Meeting Place with…The Erotic E-Loop

GROUP NAME: rwauseroticrom – Hot in Oz 

AREA/REGION: The whole of Australia: Wide Bay QLD, South Coast NSW,  Blue Mountains NSW, Snowy Mountains NSW, Canberra (the hotbed of political passion), Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, North Coast NSW, Newcastle NSW, WA, Hunter Valley NSW

MEMBERS: Both published and unpublished – Angela Castle, Cath Evans, Cathryn Brunet, Denise Rossetti, Emmie Dark, Fiona McPherson, Diane Curran, Jen Somerville, Erica Hayes, Jess Tarn, Kaliana Cole, Christina Phillips, Keziah Hill, Lillian Grant, Maggie Nash, Mel Teshco, Rhian Cahill, Rhyll Vallis, Rob Hap, Sandie Hudson, Suzanne Hamilton, Tegan Cann, Toni Lendich, Suzi Love, Tracey O’Hara.

Some of our wonderful members

GENRE: Erotic Fiction

ABOUT: The erotic loop is a great place to ask any general questions in regards to erotica without offending anyone perhaps not interested in that genre.

We discuss everything from the different types of terminology for body parts (yes, those body parts), publishing trends, the writing life, and a range of other topics common to other lists. 

Erotic writing is not something everyone is comfortable with. So this loop is important for us. It’s a place where we feel comfortable, with like-minded souls.

We haven’t yet had a face-to-face meeting/get together, although some people met up at the Conference.

Future plans include a group blog and we’d like to have an erotic writing retreat where we could meet face-to-face, write, ask questions and maybe even have guest speakers (you’ve gotta have dreams!).

If you’d like to see your writer’s group featured on the RWA blog then please email

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  1. The hotbed of political passion!!! LOL Why oh why do am I seeing that Julia G / K Rudd kiss replaying over and over in my head.

    Nice to meet you ladies. Writing groups are so important and I can see just how much more important for your genre.

  2. melissa craig

     /  December 7, 2011

    I would love to be part of this group.

  3. Nothing to stop you from joining Melissa. Go here and join.

  4. hey, all you writers of naughty bits! great to see you🙂


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