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carol  A small message from Venetia…

Hi everyone, and thank you Kez for hosting me on Blog Bites.

First, some unashamed self-promotion:

I am insanely, ecstatically pleased to announce that first contracted novel has a release date. A Hawk Enslaved will be available through Ellora’s Cave and all good e-book vendors on the 23rd May 2013!

For more info about my book, please check out my website:

Now, about me …

I write: medieval historical romance with a dash of erotica and a good seasoning of Vikings. Throw in a bit of plague and madness, and that’s about it. Shortly though, I’m going to try my fingers at more ‘serious’  historical fiction; the question is – am I allowed to keep the naughty bits?

I’m from: Perth, WAahawkenslaved_msr

I procrastinate by: knitting. It’s therapy.

Favourite author: Kim Wilkins, an awesome Aussie author with a penchant for cussing. Read her advice for writers on her blog. Brilliant!

Current reading: Hilary Mantell’s Wolf Hall. It’s my duty as a historical author.

Favourite book as a child: Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, C.S. Lewis’s Narnia stories, and a tome on Viking mythology. I was destined for medievaldom from the age of 7.

Favourite movie: Umm, probably Gladiator, although I do love The Princess Bride and my recent favourite is the BBC mini-series North and South. Richard Armitage can scowl at me any day.

Plotter or panster: plot, plot, plot.

Latest project: Just finishing a Viking-themed erotic romance. Next is my serious project, a re-imagining of Chaucer’s ‘The Wife of Bath’. (If anyone has encountered her in The Canterbury Tales, you’ll know that this was one medieval tart who seriously got around!)

Thank you for sharing with us on Blog Bites Venetia.

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  1. Louise Reynolds

     /  April 5, 2013

    Hi Venetia! What a great bite. So much fun. I’ll be clicketty-clicking over to buy A Hawk Enslaved.

  2. Marie

     /  April 5, 2013

    Hooray, a date for release!

    The Good Wife of Bath
    She was a worthy womman al hir lyve
    Housboundes at chirche dore she hadde fyve
    Withouten oother compaigne in youth,
    But therof nedeth nat to speke as nouthe.

    (She was a respectable woman all her life
    She married five husbands
    apart from the other company she kept in her youth
    But there is no need to speak of it now) Particularly as Venetia has it as her next project. Plenty of scope for some interesting characters. I will look forward to that as well, Venetia

    • Yay, someone who has heard of the Wife of Bath! Some damn good Middle English there, Marie. Well done! Bet the spell-checker didn’t like that …

  3. Great answers Venetia! Looking forward to purchasing A Hawk Enslaved (Venetia and I are in the same writing group … so I’ve had a sneak peak – well worth buying)

  4. Reblogged this on bernadette rowley and commented:
    I’m delighted to announce that Venetia Green has a release date for her debut book A Hawk Enslaved. I’m tipping that Venetia’s medieval romance will be a real treat and I love the cover!

    • Thank you so much for the re-blog, Bernadette! Yes, I’m incredibly proud of my book cover and I can’t take an inch of credit for it. Just a lovely surprise my publishers sprung on me. Yay for Ellora’s Cave!

  5. Great blog post, Venetia! I can’t wait to read ‘A Hawk Enslaved’! Love the cover! I agree with you about Richard Armitage…yum!

  6. I believe there’s a saying: Age before beauty – so step aside you two! I need someone to fetch and carry for me.
    Good luck to your book baby’s birth on the 23rd May (?)

    • But did you know he’s recently turned into a dwarf??? Get back into 19th century get-up, Richard!
      Thanks a load, Janet! Indeed, my book was born on the 23rd of May. Feels surreal.


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