Author Spotlight: Nicola Marsh

 Welcome Nicola!

1.      You have a new book out this month, tell us about BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD.


This book has a long history and I’m thrilled it is finally seeing shelf life!

BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD is a mix of sub-genres: contemporary romance/women’s fiction/romantic comedy/chicklit. It’s a masala mix! (in-joke from the book!) I think the blurb best sums it up:

Shari Jones needs to get a life. Preferably someone else’s.

Single, homeless and jobless, Indo-American Shari agrees to her best friend’s whacky scheme: travel to Mumbai, pose as Amrita, and ditch the fiancé her traditional Indian parents have chosen. Simple. Until she’s mistaken for a famous Bollywood actress, stalked by a Lone Ranger wannabe, courted by an English lord, and busted by the blackmailing fiancé.

Life is less complicated in New York.

Or so she thinks, until the entourage of crazies follows her to the Big Apple and that’s when the fun really begins. Shari deals with a blossoming romance, an addiction to Indian food and her first movie role, while secretly craving another trip to the mystical land responsible for sparking her new lease on life. Returning to her Indian birthplace, she has an epiphany. Maybe the happily-ever-after of her dreams isn’t so far away?

I also have a Harlequin Mills and Boon RIVA release out this month, INTERVIEW WITH THE DAREDEVIL. Set in the glamorous Palazzo Versace on QLD’s Gold Coast, I was lucky enough to research the book first hand last summer!


2.      With so many books under your belt, how do you keep coming up with fresh new ideas?


New ideas aren’t a problem, it’s the writing that’s the tricky part!  I love when a new idea shimmies into my subconscious and I get to brainstorm and play and make sense of it. Nothing like that excited ‘buzz in the belly’. Unless it’s actually selling the book!


3.      On average, how long does it usually take you to write a first draft?


My Harlequin category romances take from between 4-6 weeks. Crazily, my mainstream novels take about the same, but that’s probably because I enjoy the freedom to write something completely outside word count guidelines.


4.      What do you love most about writing romance?


I love seeing characters spark off each other, delve deeper into the relationship and ultimately overcome obstacles to reach their happily ever after. It’s extremely satisfying as a writer.

I also love the romance writing community. It’s truly incredible.


5.      We all know how important the first sentence of a book is to draw a reader in. Out of all your books, do you have a favourite first line that you’d like to share?


Always hard to choose a favourite anything, but if I had my arm twisted, I think it would be from my first M&B Modern Heat, BIG-SHOT BACHELOR.

“Come in and take off all your clothes.”

As a reader, that line makes me wonder who’s talking, who’s she talking to, and why she wants his gear off!


6.      Describe yourself in three words:


Optimistic, passionate, fair


7.      Since everybody needs a break, even when doing something they love, how do you like to spend your time away from writing?


At the risk of sounding like a total dork, even in my down time I’m obsessed by books! I love nothing better than to curl up and read. Considering I write at night and miss out on TV, when I’m unwinding I love to catch up on shows and movies I’ve missed. I’m a couch potato!


8.      What are you working on now?


I’m currently writing a Harlequin Romance Christmas story, releasing December 2012. It features a hot Aussie surfer and a headstrong Italian heroine, his online marketing manager, who had a fling in Capri 8 years ago. It’s a second chance story with loads of sparks. At least, it will be when I write it!

I’m also working on a YA novel and revising a contemporary romance. Fun!


Connect with Nicola online at her website, blog, facebook, and twitter. Nicola is published by Harlequin and Entangled Publishing.

Thank you for taking part in our Author Spotlight!


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  1. Thanks for participating in our Author Spotlight, Nicola! I would also love to know if the 4-6 weeks you say it takes to write your first drafts include plotting/outlining time, or is the 4-6 weeks pure writing time?

  2. Hmm…these days I don’t actually plot or outline much. With my Harlequin books, I do a rough 2 page outline for my editor to approve then off I go!

    So the 4-6 weeks is pure writing time. Love that phase where the story pours out…or not, depending how stubborn the characters are!

    • Sounds good… and with my natural competitive streak I’m compelled to try and match that time frame! Although, i don’t know whether I could do it. I do like a more detailed outline to have in front of me, but, you never know! I remember you said you write on that alpha thingy, so maybe I’ll have to try that 😉

  3. Hi Nicola,

    Busted in Bollywood sounds great. You must have had a lot of fun writing it!


  4. I had a ball, Claire!

    One of those books that was even fun during revisions (and it had several rounds of those!!!)

  5. I cannot believe you can write a book in 4-6 weeks! I’m in awe. And they’re so good!

  6. Yow!!! You write fast Future Girl!!! 🙂

    Congratulations on the new release!!!

    Lisa 🙂

  7. Natalie Moress

     /  December 2, 2011

    Hi Nicola
    Busted in Bollywood sounds like a hoot! Can’t wait to read it. I recently lent my husband’s grandma “Girl in the Vintage Dress”, a fav of mine, and she loved it too. Had to pass that on as she’s a 93 country lady who has lived on dairy farms all her life, and I thought you’d get a kick out of knowing what broad appeal you have.

  8. Thanks Melissa 🙂

    I’m lucky I write a pretty clean first draft. Helps the speed factor.

  9. Thanks Lisa.

    Heads-up: Friday looking mighty fine 😉

  10. Thanks so much for letting me know, Natalie.

    It’s this kind of feedback that can make my day, and it has 🙂

    Writing is pretty solitary and to hear I’ve brought enjoyment to a happy reader…yep, I’m still grinning!


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