A Day in the Writing Life of …Imogene Nix

Welcome, Imogene and thank you for participating in a Day in your Writing Life.

In one or two sentences, please tell us what genre you write in and what made you decide that particular one is your calling.  I write Science Fiction Romance because it is so interesting and intriguing, together with a whole heap less rules and conventions as to dress, language and even places than most other genres and Paranormal.  Who doesn’t love a sexy hot vampire?

What time of the day do you write? Are you a morning, night-owl or anytime writer? I am a during the day writer, trying to keep semi regular 9 – 5 hours.  Not that it always pans out like that, but that is the way I have structured my time.

Where do you write? I have an office, where my desktop waits, but sometimes, if the urge takes me, I will curl up in bed with my laptop.  It really does depend on how I am feeling from time to time.  It is easier to write in my office though, as I have my resources at my fingertips.

Are there any particular rituals you do to set the mood / harness your muse? When I am really into the zone, I have a range of music – Enigma, Savage Garden, Gregorian Chants (I love Masters of Chant and Era) is usually pumping through my ITunes – thank heavens I have good speakers!  But if I’m writing a challenging scene, then I like total silence.  Not a sound – except maybe the snores of my dog.

What’s the first thing you do before you begin to write? Make a cup of coffee.  Yes I know it’s addictive, but I find a coffee clears my mind before I begin.

Do you spend much time reading over the previous day’s work? Sometimes, I find it depends on my mood and how “into the writing from the day to day I am.  Some days the words are just there and I type as quickly as I can to get them down.  Others it is more of a struggle and I need to know what came before.

Are you a plotter / planner or a pantser? Pantster.  I have a couple of things usually I want to achieve through the ms – but the rest?  I just let it flow.

Do you have a schedule that you follow for your writing time? I don’t have a traditional schedule.  I use Scrivener for my basic writing and like to achieve 1K a day, but sometimes that just isn’t going to happen and I let it ebb and flow as it comes.  Good days can be a couple of thousand words, bad days 20 words… Then you have those days where you do an amazing amount.  The most I have ever achieved is 13K…  But you can’t set a goal for that. 

Do you use whiteboards, posters, visual aids to help in your creativity?  I do have inspiration pictures of my characters (good and bad) so I can refer back.  I have a blackboard with important dates and sometimes, depending on the detail required, I have printed copies of the research on hand.

Do you give yourself any writing rewards for achieving goals?  Nope.  I can’t tell you why, but that doesn’t really do it for me.  The only thing I do enjoy is once I receive my cover art we get it printed and framed for hanging on the wall in our hallway.

 Can you name five objects that are always on or near your work desk while you write? My mug (hopefully full of coffee), my phone, my dog Teddy, a thesaurus and my glasses.

Is your writing space messy, organized or somewhere in between?  It’s super messy.  I hold to the tradition that a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind. 🙂

What is your favourite form of procrastination?  Facebook.  Those games get me all the time.  Being strong, great friends who keep pushing for “more” and sometimes, allowing yourself to goof off.  Writing should be fun, not a chore, so some days; you just need to do that.

What’s the last thing do you do before you finish your daily writing session? Hit Save.

Releases:  Starfire 6 June 2012  & Star of the Fleet 31 07 2012 with Secret Cravings Publishing.

www.imogenenix.com and blog http://imogenenix.blogspot.com

STARLINE Jan 2012 Ebook Aug 2012 Paperback
STAR OF ISHTAR Apr 2012 Ebook
STARFIRE Jun 2012 Ebook Oct 2012 Paperback
STAR OF THE FLEET Aug 2012 Ebook

Imogene, thank you so much for sharing your writing life and we wish you well with your new releases.

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  1. Thanks for having me here today!

  2. Hi Imogene, keep up the great work. And you’re right, sometimes we just need to have fun when we write =))

  3. maryde

     /  June 22, 2012

    Hi Imogene,
    Nice to meet you here. I like the idea of your book covers hanging up in the home.
    Did you clean up for the shot, that doesn’t look much like the traditional messy writing desk. LOL
    I love the high window in your office, makes for more room to stack things high :))

  4. 13k in a day??? Wow! Time I messed up my tidy desk 😉

  5. imogenenix

     /  June 22, 2012

    maryde – I did actually clean it, otherwise you wouldn’t even see the desk!
    Jenny – those days don’t come often! Afterwards I felt like a used glad bag…took days to recover!
    Mel- If it isn’t fun, then you end up wondering why you do it. And then that shows in your writing. So have fun and mix it up a little. 🙂

  6. Nice to learn a little more about one of my good friends. 🙂

  7. Ha ha ha – I like the way you think about the desk, Imogene.

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