Blog Bites…Kaz Delaney

 It’s a pleasure to introduce the lovely, vivacious, Kaz Delaney. 

I write: YA and fiction for children.

I’m from?  Beautiful Lake Macquarie – NSW Central Coast. Specifically I live at Belmont which is basically a strip of land between Australia’s largest salt water lake, and the Pacific Ocean.

Three words to describe me:   Hmmnn  – tricky… I think those looking on would say: Ditzy, Dizzy and a Diva. And they’re half right. What they don’t see is that I’m Determined, Dogged and Diligent. Sort of.

My worst habit is: I can only pick one? Okay – it’s probably that I have to do everything myself, and that I’m always right. Though personally? I can’t see the problem with that…

It’s a bit daggy but I love: Bling. You can never have too much. Shoes. Bag. Person. Bling it on, I say! The other daggy thing? Smarties! No one loves Smarties anymore! They’re all Team M&Ms! Come on Team Smarties! Step Up!

My first job was: Well, speaking of Smarties…  It was a Saturday/school holiday job and it was the lolly counter at Woolies!!!

Three things people may not know about me: That I’m Determined, Dogged and Diligent. Sort of.

Plotter or Panster? Definitely a plotting panster. I used to declare hard and long that I was a total plotter. And to some degree I am, but I also realise that the plotting part is the skeleton. The fleshing out is the pantsing.

When I was young I wanted to be? Older! Can you believe it! Sheesh!

Why I write: You know, I think writing is like having a cat. You don’t own a cat (not like you ‘own’ a dog); a cat chooses to live with you. You don’t really have any control – you just think you do. Writing is like that. You don’t choose it – it chooses you. You can’t NOT do it, because it’s not really your choice to make. It’s in you, it’s inherent… So why do I write? Because I can’t ‘not’ write.

Latest project:  Shameless Plug Alert: Well, with my latest YA novel Dead, Actually just on the shelves, I’m absolutely flat out bribing, blackmailing and bullying every person I know into buying it – as well as trying to polish my next novel in the series – Almost Dead.

To find more about Kaz and her books, go to her website 

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  1. Welcome Kaz, it’s a pleasure to have you here today. Bling it on! Live it.

    • Thanks Kez – thank you for inviting me! “Bling it. Live it.” I love that – I might adopt it as my mantra.

      Of course my children reminded me of the daggiest/worst habit (so it fits two categories) is my habit of singing out loud in public. And not professionally. They used to refuse to do the groceries with me – or only if I promised not to sing out loud. Although I have a sneaking feeling there’s someone else down further who probably does the same thing. Ms Imelda???

      Thanks you again – it’s lovely to be here.

  2. Lovely happy Blog Bite, Kaz.

    Why oh why did we wish to be older when we were young? Someone ought to have cuffed me one for thinking that!

    • Thanks Cathryn! And yes! I know! Why did we want to be older? As soon as I got here I knew it was a huge mistake! LOL.

      Now I spend every day wishing to be younger. They say that ‘youth is wasted on the young’ – and honestly – no truer words have ever been uttered.

      We ‘are’ going backwards though. Generationally speaking we’re getting younger. They say that 60 is the new 50; 50 is the new 40 & 40 is the new 30. So, I reckon any day now if we continue this – I’m gonna be 20. Yes! Of course by that time I’ll be 90 by calendar years – but who cares if I can still wear a bikini, right?

      Oh scrap that image!!! Quick!!! LOL.

      Thank you Cathryn!

  3. Hey, Kaz, finally got my hands on a copy the other day and the girl is devouring it as I type (literally, she took it on the bus to school). She says it’s very good and is going to write her book report on it, so I will send you a copy when she’s done. I did take a picture but I haven’t managed to get my phone to send it yet. It looked good on the shelf – hope it’s flying off them. Great to see you here on blog bites and good to see I’m not the only one who love an alliteration!

