Blog Bites with Elisabeth Rose

I’d like to introduce Elisabeth Rose, multi-published author of Contemporary Romance.

I write: Contemporary Romance

I’m from:  Canberra

Three words to describe me:  happy, happy and happy

 At home I cook: with little regard for the recipe

It’s a bit daggy but I love:  Singing or dancing talent shows like The Voice and So You Think You Can Dance.

My first job was: Weeding pot plants

My day job is: Teaching people how to play the clarinet and how to do Tai Chi but not at the same time

Saving for:  A trip to Namibia at Easter

I procrastinate by:  making cups of tea

Favourite author:  At the moment Cynthia Harrod–Eagles with her Bill Slider mysteries. Love her hilarious word play, dialogue and dry wit.

Current readingBalzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress for my book group. The Night Circus on my Kobo and An Intimate Ghost by  Ellen Hart, from the library. Someone has gone through that book with a pen and crossed out the swearing. How dare anyone do that? Or make grammar or fact corrections?

Favourite book as a child: The Billabong books

Plotter or pantser:  Pantser

When I was young I wanted to be: A vet

Why I write:  I like it!

Latest project: Edits will arrive soon on my new release for The Wild Rose Press, Trouble In Nirvana coming out next year.

Elisabeth has kindly offered a copy of  Eve’s Passion to a lucky winner which will be drawn by Sunday afternoon 21st 3pm

Thank you Elisabeth.

If you would like to know more about Elisabeth and her books, go to her site

RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature on

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  1. Tai chi and clarinet…. But not at the same time! LOL lovely to know more about you and happy birthday :)) PS. Prettiest book cover EVER

  2. Aaaw thanks Jenn 🙂 Overwhelming birthday wishes today from the romance writers community. What a great bunch of people.

  3. I procrastinate by drinking hot tea. It’s my relaxation beverage. Love the cover of Eve’s Passion.

  4. I enjoyed your interview! I procrastinate by making still another pot of coffee (and drinking a cup or two, of course).

  5. Lovely to see you on Blog Bites, Lis! You really do get around in your travels. Namibia sounds fascinating. And seconding Jenn. The Wedding Party really does have the prettiest book cover.

  6. Well you could start a new craze called Clarinet Tai Chi. 🙂 And you know when I think of you Elisabeth, I do think happy 🙂 which is so lovely.

  7. I loved the Billabong books as a kid too – I think I still have them packed away in a box somewhere 🙂 (That was when I wasn’t devouring Trixie Belden books!)

  8. I hope you took an eraser to the crossed out naughties. What a cheek.
    Nice bite, Elizabeth.

  9. Janet–I’m amazed at the numbe of people who do that to library books–in pen!

    Loretta and Sydell–thanks for dropping by to visit us in Aus 🙂

    Hi Lou–yep we love travelling.

    Kez and Eleni–hi and thanks for commenting

  10. Congratulations Eleni Konstantine , you have won the giveaway.
    Rose will be in touch with you shortly.
    Thank you again Rose.


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