Blog Bites…Lexxie Couper

 Introducing Lexxie Couper, an author of lust, desire and danger. (I’m hooked!)

Thank you Lexxie for sharing a bite at this busy time of year.

I’m from: Tamworth, originally. And no, I don’t sing country music. That being said, I know all the words to just about every Slim Dusty song released. I think they pipe it into the homes in Tamworth while we sleep.

Three words to describe me: Flaky. Sarcastic. Loyal.

 At home I cook:  Very badly. But my family has no other option but to eat it. As a consequence, my four year old is already reading cookbooks and baking. I suspect she’s on the verge of kicking me out of my own kitchen.

Current reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larson (I’m waiting for it to kick in. So far, it’s a tad slow going) and Zoe Archer’s Scoundrel (which is brilliant. I am so in love with all of Archer’s heroes. So so in love…)

I would most like to meet: Stephen King. Or Stephen Fry. Or Steven Moffat (the Dr. Who guru). Or a fairy. Preferably one called Steven.

Why I write: Because my family can’t afford the cost of permanent incarceration in an insane asylum, which is where I’d end up if I couldn’t write. S’true.

Lexxie has kindly offered her book ‘Dare Me’ which will be released on the 31st of January 2012 by Samhain Publishing for a prize to a lucky person who leaves a comment. 

Contest will be drawn and announced by Lexxie via comment by Saturday 30th, 8:30 EDST

Good Luck!

To find out more about Lexxie Couper and her stories, go to her website-

RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature on

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     /  December 30, 2011

    I’m sure it will be a rip snorty of a novel, thanks for telling a little about you.
    I thought it was a condition of contract that if you live in Tamworth you’re to sing all Slim Dusty’s songs

  2. Suzanne

     /  December 30, 2011

    lol love your comment on the ‘permanent incarceration in an insane asylum.’ I think this is something only writers can understand. I go nuts after a few days of non writing, and send everyone else around me nuts also.

    I like the sound of the danger associated with lust and desire. Something on the edge to keep the heart pumping eh? 🙂

    All the best with your release.

    • HI Suzanne, I think you’re right about only writers getting it. Thankfully, my family does, but most of my friends look at me like I’m loopy when I say I have to get home from shopping to write 🙂

      And ta muchly 🙂

  3. Love the comment about your 4yo – hilarious!

    Congrats on the release of Dare Me – love the name!!

    • LOL The Demon Princess is 4 going on 16, I swear. God help me when she really does hit that age. I suspect my husband is going to have a melt down 😀

  4. Eva P.

     /  December 31, 2011

    I loved that interview, made me chuckle ;D That’s also a very hot looking cover, would love to read it!

    • Hee, I’m glad I made you chuckle, Eva 🙂 And isn’t it. I must admit, I’d love to have that woman’s stomach… 😉

  5. Great interview Lexxie.

    And I think I might have to get my 4 y.o in the kitchen – any excuse *not* to cook is a good one lol!!

    • LOL Mel, believe it or not, she’s currently in mine making milo sandwiches. I’m watching her now thinking “Oh Lord help me” at the same time as chuckling my head off 🙂


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