    • Imelda – you have a place reserved in heaven (or wherever you’d like to end up). I’ve done a deal with the big people-manufacturers and anyone who buys a copy of ‘Dead, Actually’, has a direct pass to the eternal place of their choice.

      And I love your daughter. She’s now in my will. I would love to see the report.

      Thank you so much for your support and your good wishes!

  4. Okay, she’s not literally eating it, but she is devouring it in a reading sense literally as I type. One day, I will read my comments before posting…

    • Thank goodness – I’d hate to think the poor darling was suffering from Pica disease! (By the way, if she does start to nibble on the novel (another alliteration?? Great for comedic impact, methinks) ensure she has plenty of iron.)

      BTW? That medical advice is free. It comes with every book purchase. See? The benefits just keep piling up.

      Thanks again Imelda. Thanks for your support and for the smile this morning.

  5. Leah Rath

     /  March 9, 2012

    hi Kaz you sound like my kind of gal.,.cant wait to go on a singing shopping spree with you for getting old i wanted to be grey thought then i would know ‘everything’…now i have got to that point the only thing i have learned is, i know nothing .. bugger !!..
    loving the book glad you are writing a series ,. more for me to look forward to ..bring it on
    hugs xxx

    • Thank you lovely Leah! Thanks as always for the lovely support.

      And hey! The world would be a happier place if everyone sang out loud in supermarkets!

      Maybe wars could be sing-offs! Politicians would have to do karaoke to get votes!

      My kind of world…

      Thank you too for the kind words about ‘Dead, Actually’ and the next in the series. Every author should have dedicated fan and friend like you. I’m blessed.

  6. Dear Ms Bling. Cant wait to read the book!
    Looking forward to you getting your bling on at the Gold Coast!

  7. Dear Miss Medical Author/A&U sista,
    “Can’t wait to read the book?” I love you forever. I will catch you every time you fall.
    (OMG – am I creating a love song??? Why? I think I am!)

    Insert chorus: ‘ooohh ooohh ooohh’

    LOL! Thanks Amy. Can’t wait for GC. Can’t wait to read Sisters!!! Bring on April. Is it April? Feel free to correct all mistakes here – such as book’s correct title and release date. Today I am just perhaps more Ditzy & dizzy than the others…. Just today.

    • amymedicalauthor

       /  March 10, 2012

      lol, well thank you for letting me steal some of your limelight 🙂

      It’s Sister Pact and its out May 1st.
      Oh and its not A&U …… 😉 But hey if you can’t be ditzy launch day then when can you??

      And to think, if you hadn’t caught me that day I decided to rather inelegantly to fall from the stage then this book may never have come to fruition!

      Off shopping this morning with 14 yo daughter – the bookshop is our first stop!

      • So a score out of 3 for correct deets? Nil.

        Of course that was deliberate. I NEW it was Sister Pact and I KNEW it was XXX publisher. ( Does it start with a P?) And I KNEW it was May. This was all just a clever plan to get YOU some free publicity. And that initial segue? Seamless.

        See? I’m way more than just fast hands, baby.

        Not ‘quite’ sure about to correlation between me catching you and the book though. Do you mean otherwise you’d be ‘Dead, Actually’? (hehe… have to pull this back to me somehow.) Or am I the inspiration? The wind beneath your wings?

        Whatever it is, I accept. And in every article/intertview/tv app/ awards night speech/oscar acceptance/booker prize and Nobel prize acceptance speech, I expect a nod. And a wink…

        Hugs to your daughter, if she gets to read ‘Dead’, I hope she enjoys…

  8. I used to live not so far away from you Kaz – Silverwater and Mirrabooka as well as Martinsville and Cooranbong LOL. I had my eldest daughter at the Belmont hospital in 1990 (shriek!! so long ago no!!!)
    BTW your book looks fantastic =))

  9. Hey Mel! My daughter taught at Cooranbong for 7 years – until just this last few weeks actually. She’s now taken the position of AP at Cessnock West! Small world! And getting smaller! Silverwater is very pretty yes? Western Lake Mac?

