Little Gems 2012 Author Feature – Catherine Evans

Meet Catherine Evans – Little Gems author taking out 3rd place this year with her short story:

Diamond Shield

We asked Cath (who also happens to be RWA Hearts Talk Editor) what challenges her most about writing a short romance story and if she has any tip/s to share.

The longer I’ve been writing the more challenges I find – and I’m not even looking for them! I’m not quite sure why this story worked when others have failed. This year my story occurred over a short duration of time. Other years I’ve gone for bigger stories, longer time spans and failed. But I don’t know if that’s a tip, or coincidence. Making the anthology was a huge surprise.

Do you have a favourite line/short piece from your short?

This isn’t a favourite line but it’s the line that stuck in my head and inspired the story. “Dia Monde? You can’t be serious. Are you related to Saph Ire?”

What was you inspiration for the story?

I’d been trying to write something for months but I couldn’t get anything to work. I usually write erotic short stories, so to keep it suitable for U18s is a real challenge.

I was meeting a couple of writing buddies for lunch on a Sunday and they’d already written their Gems. I was feeling like a failure with nothing to enter. Then the night before our lunch, that line (from the question before) flashed into my head as I was going to sleep. I scribbled it down and a few other random thoughts about undercover speed dating – I mean where else would you use a stupid line like that? Over the next 3 or 4 days, the story came together. Then I had some advice that my writing lacked “emotion and visceral responses”. So I looked at my Little Gem and it lacked it too. A CP and I went through working out where to add it in. So you could say this one sentence ‘brainwave’, ended up being hard work for quite a few people (thank you Sheri, Anna, Mervet, Anita, Tracey!)

What are you working on now? 

I’m working on an erotic short story for an anthology. And I’m re-writing some of my other work and trying to add in emotion and visceral responses, and delete repetition (my latest bug-bears).

My ultimate goal is to be published in erotica/erotic romance and literary fiction. I know, crazy combination but it seems to be what I write.

How can people find out more about you/your writing? Do you have a website or blog?

I’m creating a web page for myself in my spare time – so it’s probably a few years off yet! I try to avoid internet addictions. I was a net-junkie years ago 🙂 

Will we be able to catch up with you in person at the RWA National Conference in August?

Yes, I’ll be there.

(Ed’s Note: Good, Cath, as I’ve ‘heard’ the conference registrar owes you about a dozen drinks for all your support!)

Thanks for sharing a little about yourself and congratulations on making it between the stunning cover of the 2012 Diamond Edition of Little Gems.

Anthology Orders Now Open

Would you like to order the anthology for yourself, as a special gift or a Christmas (yes I said Christmas) stocking filler?

Orders are now open and we are taking pre-release orders until the end of June, so plenty of time. Use the order form on our RWA website.

NOTE: Pre-release ordering means you are ordering and paying but the anthology will not be available until August (launched at the national conference).
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  1. Congrats Cath!
    I’ve read your work and am very impressed, hope this year is the big one for you! =)

  2. Congratulations on your placing, Cath. With all the things you do for RWA it’s lovely to see your writing shining as well.

  3. I was so tickled to see you at the top of the Little Gems list! Seems appropriate for one of RWA’s gems to be there. And good luck with that editing to fix things. Sometimes it seems like a never-ending job (it certainly does to me, with my besetting faults), but hang in there, it’s obviously starting to come together!

  4. Cath Evans

     /  March 20, 2012

    Thanks Mel, Lou and Imelda.

    Imelda, I’m glad I’m not the only one caught in that never-ending editing!


    PS Jenn, you’re a crazy girl 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to read your story Cath – have just ordered my copy of Little Gems!! I’ll expect you to autograph it 🙂 Love the line you shared too. x Rach!

  6. Claire Baxter

     /  March 20, 2012

    Congratulations, Cath! Love your favourite line. Looking forward to reading your story.


  7. Cath Evans

     /  March 20, 2012

    Hi Rach! and Claire. Thanks for your nice words. I love the LG anthology each year, it’ll be so much fun to have a story in it.


