Author Spotlight & Book Giveaway: Rachael Johns

Welcome Rachael!

1.      Congratulations on the release of your novel, ONE PERFECT NIGHT. Can you tell us about it?

ONE PERFECT NIGHT is a Christmas romance about second chances at love. It begins with a one night stand between Cameron and Peppa, whom Cameron doesn’t know is one of his employees. Complications erupt when Cameron discovers the truth. Both Peppa and Cameron are wounded from past relationships and wary of letting themselves love again but they can’t fight the furnace of attraction between them. Cameron also suffers night terrors, which prevents him ever spending the night with a woman. He’s very strict about keeping to this self-imposed rule but Peppa slips beneath his defences and when he wakes up in the morning, asleep in her arms, he knows something serious is going on between them. The story deals with how they recover from their pasts and learn to trust love again.


2.      Did you always know you wanted to be a writer? How long have you been writing for?

I’d love to say yes, but that’s not 100% true. I did write stories when I was little (mum still has books I wrote) but I didn’t DREAM of being a writer. I dreamt of being on the stage or being a vet (alternated between the two). It wasn’t until I broke up with my first serious boyfriend that something inside clicked. I turned to writing as a form of therapy I guess. I wrote our story and rewrote the ending – I actually killed him off! It was a dire story and it was terribly written but I caught the bug. Have been writing since then.


3.      Do you write detailed character profiles before writing, or do you find the characters come to life as you write?

LOL! I dream of doing this. I’ve even printed off fancy tables for character profiles in the past but my brain just doesn’t work that way. I always end up thinking of naff things for the characters and never referring to the profiles again, so now I’ve given up.


4.      Name three character traits you think make an irresistible hero in a romance novel?

Noble, always puts the heroine first and treats her like a princess, and FUNNY!


5.      If you could be invisible for twenty four hours and could go anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?

Oooh cool question! I think I might sit in on an editor all day. I’d probably go to the Mills & Boon offices in Richmond and listen to them talk about why they reject some stories and request more on others. Would be good to have that kind of insight and from my experience M&Bs are one of the hardest genres to crack!


6.      What do you like the most – writing, editing, or researching?

Definitely the writing! And the first half of the book at that. I don’t mind minor editing but huge rewriting drives me batty. As for research, I don’t mind a little but I’m always scared I’m going to get it so terribly wrong when I transfer it to the page.


7.      How important have contests been for you in helping you get published?

I was about to say HUGELY, but that may be misleading. I didn’t make either of my sales from contests. I’ve done well in a lot of contests and bombed out in a lot too – there really is a HUGE element of luck where contests are concerned. But I guess, they have been helpful in a number of ways – I received good feedback on how to improve, I learnt how to deal with nasty remarks about my writing, I had to write to deadlines and the thrill of finalling is a HUGE boost in thinking that, hey, I might actually be able to make a go of this gig. I LOVE contests. As well as entering them, I’d really recommend judging them. I think you can learn so much about writing from judging.


8.      What are you working on now?

I’m just starting my next “semi” rural single title romance, working title MAN DROUGHT. I’m also waiting on a sub with Carina Press.


Connect with Rachael online at her website, blog, facebook, and twitter. Rachael is published by Carina Press and Harlequin Australia.

To WIN an ebook copy of ONE PERFECT NIGHT, simply answer the following question by commenting below before 5pm Sydney time on Friday 16th December.

‘What was the most perfect night of your life?’

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  1. Fiona Lowe

     /  December 12, 2011

    I am so excited for Rach and One Perfect Night. I’m lucky enough to have already read it…before and after if was published:) one more week to go until everyone can read it which is so exciting!

  2. Yayyy you!! So excited about your release and can’t wait to read it Rach!

  3. Only a week left to go! Congrats and happy sales, Rach 🙂

  4. One Perfect Night was one of my best reads this year. Great emotional story, so I know it’s going to do brilliantly for you, Rach. Congratulations on its release!

    Now, what was my most perfect night? I don’t know, I’ve had a few perfect ones, but I think taking a gondola ride in Venice with my darling beloved just as the sun was fading is way up there. It was incredibly romantic. I couldn’t stop deep sighing, and each time we looked at one another we kept pinching Indiana Jones’s line from The Last Crusade, saying, “Ahh, Venice” before breaking into idiotic grins. Even thinking about that ride turns me misty-eyed.

  5. Congratulations, Rachael! One Perfect Night sounds, well, perfect!! Can’t wait to read it and looking forward to JILTED in June 🙂

    Hard to pick only one perfect night… Probably bobbing at anchor in Nara Inlet in the Whitsundays at the start of a ten day holiday, sipping champagne with GW, having just learnt I’d sold my first book to Hachette is right up there with the best. It still makes me smile!

