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Welcome everyone to another Day in the Writing Life post.  Joining us today is Susanne Bellamy.Susanne Bellamy

In one or two sentences, please tell us what genre you write in and what made you decide that particular one is your calling.

I’m currently writing contemporary romance; it feels comfortable right now although I’d love to write romantic suspense sometime. I don’t have the time required to research for an historical and, frankly, I’d prefer to read Anna Campbell’s historicals than my own!

What’s the first think you do before you begin to write? 

Check emails for anything important. And play a game or two of cards; it seems to help get my concentration going. I should just start writing.

Do you spend much time reading over the previous day’s work?

Re-read as much of the previous writing as I need to re-establish my connection with the action, especially as I can go all week before I can get back to it. What can I say? The day job rudely intrudes, even on weekends!

 Are you a plotter / planner or a pantser? Do you edit as you go or prefer to edit after completion of the ms?

Pantser attempting to find a better plotting alternative. I like to think of it as intuiting the story as I get to know my characters. J I’m refining my approach with each book. Somewhere in between plotting and pantsing is a process that will work for me.

Do you use whiteboards, posters, visual aids to help in your creativity?

I LOVE my Pinterest boards! I really do. I have several specific boards for my completed novels and works-in-progress, as well as ‘inspiration’ in the form of hunky guys and fabulous shoes and dresses to lots of methods of transport and on it goes. I’ll be forever grateful to my fabulous young friend who introduced me to Pinterest.

Do you take time out to stretch, rest your eyes etc and if so do you do any exercises at your desk or between sessions?

Never as much as I should, but an insatiable need for cups of tea keeps me moving. As for the kinks in the neck, am I allowed to say I have a husband with a fabulous pair of hands? And a real massage table!

Can you name five objects that are always on or near your work desk while you write?

Cuppa, a pile of mail, my latest romance read (osmosis works, right?), my daughter’s teddy (she’s living far, far away and he now keeps me company), and my laptop!

Susanne Bellamy's working spotWhere do you write? Do you have your own special place? Does the location vary?

I used to sit in my study but moved downstairs to an armchair in the family room which is better for my back and neck and allows me to be ‘with’ my husband while I do some of the less concentrated ‘stuff’. While he veges out watching boxing, I just pretend to. He knows and I know it’s pretend but hey, he mutes the sound and we chat in between rounds! And I occasionally throw in a semi-intelligent remark about the action (“The taller boxer has the longer reach so he should win, right?” LOL).

Is your writing space messy, organized or somewhere in between? Are you prepared to show evidence of your claim with a desk photo?  

Messy – there is a desk underneath all that filing. I’m sure I remember one. It’s made of wood, isn’t it? Actually, my desk is so messy I thought I’d show you my book shelves instead!

If you want to know more about Susanne Bellamy please visit her at

My current release is White Ginger, available in e-book format. It placed third in the 2011 RWA Emerald Award. Keep an eye out for Her Spanish Flame (working title was The Impossible Dream – yeah, I know! Lol).

 White Ginger cover

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  1. Lovely interview Susanne but I am having the hardest time reconciling ‘boxing’ even with the sound muted, and romance! I love your ‘work’ chair though!
    Lily M

  2. Louise Reynolds

     /  April 13, 2013

    Ha! Another one with a ‘muted husband’. Mine watches golf. But it’s still kind of nice to be in the same room. Silent companionship works for me!

  3. I’m acclimatising the husband to sharing me with the laptop. It’s easier when it’s sport as he doesn’t expect much in the way of intelligent comments about that from me! Good to see I’m not the only one whose desk has disappeared under stuff, Susanne!

  4. Lovely interview, Susanne. Love the idea of muting whatever is on the TV. I have learnt to switch off to a large degree and mumble and smile when appropriate but muting would be awesome!

    And congrats on your new release!

  5. Muting is ‘in’!

    Hi Lily, Louise, Imelda and Helene – thanks for stopping in. It’s amazing how good I’ve become at blocking out the movement of the boxing, although I’ve yet to master that with the Muy Thai so enjoyed by my husband. For some reason, my attention keeps being caught by it and I hate this particular form. It’s too savage for me, but bh admits it’s a ‘testosterone thing’. Have to agree!

    My work chair is comfy, Lily, sometimes too much so. If the words aren’t flowing, I move to another spot at the desk nook until I get back on track.

  6. I have no idea how you can sit in that chair. Very envious. I have to sit straight-backed in an office chair these days. I fell that teddy is going to get a bit of a cuddle work-out in a couple of weeks!

  7. That looks like a very comfy chair! Teddies make great companions too. Lovely to read more about you Susanne 🙂 and I’m looking forward to meeting the very sexy Spaniard in ‘Her Spanish Flame’. Oooh those continental men…

  8. Jenn – that chair can be a tad too comfy! I like to have my feet up and laptop angled in. My daughter’s teddy oversees my work; you have to have a supervisor to crack the whip!

    Interesting detail, Juanita – a friend pointed out that my inspiration for Alejandro in ‘Her Spanish Flame’ looks very similar to my husband when he was younger! Subconscious tendency coming through there? LOL.

  9. Susanne,
    Wonderful to learn more about you. And I love my Pinterest boards too. Best thing for book planning.

  10. Hey Susanne,
    The only thing missing in that photo is a Moonlight Martini. 🙂

  11. LOL Effie! Teddy wouldn’t approve of drinking on the job!
    Suzi, I love your boards; isn’t Pinterest great for visual inspiration!

  12. Susanne, I got stuck on a ‘husband with a wonderful pair of hands’. No need to wonder where you get your inspiration from! Lovely interview. Nice to see another writer who’s space looks relaxed! Good luck with ‘Her Spanish Flame’.

  13. Hi Susanne, I like the look of your writing chair! I also think it’s great that you keep your currents reads next to you for inspiration – my pile is getting bigger and bigger too!

  14. Oh Annie, I think bh worries/secretly hopes (LOL) he’ll see himself in my writing! And thank you for your lovely euphemism – ‘relaxed’ is so much better than what I usually label it!

    And latebloomer – I love your blog! Thanks for dropping in. Osmosis happens so keep those great TBRs nearby!

  15. Go on, write a historical, Susanne! Even Anna Campbell had to start somewhere. I do like your principle of book-osmosis, though. I find I learn HEAPS about writing just by reading other people’s stuff. I think I need to learn speed reading …


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