November Hearts Talk Wrap Up

The latest edition of Hearts Talk is out now.

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Here is a little peek….

Sounds like a great read: Narrating a Romance – Nikki Logan chats to Simone Phillips

During the fortnight I was living it up at the RWA (US) Nationals in New York City, another Aussie was hard at work just across town interpreting my book Their Newborn Gift as an audio book for Recorded Books LLC. She dropped me a line after finishing to say how much a far-from-home Aussie enjoyed my outback set romance. I then wasted no time in hitting her up for an interview to pull back the curtain on this mysterious and unsung facet of our business.

Actor Simone Phillips has lived and worked in Manhattan for years. She narrated her first audio book for NSW’s Royal Blind Institute to earn a crust while studying at NIDA (the National Institute of Dramatic Art).

‘I loved it,’ she says. ‘The perfect job for a student of acting who was convinced she must play every role ever invented in the whole wide world.’

‘The first books they gave me were romances and outback thrillers. I remember being terribly jealous of Ron Haddrick because he was narrating the bible and the Complete works of Shakespeare (and probably the Iliad and the Odyssey as well).’

Not that she can have been jealous for long. Under a couple of pseudonyms, Simone has narrated list-toppers like Phillipa Gregory, Peter Carey, Keri Arthur and Jaclyn Moriarty as well as romance best-sellers like Helen Bianchin, Sharon Kendrick and Sophia James.

For full article, go to our website. For members only.

Conference 2012: Call for Proposals

RWA’s 21st conference Diamonds are Forever will be held at Hotel QT, Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast, from August 16-19, 2012, and the conference team is seeking proposals for workshops, panels or other breakout sessions.

See blog post on 3rd November for the full call.

Group Grants ~ Plot and Beyond with Robyn Grady

Writers not Waiters, a relatively new RWA group based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, want to write stories that work. That’s why we were thrilled to receive a grant from RWA to host our first workshop, “Plot and Beyond”, presented by best-selling Harlequin author Robyn Grady at Caloundra on 1st October, 2011 .

Our group ranges from novices to those who have been toiling for a while, but we are all about sharing the journey and improving our craft. We were delighted to share the workshop with writers from the Moody Muses and Romantix on the day and would like to share some of the day’s insights with readers of HeartsTalk.

For full article, go to our website. For members only.

Lessons In Social Media with Doreen Sullivan

Publishers like Carina Press, the digital first imprint of Harlequin, teach their authors to use social media for author marketing. Others publishers might direct their authors to make themselves known online but give no guidance.

So how do writers, published or not, learn to use social media? And is there a knack to how novelists should use it?

Romance reviewer and reader Kate Cuthbert, author Keziah Hill, and blogging teacher and writer Eleni Konstantine talk about what worked for them, when learning social media ropes.

For full article, go to our website. For members only.

RWA Noticeboard

Our new Hearts Talk Editor – Cath Evans!

From The Prez’ column: Cath is a previous deputy editor of HeartsTalk, a contest manager, and was on the 2011 conference team, so we know she’ll be bringing a depth of knowledge about RWA and the romance genre, and a whole swag of skills. Welcome, Cath! We can’t wait to see where you take HeartsTalk next.

Group Grants – February 2012 update by Janette Whitehead

How would you too like to enjoy a free, intimate craft workshop by a published author? What about a subsidised writing retreat for you and your writing buddies?

Well, you can! The next round of RWA’s group grants opens in February so get your group together and apply. The Group Grants Scheme is a fund that any RWA Affiliated or RWA Associated Group can apply to in support of the wonderful work they do in advancing the careers of their RWA members.

What can my group apply for?

The possibilities are endless, limited only by what you and your group need. Applications may include (but are not limited to) contributions for:

* a visiting speaker/author

* fees for group members to attend conferences/ online classes

* texts for a group library

* venue and equipment hire for workshops/retreats

* or anything else that supports group members in their writing

Cruisin’ the Blogs

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Of course don’t forget our regular columns

  • From the Prez with Alison Ahearn
  • Events Calendar with Doreen Sullivan
  • Contest Page with Lis Hoorweg> Includes details of the Little Gems Short Story contest and the Cover contest
  • Market Watch with Sami Lee
  • The Last Word with Jo McAlister
  • Ask Auntie Fi with Fiona Lowe

Dear Auntie Fi, I’m confused over which contests to enter since there are so many. Or should I just enter all of them? ~ Confused from Kiama.

Dear Auntie Fi, I’ve received a ‘revise and resubmit’ letter from an editor who likes my voice but said the book as it stands needs “substantial changes before it is suitable for publication” and the letter finishes with, “this is not an offer to publish.” What if I do all this work and it’s rejected? I’m finding it hard to start. Any tips? ~Procrastinating in Parkes.

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