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Mel Teshco chats to Jaid Black

Jaid Black is a USA TODAY bestselling author of numerous erotic romance novels, as well as the owner and founder of the erotic fiction publisher, Ellora’s Cave. She has been honoured by Romantic Times Magazine with their first ever Trailblazer Award for her contribution to the romance genre, Romantica® (Ellora’s Cave registered trademark name for erotic romance), and her significant role in popularising e-books.

She has over thirty books to her name and has received numerous distinctions, including the Henry Miller Award for the best literary sex scene written in the English language.

Hi Jaid, thank you for taking time out from your very busy schedule. Not only are you a mother of two girls, a writer, editor and business owner, you’re also an active campaigner for the  disadvantaged and have recently started a new venture co-hosting a once weekly, in your face radio show, Cave Chaos, about women and their sexual experiences. Could you tell us a little about your busy day and fill us mere mortals in on how you juggle your time?

Firstly, it’s my pleasure to be interviewed by you 🙂 Secondly, and to answer your question, what seems to work best for me is concentrating on one aspect of my professional life per day. I have the radio show on Mondays, I plan the next week on Tuesdays, write on Wednesdays, edit on Thursdays, etc. That’s not a hard and fast rule because things always crop up that  require my full attention for a few days at a time, but it’s the schedule I try to stick to. For instance, when RomantiCon 2011 was coming up, my entire life pretty much revolved around that!

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Friendly Rivalry: Bec McMasters (Skrabl) & Michelle de Rooy 

Unless you’ve been living deep in your writer’s cave over the past 18 months, you’ll be familiar with the names Michelle De Rooy and Bec Skrabl (now writing as Bec McMaster). These talented young ladies agreed to speak candidly about being critique partners, best friends, and contest divas who found themselves competing against each other for contest wins, and the chance to catch an editor’s or agent’s attention. Michelle and Bec wrote their articles separately, but their responses were uncannily—and perhaps unsurprisingly—in tune.

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Conference 2012: Guest Speakers 

Keynote Speaker: Eloisa James

Friday Workshop: Alexandra Sokoloff

Reminder: 2012 Conference Workshop Proposals Closing Soon!

If you’re intending to submit a proposal for a workshop, panel or other breakout session for the 2012 Diamonds are Forever Conference on the Gold Coast, you’d best get your skates on.

Submissions close Friday 9th December 2011.

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Romantic Book of the Year (R*BY)

It isn’t only Christmas that’s just around the corner: the Romantic Book of the Year (R*BY) Award will soon be open to entries. Books first published between 1st January 2011 and 31st December 2011 are eligible.

Competition opens Monday 2nd January 2012 Competition closes Friday 3rd February 2012

*Entry forms and guidelines will be available on the RWA website from sometime in mid-December*

Help a Fellow Writer

Many of our members, due to their location or other circumstances, can’t afford the travel, accommodation and registration fees to attend RWA events such as conference, 5DI and roadshows. Each year RWA’s Members Assistance Fund is used to help several such members. You can help by contributing to the fund. All donations, small or a little more, are welcome and will allow us to assist more members in 2012.

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How to Write a Fight Scene by Susanna Rogers

Once upon a time I was invincible. I was a young mum, truly, madly, deeply in love with writing. But my writing had to fit around my life. I had a day job, a husband whose career meant he was seldom home, young kids, ailing elders, an acre of garden, dogs, cats, chooks, commitments.

My writing time was thus when the kids went to bed. At eight I’d slip into my fantasy world and it was mine, all mine. When my eyes couldn’t stay open I’d fall into bed. Five hours writing time was normal, and I often didn’t raise my head for the entire five.

This was not good for my body. Sucks to my body; I was in love.

My neck ached. I’d take pain killers and keep writing. My neck hurt more. I took stronger pain killers and wrote more. I was thirty-five, fit, I was in charge, not my body.

How Critique Groups Maintain Their Groove by Doreen Sullivan

Romance novels end when The One has been found. The heroine and hero live happily ever after.

Romance writers seek to find the one perfect fit between the writer and agent, publisher—or critique group.

With critique groups, what happens once you’ve found that perfect group? For groups that have been together for awhile, established for four or more years, how do participants maintain momentum? How do you know when—or if—you should leave?

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Dear Auntie Fi, …If (and it is a very big “if”) I receive an offer from the Aussie publisher I presume I would need an Australian agent too. However, if there is no offer I would be better with a US agent. Should I start querying Aussie agents now or wait to see what the Australian publisher does? What if the US agents I have already queried want to represent me? How does the whole international  publisher/ agent deal work? ~Confused from Coolbinia

Dear Auntie Fi, … The question is – if one is having trouble writing the genre one would most like to write, and suspects a different genre may be more manageable, what are some pros and cons of persevering with the original plan? ~Techno Thriller Trouble

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