  8. Vanda Vadas

     /  March 20, 2012

    Congratulations on placing third in this year’s Little Gems, Cath.
    Your ‘line’ quoted above made me smile. I’m intrigued.
    Looking forward to reading it.


  9. 123writer

     /  March 20, 2012

    Cath, so thrilled you made LG, very deserved (and it was a pleasure to crit – think I got the easy end of the deal ). Still think this is the first of some really good things to come. Hugs Anita

  10. Cath Evans

     /  March 20, 2012

    Thanks, Vanda. I always enjoy your stories in the anthology, so I’m looking forward to reading yours again too.

    Hey, Anita, thanks 🙂


  11. Looking forward to reading your Little Gems story Cath. If it’s anything like the story you’ve written for the erotic romance anthology it’ll be a corker. Love to know how you broke your internet addition.

    (Hello I’m Keziah and I’m an internet addict …)

  12. Cath Evans

     /  March 20, 2012

    Thanks, Keziah.

    Obviously I’m still partly attached to the internet, I’ve never been able to give it up cold turkey! But I don’t do the “talking” to people on the internet that I used to do (I just use email now 🙂 ). That internet chatting was so addictive (similar to blogging, facebook, etc) and that’s what I try to steer clear of. Hours just vanish when I do that stuff.

    Sort of like writing… maybe I just swapped addictions (that’s a worry!).

    Cath – an addict.

  13. Anna Simons

     /  March 20, 2012

    Way to go Cath! Looking forward to reading this version. Great idea from Rachael Johns – you’ll have to autograph my copy also so I can say….I knew her when.

  14. Cath Evans

     /  March 20, 2012

    Hello Anna,
    Thank goodness there’s no tough question from you!! I’ve been worried all day 🙂

  15. I always think of speed dating as a slow ride on a train you know is about to crash =) Can’t wait to read your gem and congrats on making it in! I think we all owe you a drink at the conference…


  16. Congratulations, Cath on making the Gems anthology. I think that’s very apt. I’m fascinated by that line which inspired your story (clever twist!) and look forward to reading about Dia.

    I’m another who intends congratulating you in person at conference. (It’s lucky that your drink of choice isn’t alcoholic or you wouldn’t be seeing such of conference!)


  17. Sheridan Kent

     /  March 21, 2012

    Congratulations Cath! It’s a cracker of a story and well deserving to be in the anthology. I’ll be chasing you down to sign my copy at conference.


  18. Cath Evans

     /  March 21, 2012

    Hello Bronwyn Stuart, Bronwyn Jameson and Sheri,
    I’m so glad you stopped by.

    Bronwyn S, I’ve never been a fan of speed dating, and neither are my hero or heroine. It’s just something they had to do!

    Thanks, Bron J, for liking my strange line. 🙂

    Thanks, Sheri. No chasing though, I don’t run fast! 🙂


  19. Malvina

     /  March 22, 2012

    Congratulations, Cath. Isn’t it amazing the way inspiration strikes, when you often least expect it. Looking forward to reading your story.

  20. Cath,
    Hope you have lots more success this year too,

  21. Cath Evans

     /  March 22, 2012

    Thanks, Malvina and Suzi, for popping by.

    Inspiration is amazing, Malvina. The slightest thing and a story forms in your head. Amazing!

    Lots of sucess to you too, Suzi. Thanks!


  22. maryde

     /  March 23, 2012

    Adding my congratulations to all of the above Cath,
    I am all for writing what is thrumming in your finger tips at the time. You just have to go with it.
    Would be lovely to catch up at the Conference.
    And I can’t wait to read all the Little Gems stories.

  23. Cath Evans

     /  March 24, 2012

    Hi Maryde,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re another who goes with the flow! It will be great to catch up at conference.

    See you there.

  24. Nelson

     /  June 7, 2013

    Congratulations, Catherine. It’s been a long time since we chatted. Good to see that you are doing well.


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