  6. Congrats Rach – am sooooooo excited and happy for your 1st release, I know it’ll be the first of many.

    Love the idea of being invisible at Richmond HMB – that would def give you heaps of insight into what the eds think of subs – can I join you? 😉

    My perfect night – was in New York for Valentine’s Day with DH. He took me to a swish hotel with wonderful food, to-die for views and managed not to faint when he paid the bill – the AUS dollar was $0.50 at the time – LOL. VD in America is huge compared with here and it was a thrill to have a really special VD 🙂

  7. Congrats Rach! I can’t wait to read the book!

    I think I have the most unromantic man in the world compared to the other lady’s… Mine was probably at Murray Bridge and involved a bottle of tequila and a really big- oops, well that might be nuff said =)

    Good luck for the release (not that you need it)


  8. Rachel! Can’t wait to red One Perfect Night – have pre-ordered it on my Kindle. Congratulations on your release and your ongoing success.

    My perfect night – hmmm – probably sailing around Halong Bay in our own Chinese junk when hubby and I were holidaying in Vietnam. It was fabulous.

    Great interview.


     /  December 12, 2011

    Great read Rachael and lets hope ever success of course congratulations on the release.
    My what was my most perfect night I’ve had a few myself. Romantically it would have to be in the audience of live local television variety show, and I proposed to my now wife during an add break of the show

  10. I can’t wait to read One Perfect Night, Rach – and Jilted, too! My most perfect night… hmmm. I’d have to say my wedding 🙂 The reception in my mum’s backyard beneath the trees was just perfect.

  11. Can’t wait for One Perfect Night to hit the virtual shelves. It’s so exciting and a wonderful read!!

    My most recent perfect night was sitting watching my oldest perform at her first guitar concert. Hubby’s face watching her was priceless since they are learning together. I thought he’d burst with pride…

  12. So great to finally see you showcased here, Rach. Well done and best of luck with those pesky revisions…

  13. Loraine Hunziker

     /  December 12, 2011

    Congratulations on your book release!

    As far as a perfect night, it may sound a bit strange but here goes…our power at home was out due to a horrible storm that caused extensive damage around the region. My teenagers, husband and I sat on the floor using glow sticks to light the room and played board games for hours. We had a blast! A lot can be said for being unplugged from the TV, computer, and phones for a bit! We just enjoyed spending time with each other without distractions. We had a couple of great evenings…after my sons initial technology withdrawal let up! LOL

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Hi Rach 🙂

    Lovely to read more about you and One Perfect Night. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to its release.

    My One Perfect Night would be the night I was dumped by my date at a bar with no money and no means to get home. The bar tender allowed me use the phone to ring a Knight in Shining Armour. I rang a work colleague who turned out to be my one perfect knight and here we are 22 years, two kids, a dog, 4 birds (plus chicks) and a tank full of fish later 🙂

    Good luck with the revisions and wishing you best of luck for the release of both your books.

  15. Rach,
    Haven’t read your book yet and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Sounds fantastic!
    My Perfect night – A highlight would have to be meeting Keanu Reeves at the premiere of Matrix Reloaded at the Sydney Opera House. I almost swooned when he shook my hand and have no recollection of what I said, only remember he was such a perfect gentleman and my idea of a true hero.

  16. Rach, I know your debut is going to be huge! Besta luck and lotsa hugs on the release 🙂

    I’m going to cheat with my perfect night and say two – the first night I held each of my newborn sons in my arms.

  17. Natalie Moress

     /  December 15, 2011

    Hi Rachael

    I love the story about you killing off that ex in your rewriting your ending – what a classic! Really looking forward to One Perfect Night, between you and Fiona’s Boomerang Bride, I’m being forced into reading ebooks because I don’t want to miss out on these fantastic stories. You two have converted me. I didn’t think it possible.
    Smiles, Natalie
    PS My first thought about my perfect night was not a romantic one at all – it was the first night my baby (now 11) slept through!

  18. LOL Natalie – I’m not sure my ex would like it 🙂 Yay on converting you to ebooks. Isn’t Boomerang Bride fabulous?! AND I HEAR YA on the baby sleeping through. I wrote a breastfeeding book a few years ago and one chap was entitled “Sleep – the new Sex.”

  19. Coming in here late… I’m so sorry… Oh Rach….. it’s awesome news… and it’s going to be an awesome read. I can’t wait. All the best little one. 🙂 🙂 with many more to follow.

    Suz 🙂

  20. Oh I forgot to answer the question, although it may be too late..
    I have many perfect nights. There is none in particular as my hubby is a romantic… so could it be at the lighthouse up the road with champagne watching the waves roll under a full moon, or could it be on a polynesian night in Hawaii with our hula skirts on and dancing the night away, or perahps it may have been the night at waikiki beach, our toes in the sand knowing we had to go home the following day. 🙂

  21. Thanks Rachael for the interview and for giving away a copy of One Perfect Night, and thanks to all who commented. Loraine Hunziker is the lucky winner of Rachael’s ebook! Congrats! I have sent you an email 🙂
    …and the most perfect night for me? hmmm… probably when my son slept through the night for the first time! 🙂 But in all seriousness, every night that I go to bed healthy and happy is pretty perfect too 😉

  22. I’m horribly late to say hello, Rachael, but I did just want to say how excited I am for your with your book about to be released! Congratulations and I know it will be a huge success for you!




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