    Thanks for coming to say hi and thank you for the kind words re the book. It DOES look great – mucho mucho thanks to the marketing people at A&U who knew what they wanted and didn’t rest till they got it. And amazing cover artist Ellie Exarchos.


  10. When I was young I wanted to be 16, I was convinced I’d have big boobs and lots of boyfriends (what more does a 16 yo need?) Only got the big boobs when I was breastfeeding (thankfully long past turning 16).
    I’m still waiting for all the boyfriends…
    Hey, you forgot to say the other 3 things about you are your big heart, big personality and big mouth 🙂
    Looking forward to getting home and trawling the shelves in Target for DEAD, ACTUALLY. I’ll read it diligently and write rude emails to you about everything you got wrong about the Gold Coast! (snort!)

    • I soo wanted to be grown up and wear make-up and high heels and have boyfriends! The boobs I got early – so no mystery there…

      Thanks for dropping in CC (did you note how I’m adroitly ignoring the big mouth comment???) – and yes, yes – I know you’ll yell at me for all the GC blunders. I was expecting it.

      Just remember author privilege… And blame Keith because he was the tour guide…

  11. Wow, I didn’t know you are from Belmont. I lived in Belmont for years before moving to Jewelstown. And orignially in my early high school days I lived at Redhead, and went to Whitebridge High. Lake Macquarie is a lovelly area. The channel is lovely to dive in.
    My daughter lives at Warners Bay on the lake. Eh, small world.

    Loved finding out about all the D’s in your life. 🙂

    Suzanne 🙂

    • Suz! You must have been on my doorstep! Why didn’t I know that? I’m actually Bel Nth and stone’s throw from Jewells. We’re on the cusp. We’ve lived here for eons.

      Small, small world…

      We must catch up at the GC and swap Lake Mac stories!

      Thanks for dropiong in – I’m learning as much as I’m imparting!

  12. Two things from me: Love that title and I want to go shopping with you 😀
    What a fun blog bite, Kerri/Kaz. YA is not normally my thing but this is one I’ve added to my wishlist. I see a full row on my bookshelf being dedicated to YA in future. It’s those pink heart-shaped sunnies…

    • Juanita, what a fabulous comment! I love it. Yep – we’re on! Shoping any time you like. You, me and Leah! (above) It’ll be a blast!

      Thank you, thank you for giving ‘Dead, Actually’ a go – I so hope you enjoy!


  13. Great blog, Kaz. Found out lots of things I didn’t know. (And probably a few you didn’t want me to know!)

    Looking out for your novel at my local shopping centre.

    • Hi Cheryl – I’m glad you enjoyed this. Learn too much about me? Hmmnnn. Just as long as you didn’t learn anything to blackmail me with – I’m happy! 🙂

      Um – you didn’t… did you?

      Thank you for checking out Dead, Actually. I sincerely hope you enjoy!

  14. Malvina

     /  March 9, 2012

    Your lovely bubbly personality is wonderful to ‘read’, Kaz. Hope your new baby does splendidly well.

    • Thank you Malvina! What a precious thing to say!

      And thank you for the lovely words of encouragement for ‘Dead, Actually’. Fingers crossed!

      At first I wanted it to be a good baby (as we all want in real life). But then I decided I didn’t want it to be good – I want it to get noticed! So I hope that baby’s out there throwing tantrums!

  15. Hi, Kaz! Congrats on the release of Dead, Actually! I’m super excited for you. Now, getting a job at a lolly counter? That’s pure genius!


  16. Hey Vanessa! I KNow! I KNow! Lolly counters and Kaz! A match made in heaven. They were the days when the lollies came in bulk and had to be weighed and packed. And gosh – wouldn’t you know it? At least once a day a bag somehow got broken! Usually more than once a day and usually more than one bag. Usually by a manager!

    Technically we weren’t allowed to eat them – but the managers munched all day. It was one time in my life when it was a GOOD thing that to be technically challenged, right? 🙂

    Fun times. Though I won’t tell you all the vermin stories… hehehe

    Thanks Ness! Always so lovely to see you.

