Blog Bites…Karly Blakemore-Mowle

I write: Rural fiction and Romantic Suspense

Three words to describe me: impatient, stressed and busy

My worst habit is: stressing

It’s a bit daggy but I love: Billy Ray Cyrus

My day job is: Full time writer/mother/housekeeper/taxi/cleaner…you get the idea….

Saving for: trip to Vegas baby!

I procrastinate by: networking on facebook…notice NETWORKING- work related…honest!

Three things people might not know about me are:  I have an unhealthy addition to Billy Ray Cyrus, I get road rage, I sometimes begin to believe the voices in my head are real!

Favourite author: Diana Gabaldon

Favourite book as a child: The magic wishing tree

Favourite movie: P.S I Love You/ While You Were Sleeping

Plotter or panster: panster with a touch of frantic stressed out desperado

When I was young I wanted to be: Wonder Woman

Latest project: working on a rural fiction novel which splits itself between present day and WW1 in a small rural community.

Thank you for joining us today Karly and for those who want to know more about Karly and her books go to her website

 Karly has kindly offered a free PDF version of her book Operation Summer storm to a lucky person who makes a comment. The winner will be announced via comment by Saturday 28th 8:30EDST.

RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature on

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  1. Sue Rees

     /  January 27, 2012

    What a great title to be offering right now! Storms to the left of me, storms to the right of me…at least we’ve not been flooded again (yet). 🙂 Love to hear of other pantsers, with a touch of plotting thrown in. And I love dual time frame stories.
    Best wishes,

  2. HI Sue! Yes, Storms are everywhere at the moment..sighh.. we’re not flooded yet, but rivers are all up around us. Go the pantsers!! 🙂

  3. Karly, sounds like that childhood desire to be Wonder Woman came true! Great to see you featured here on Bites.

  4. Hi Karly,
    I think I wanted to be Wonder Woman for a while too! And also Superwoman. In fact, I’m still trying to be Superwoman 😉

    You say you’re a stress head? Your photo belies that fact, you look so peaceful!

  5. Karly, I’m reading a whole lot of stress here. You need to relax, girl!

    Love the sound of your latest project and look forward to hearing more about it.

  6. Hi Karly,

    I’m so happy to meet another Billy Ray Cyrus fan 🙂 I think all women who balance work, writing and family are ‘Wonder Woman’. I’m looking forward to reading Operation Summer Storm soon. I have it on my TBR. Your latest project sounds intriguing …

    Hope the floods are kept at bay and you all stay nice and dry.

  7. Are the voices in our heads not real? You mean my husband’s right?? Karly, I’m devastated….

    You certainly hide your stress well in person! And I’m with Juliet – you look very serene in your photo.

    I hope the rain eases off and the water levels drop soon down your way. It looks horrific on the tv images…

    • HI Helene!
      NO,no,no! Don’t listen to these husbands- they only tell us the voices aren’t real when they want us to actually listen to THEM…. I’m getting rather fed up with the rain – it can leave now!
      Okay, I am definately taking up poker now! If I pulled off serene when really I was thinking *if she says big smile one…. more….time……”

  8. Hmmm tried those bubbling water thingies for stress. They just make me want to pee all the time 🙂 So thrilled with all your success, KBM. Hope to catch up at the next meeting.

  9. Wow Karly, I didn’t know you liked that guy, Billy Ray… I loved him too. lol.. Achy Breakie lol.. 🙂
    As for the childhood story, is it the Enchanted Forest. I have a copy on my book shelf if you would like a re-read. 🙂 The washer woman is still there, and the saucepan man. I loved that book. Hmm… a few tad things in common, besides writing.
    Rain has eased today, but more expected over the weekend, and it doesn’t look good.

    All the best with your release,

    Suz 🙂

  10. I used to line dance to Billy. Now that’s a saying something. lol

  11. Sonya Natalia

     /  January 27, 2012

    Sigh. I still really love this new cover. Of course now I have to buy the new version to go with the old one!

    Those Enid Blyton books are the ones where the kids have the – ahem – “naughty” names, are they not? Good to know I remember the important things!

  12. Hey Karly, great to see you on Bites. You know, I loved the Magic Wishing Tree when I was a kid, but having read it (and the others in the series) a gazillion times to my kids they’re starting to wear on me a little, lol.

    Oh, and I didn’t realise you were releasing under KBM – is that how all your future releases will be? Or do KBM and KL represent your fiction and suspense personas?

  13. Kerri Williams

     /  January 28, 2012

    Congratulations Suz, you are tonights blog bite winner. I will be in touch.

  14. Yah, how cool is this. I’m looking forward to the read. Thanks… 🙂


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