Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Adina West

AdinaWest1. Welcome Adina! Can you tell us about your novel, Dark Child?

Seeing as it’s being published in ‘episodes’ I don’t want to spoil the mystery by giving away too much about the novel as a whole, but here’s the teaser for Episode One.

Kat can run a marathon without breaking a sweat. Catch anything you throw at her. Differentiate blood types by smell alone. And she’s spent years hiding the fact. But secrets from the past have a way of slipping out when least expected … and a simple blood test is enough to turn her quiet life in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains upside down forever …

Pathology technician Kat Chanter isn’t looking for trouble. On a good day, the most exciting thing in her life is the iridescent violet nail varnish on her housemate Tiffany’s manicured fingers. But lately, Kat’s been craving raw meat, and her dreams – always weird – are getting so realistic it’s scary. When she visits a psychic she’s told her life is about to change forever. Kat isn’t so sure change is a part of her plan, but a blood test at work raises more questions about her unique heritage she has no idea how to answer, so when a fabulous job offer comes her way – one that will give her the chance to research others just like her – she’s tempted to say yes and make the move to New York.

Will her dream job bring answers to all her questions or will it lead her into more trouble than she could ever imagine?


Dark_Child_Episode_One_Adina_West_12. Dark Child will be released serially. How often will the instalments be? Are you excited about this innovative way of delivering your novel?

The instalments will be released monthly, over five months starting from 1st February – and yes, I’m very excited about this delivery method! One of the key advantages to serialisation is that it allows readers to try a nice brief ‘bite’ of your work, something that they can read quickly. And it can be provided at an attractive price point. As a debut author, I’m hoping that will entice more readers to try my work when they may not have wanted to commit to reading a full-length novel.


3. What was your journey to publication like?

My journey to publication wasn’t as long as some I’ve heard of, but it didn’t even get off the ground for the first decade or more that I was writing, simply because I wasn’t taking myself seriously. Once I said to myself “No, writing is not just a hobby, and yes, I do want to make a career of this” things actually started to happen. (There may have been tears involved.) After that point, I spent hours researching on the internet. Writing and editing my manuscript for Dark Child took over a year, and then it took another six months of querying to find my agent. Then the GFC hit and publishers were leery of new work, so it was eighteen months before the manuscript sold.


Dark_Child_Episode_Two_Adina_West_14. Do you like to write detailed plot outlines or do you prefer to dive straight in and let the story unfold?

I’m glad that somebody has invented a clever word for writers like me. I’m a plantser – halfway between a plot outline writer (a plotter) and a seat-of-the-pants writer (pantser). I usually have key scenes in mind, and an end point, but I do tend to meander a little along the way.


5. Do you follow a writing schedule or are you a ‘write whenever I can’ type of author?

I really wish I could lay claim to the former, but I have young children, so definitely the latter! And sometimes I have to admit I write very late at night and sleep gets sacrificed, which really isn’t sustainable in the long run. I do have three child-free days during the week that are my dedicated ‘work’ days though, and I try and follow a schedule then.


6. What types of books/genres do you like reading?

I have very eclectic tastes, but the common thread in everything I love is that it’s character-based. A fast-moving plot on its own isn’t usually enough to entice me. I also have a big weakness for books that are historically based – everything from Georgette Heyer to Tracey Chevalier. History was one of my majors at university, and that’s definitely informed my writing too.


Dark_Child_Episode_Three_Adina_West7. Describe yourself in three words:

Gosh, that’s harder than Twitter. I’m always the one who writes an essay when a simple comment would do. Ummm…loyal, talkative, imaginative.


8. What advice would you give to aspiring authors out there?

Join the RWA. Join a writers’ group. Take what you do seriously, learn how to ask for and accept criticism, and work hard at getting better. But most of all, believe in yourself, and keep on believing. The journey to publication can be a long one, and persistence is one of a writer’s most important traits!


9. What are you working on next?

The sequel to Dark Child. There are turbulent times ahead for my heroine Kat! Assassinations, and paranormal political coups and covens rising, and she’s about to find herself in the middle of it all.


Connect with Adina on the web:



To WIN an ebook copy of DARK CHILD: Episode One, please leave a comment and answer the following question: “Do you prefer a noble hero, or a bad boy? Why?”

*Competition open worldwide and will be drawn on 25th Feb. Winner must respond to email notification within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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  1. Lovely to learn more about you here, Adina. And I’m definitely a lover of bad boys. They make the most interesting heroes and the most wonderful husbands if they meet the right heroine.

  2. A serialised novel sounds very innovative, Adina. It worked for Dickens, why not you! Was it your idea or your publisher’s? Love the cover, too. Very dark …
    Regarding bad-boys versus the noble hero – why can’t I have both? Can’t my hero be bad but have a heart of gold beneath that crusty exterior? In fact, I would have thought it was imperative!

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting Suzi – and I don’t think you’re alone with your preference for bad boys…

  4. Oooh Venetia, I love it! Your ideal hero sounds like the perfect mixture. 🙂

    As for the serialisation, the idea came from my publisher as my novel was written in distinct scenes with plenty of suspense and he thought it could work well that way. An experiment only really possible since the advent of e-books, but yes, harking back to the early history of serialisation in the 19th century. The old made new again!

    I’m not sure how many other similarities there are between my work and Dickens though. Was he big on romance? 😉

  5. Liz A

     /  February 19, 2013

    You know what, even the noble heroes need a little bit of bad boy in them just so they don’t get boring! Your tastes sound a lot like mine so I am delighted to make your book’s acquaintance 🙂

    • Sounds like people prefer those complicated, nuanced characters. Noble but a bit bad…or bad but with a heart of gold. You and Venetia definitely have the right idea Liz. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Louise D

     /  February 20, 2013

    The bad boy as everyone has a piece of bad in them wanting to release.


     /  February 23, 2013

    Sounds like a great series.
    Hey every one likes a BAD BOY, to come out to play and leave the true romantic elements of BADNESS………bring him on…..

  8. Venetia is the winner of the giveaway – congrats! Have notified you via email 🙂
    Thanks Adina for taking part in the spotlight!


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