  17. Love the cover of your book, Kaz 🙂

    Funny how we all wanted to be older when we were younger, and now it’s the other way around! I love asking kids that question: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’, as you often get some funny answers. When my son was younger and I asked him that, he thought for a moment before replying. ‘A man, I think.’ 😉

    • Hi Juliet,

      I love, love love your son’s reply! LOL. Too precious. And hey, I’m with you. I always ask kids what they want to be. I love their answers… Though lots of times they look at you blankly, like it’s something they haven’t thought of yet. I love that look – it means they’re obviously just happy being kids right now.

      And yes – that cover is a knock out. Wish I could take credit… Sigh. My only input was to squeal with delight and I don’t think that counted in the decision. Thank you for the lovely compliment though. I’m happily saying thank you on behalf of those who actually DID make those decisions.

      Thanks for coming by!

  18. It has been a fantastic turnout ladies and with Kaz on Blog Bites it doesn’t seem right not to have a giveaway. I found an email in my spam which says Kaz wants to give away a copy of her book and (I laughed at this one) a pair of heart shaped sunglasses. So look out for the lucky winner tomorrow night by 8;30pm EDST
    Kerri Williams

  19. My, your great post reminded me so much of your wonderful sense of humour, Kerri. Brought back some great memories of sharing with you in Maitland. Yikes, should I have mentioned all those years ago cause I don’t think I had many grey hairs then? and go shopping with you? Nope, I’ll pass on that. Have an idea I’d never keep up with you. I’m probably too late for the giveaway but no matter, will be more than delighted to buy it!

  20. Not too late Mary! I think it’s being drawn tomorrow! 🙂 (I ‘theenk’ Kerri W is extending it a wee bit because we forgot to post that there was a prize! LOL. A combination of errors. I had trouble getting the email through to Kerri – three attempts – and then when it did go through without bouncing, it landed in her spam box!)

    And yes – they were lovely days at Maitland, Mary. We miss your gentle leadership. We were always on track and focussed with you at the helm. I miss that.

    Thanks for dropping in to say ‘hi’. And thank you, thank you for your beautiful words. Hugs.

  21. Kerri, you say diva as if it’s a bad thing. 🙂 Ditzy – never. Determined – absolutely.

    And, oh, how I’m drooling in envy at your first job!

    Am loving Dead, Actually, and hope it takes the world by storm!

  22. Ahhh Michelle…. Diva? Unfortunately it is what is is. LOL. Though alas, there are many close to me – and many more not so close – who have somehow gleaned the impression that it can be occasionally taxing to deal with a diva… 😉 and they don’t quite share my enthusiasm for the role.

    Yeah… Lolly counters. 🙂 The aroma alone was enough to make you gain 5 kgs a day!!! LOL.

    Thank you, thank you for loving DA! You are also in my will now and please feel free to come to me for any medical advice needed. See above…

    Thank you for all your support – love it. Hugs.

  23. Bugger! I came over when I saw the title of that book wanting to win it. Then i saw 36 comments. think me needs to go buy a Lotto ticket instead. The odds are better LOL

    Great Blog Bite. I love them when they make me laugh – espec. during week one of conf regos when my laugh is more crazy person cackle!

    • Thanks Jen! And good luck with those conference regos – reminds me I have to do that!!!

      And yes, I just saw that smile reduce to a stressed frown: ‘Oh no – MORE of them!’ she cried… 😉

      Thank you again for popping in – and thank you too for giving a shout out about the title. I really appreciate the support!

  24. drum roll please….tonight’s winner is cc coburn! I will be in contact with you both shortly.

  25. Thank you Kez for inviting me and being such a gracious hostess! Thank you everybody who dropped in for a hug or a laugh. I had such a lovely time. It was like a weekend long party and I had a ball.

    Congrats CC! You’re probably in transit now – so we’ll catch up when you get back home and you send your deets. If you get this? Safe travels.


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