Blog Bite…Keziah Hill

 I’d like to introduce fellow author, Keziah Hill who writes erotic for the mind, body and soul.

Don’t you just love that tag line.

I write: I’m published in erotic romance as Keziah Hill and am currently writing some unpublished romantic suspense as Deborah Tait. Lately, more suspense than anything else.

My worst habit is: Self-doubt.

Three words to describe me: Easygoing, stubborn, procrastinator-extraordinaire.

At home I cook: Sporadically. But when I do, I’m not bad. Lately I seem to be cooking a lot of middle eastern orange and almond cakes for gluten free friends.

My first job: Working at the races on the on course tote. It was a great job for a university student and I got to see everyone. The needy and the greedy; everyone turned up at some stage to watch those gorgeous horses.

Three things people might not know about me: I once had a hamburger made by one of Australia’s most notorious murderers; I once shot a tear gas canister (even have a picture to prove it); every lemon tree I’ve ever planted has died, even though otherwise I’ve got a pretty good green thumb.

Saving for: Maybe a trip next year to England and Ireland. I have done some research into my family’s history but my sister who is an historian by trade and spends summers in London doing research (half her luck!) wants me to go with her to sus out the relos. My ancestors seem to be a disparate bunch of liars and thieves; one of them was even executed. Crime seems to be in the blood.

Current reading: P M Newton’s The Old School. This won the Reader’s Choice award in the 2011 Sisters in Crime Davitt Awards. It’s fabulous. Anyone who loves Sydney (and I have a very love/hate relationship with the city of my birth) should read it.

Why I write: Because I’m a sucker for self-punishment. No, really, when I get all the naysayers out of my head, my main reason for writing is to create something that makes me happy and that speaks to other people. I get diverted from this reason very often and have to pull myself back to my own truth. That’s why RWA is so valuable; it’s full of people I can call on when the self-doubt demons start clamoring in my head.

If you would like to find out more about Keziah and her duo of stories :“Friends and Lovers: Two Erotic Tales” go to her sites or at

Keziah has kindly offered a giveaway. For your chance to win a copy of ‘Cream : The Best of the Erotica Reader’s and Writer’s Association” ed by Lisabet Sarai, all you have to do is tell us the name of Keziah’s latest hero. (hint: Deborah Tait’s blog) The winner will be drawn by 8:30 EDST Saturday the 5th of November 2011.              

RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature on


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  1. Hey, Keziah, what an interesting interview. Actually I LOVE your green thumb – you post such beautiful pics on FB and Twitter of your garden. Hope you get your trip next year!

  2. Hi Kerri, thanks for posting this. Keziah – what a fascinating interview! Sounds like there’s plenty of background there for writing a thriller… Laughing too at the idea of checking out the relo’s next year when the previous ones included so many interesting characters. I hope the 21st century ones are good company.

    I hear you on the self doubt. And on the value of RWA. Just as well we have it to keep us writing!

    Good luck with those lemon trees. Maybe if you lived in a milder climate?

  3. Thanks Anna. I’m taking a punt on another lemon tree but this time I’ll grow it in a pot on my verandah. Crossed fingers it works.

  4. Annie, I can’t help thinking, like a lot of fellow Aussies with convict ancestors, that Australia was the making of our family. They went from being horse thieves and pickpockets to land owners. Not a bad transition.

  5. Hi Keziah,
    Great to see you featured here! I’m dying to know who made that hamburger for you? And good luck with the lemon tree. We have two in pots that are terrific (hint: you need to wee on them every so often, lol). As my mother used to say, ask the gentlemen to say good night to the citrus.

  6. Hi Keziah, lovely to learn more about you. Lemon trees huh? I killed a couple of those a few years ago… Decided there and then citrus was not my thing! Hope you get that trip to the UK and Ireland 🙂

  7. I tell you next time I see you Louise. I have high hopes Helene. 🙂


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