealthy next time??
    Kerri, if you’re reading this, I can’t contact you; I’ve sent a couple of emails and they’ve bounced back saying there’s no such email address; which is very strange since I’m answering one of yours… The mysteries of emails.

  8. Eating raw cake mix is just another way to avoid mess. You only have a dirty bowl instead of a dirty bowl, cake tin, large plate, small plate, fork… It’s very efficient really. We should all do it.


  9. So you do it too, Claire? I do love cake fresh out of the oven though. So I have the dirty cake tin etc, but my bowl barely needs washing when I’m done with it 🙂

  10. Well Anne, I’m with you. Cake mix and cookie dough all the way and add a rugged SAS soldier- yeah baby!
    Sorry for my tardiness, but what a great turn out, thanks everyone and guess what?
    I just found out that there will be a hard copy of ‘There’s Something About A Rebel’ up for a giveaway.
    On the 8th of Oct 8.30edst, the winner will be drawn and announced on the blog, so good luck everyone and thanks Anne.

  11. Sorry everyone, when I say 8:30, I do mean pm
    Kerri Williams

  12. Sorry I’m late, Anne.

    Loved learning more about you. Cake mix – check, especially the Greek biscuits, koulouria. Yum…..I also eat raw homemade pastry used for spanakopita (spinach & cheese pie).

    SAS solider on dessert island – oh definitely.

    Time-traveller – would be amazing.


  13. Hi Eleni,
    thanks for dropping in. Yum, love those Greek biscuits, but I’ve never tasted them raw. Yes, the SAS soldier is definitely popular, but he’s all mine!

    No worries, Kerri, you do an amazing job and thanks for having me here 🙂

  14. Congratulations Juanita Kees, you have won a copy of Anne Oliver’s, ‘There’s Something About A Rebel.
    Apologies for the late draw but with the big storm last night I was unable to get on the net.
    It was Fantabulous having you here Anne and thank you to every one who popped on over.


  15. Juanita Kees

     /  October 9, 2011

    Thanks so much Anne & Kerri 🙂 I do love a rebel!

  16. me too, I married mine.


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