Valerie Parv Award 2012 Finalists

Warmest congratulations to this year’s finalists in the Valerie Parv Award, namely:

Madeline Ash
Bridget Gray
Anita Joy
Cornelia Kamp
Bronwyn McEvoy
Cassandra Pennington w/a Cassandra Samuels

The entries are now being assessed by Valerie Parv, who will announce the winner at the RWA Conference in August.

Many thanks to our VPA Contest Manager Erica Hayes, all the preliminary judges and our Contest Co-Ordinator, Lis Hoorweg.

Best of luck to all the finalists!

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  1. Hey, huge congratulations, girls! Good luck with Valerie!

  2. Cath Evans

     /  June 18, 2012

    Congratulations Madeline, Cornelia, Bridget, Anita, Bronwyn and Cassie!!
    Good luck with Valerie. I’m sure it’ll be a nervous wait :)

  3. Thanks Anna and Cath. Ugh, the wait… 8 weeks and 5 days if you want to know *wink*

  4. Not that anyone’s counting, Anita! ;) Heartiest congratulations to all of you and sympathies on the wait!

  5. Thanks for the luck, Imelda! And for the congratulations, Anna and Cath! It’s quite a thrill.

    All the best to the other finalists :-)

  6. Maryde

     /  June 18, 2012

    Well done and huge congratulations everyone. Good luck :)
    Good job well done Erica and Lis. Wouldn’t happen without you.:)

  7. Congratulations, ladies, well done!! And good luck:)

  8. Congratulations ladies! What a fabulous achievement. All the best with the next round.


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