Blog Bites with Cathryn Hein

                Today I have the pleasure of  introducing  contemporary-rural romance author, Cathryn Hein.

I’m from: I was born and grew up in Mount Gambier, S.A. but thanks to my partner’s job we move around a lot so where I’m from tends to vary. Currently I’m a Melbournian, although for how long I don’t know!

Three words to describe me: Inquisitive, affable and content.

 At home I cook: Anything and everything. I love to cook and experiment with different recipes all the time.

My worst habit is: According to my other half my worst habit is what he calls my “Feral Cheryl” mood, which is when I get an attack of the tidy-ups and start nagging over things not being in their proper place.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: The Eurovision Song Contest. Overloaded with kitschy fun!

My first job was:  Picking flowers for a very, very strange man during my gap year. I lasted less than two weeks. After that I stuck to horse-riding jobs. Far safer!

Saving for:
 Um…future fun?My day job is:

I procrastinate by: Browsing my cookbook collection. Although I have been known to zone out on Spider Solitaire…

Three things people might not know about me are: 

  1.  I love Dr Who, especially the David Tennant incarnation, and possess a sonic screwdriver.
  2. I have a postgraduate diploma in business management.
  3. My best ideas usually occur in the shower.

Favourite author:  I admire and adore so many authors it’s impossible to choose a standout favourite. Plus it really depends on my mood.

Current reading: Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours

Favourite book as a child: The Black Stallion by Walter Farley.

Favourite movie: Love, Actually. Although I LOVE the Indian Jones trilogy.

When I was young I wanted to be: An Olympic equestrienne or vet. Preferably both.

Why I write: Because not following this dream is unthinkable.

 Latest Project: In between madly promoting my latest release, Heart of the Valley, I’m working on another rural romance, this time set in far-western Victoria and featuring a scarred hero, a feisty but damaged heroine, a warty horse and a mad goose with a Napoleon complex

Thank you Cathryn for joining us today.

 If you would like to find out more about Cathryn and her books, go to her website


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  1. Anita Joy

     /  May 18, 2012

    Cathryn, so good to find another Eurovision fan. Looking forward to the end of the week.

  2. Me too, Anita! Eurovisionaries across the globe are in a hyper state of excitement at the approaching fun. Semi-finals 22nd and 24th May, grand final 26th May. Mark your diaries!

  3. Eek – how are we friends!? I don’t like Dr Who OR Eurovision… but I LOE your goose!!

    • What was that, Rach? You don’t like Eurovision either? *shakes head*
      Now the Dr Who nonfandom I could cope with but not feeling the kitschy love for Eurovision? This may just be too much!

      Fortunately you love my goose, so I can forgive you.

  4. In full ‘Strayan mode, re the sonic screwdriver, YOU NEVER! Really? I knew I liked you. I like Eurovision too, Cathryn, but watching it is GFD in our house!

    • He he. My sonic screwdriver is a verra, verra special thing, Imelda!

      You’ve lost me with the GFD acronym but I’m taking it as not allowed? In which case, this is just not on! Everyone knows Eurovision is the must-watch television show of the year. You must rebel!

  5. Carol

     /  May 18, 2012

    I’m guessing your stories generally feature horses, Cathryn! You have fantastic taste – I loved The Black Stallion as a kid, have recently read The Distant Hours (how are you finding it, by the way?), and of course I adore Love, Actually! I know you said you have too many favorite books to mention any one, but can you give me some e.g’s please? I haven’t got any favorite books and am still looking.

    • You’ve guessed correctly, Carol. I do indeed include a horsey or ten in my books. Love them! The Black Stallion was the most awesome series. I devoured book after book. They were wonderful reads for a romantic-headed, horse-mad girl like me.

      LOVING The Distant Hours, but I’m a huge Kate Morton fan. I just adore the way she writes and the Gothic feel of her stories. As for favourite books, oh yikes, where to start! And it really does depend on my mood, plus favourites come and go. What I cherished in my early twenties, for example, is quite different to what I cherish now.

      However, here’s a quick run-down for you. If I’m after something fun and naughty I’ll read an early Jilly Cooper, perhaps Rivals, Riders, Polo or The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous. For other horsey reads I love Fiona Walker’s early books too – French Relations and Well Groomed. For more serious stuff, there are Iain Pears’ stand alone books – The Dream of Scipio is one I reread regularly, plus The Instance of the Fingerpost and The Portrait. Paullina Simons’ Tully is gobsmacking. Ditto Tim Winton’s Dirt Music. Ummm…. Mo Hayder is an incredible crime author and I’ve devoured and loved every book she’s written. Australian thriller writer Jaye Ford’s Beyond Fear was another amazing read, as is Tom Rob Smith’s Russian set trilogy, beginning with Child 44. Colleen McCullough’s Rome series is a huge favourite. Anna Campbell’s Regency noir romances are a wonderfully naughty pleasure, while Katherine Scholes’ books are simply beautiful. Her writing keeps me mesmerised from the first page to the last.

      I could easily keep going but I’d end up taking over the entire page!!

      • Carol H

         /  May 18, 2012

        Thanks, Cathryn. I have a to-read list, and it has just got longer!

  6. Hehe, sorry Cathryn! GFD is Grounds For Divorce!

  7. I become a Feral Cheryl too sometimes, and like you, I also get great ideas in the shower – it doubles as a brainstorming session!

    • It’s the negative ions from all that flowing water apparently, Juliet. So I’ve heard anyway. Not sure I believe it. Probably one of those purely psychological quirks. I bought one of those rubber negative ion bracelets but it does nothing except make me look like a sucker. Only the shower has the power!

      • I think it’s that when you’re in the shower you stop all the busyness of life for a few minutes which allows your thoughts to roam. Power to the Shower!

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