Emerald Category Result

In the Emerald Category 2013, we find ourselves in the unusual position of having only 1 entry with a high enough score to enable it to progress through to Round 2.

Our committee has thought long and hard about these unusual circumstances, not wanting to negate our single finalist’s achievement or undervalue the efforts of our other entrants, but it was unanimously agreed that the Rules of Competition were clear. No entry that received less than 85% total score could progress through to Round 2 and therefore Round 3.

This means that we already have a clear and final winner for the Emerald Category 2013. Congratulations to:

Dorothy Fisher

Many thanks to Leisl Leighton, Contest Manager and Lis Hoorweg, Contest Co-ordinator

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  1. Congratulations, Dorothy! Good luck with the final judge.

  2. Mega congrats, Dorothy!! Whooo hooo you!! Got my fingers crossed that soon we’ll hear about your first sale!!

  3. Congratulations Dorothy!

  4. Congratulations Dorothy. Best wishes for the rest of the journey.

  5. Dorothy this is such amazing, awesome news! You’re fabulous! xo


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