Blog Bites with Lily Malone

  It’s a pleasure to introduce, Lily Malone. 

Lily_MaloneI write: Contemporary romance.

I’m from: Margaret River in WA. We moved there in January which was coming home for me. I’d just spent 12 years in the Adelaide Hills in SA, previously.

Three words to describe me: A tad zany.

 At home I cook:  A mean muesli bar.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: Michael Jackson music and the Twilight movies (yes, all of them, although I laughed more at the latter ones).

My day job is:  administration/reception for a real estate firm, although my nametag says: sales and marketing coordinator

Saving for: early retirement, Greek Island holidays and lots of wine

Three things people might not know about me are:  I was once the answer to a quiz question; I will drive around the block six times rather than reverse (parallel park); I will never live in NSW because you have to reverse/angle park.

Favourite author: John Sandford.

Current reading: I just finished Drive Me To Distraction by Caitlyn Nicholas; I am waiting on House For All Seasons by Jenn J McLeod.

Favourite book as a child: Fury. (It was about a black horse). The Silver Brumby series (I still read these sometimes) and The Black Stallion. (Do you see the common theme here?)

Favourite movie: All the Bourne movies, except Legacy (the last one). Matt Damon all the way for me.HBOB Cover

I would most like to meet: Black Caviar.

When I was young I wanted to be: A jockey. But I grew.

Why I write: I don’t know. It’s a fairly thankless task with people always saying: “Haven’t you finished it yet??”

Latest project: The Goodbye Ride. It’s a novella set in the Adelaide Hills over the June holiday long weekend. And no, contrary to how you might be thinking, it isn’t about riding horses. It’s about riding motorbikes.

For more about Lily and her novels, go to her website-

Thank you Lily for sharing a nite with us. It has been fun and a pleasure.


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  1. lol I can’t get over how many women refuse to reverse park. I love the title His Brand of Beautiful. Intriguing. And motor bikes. *sighs* use to ride them for years. I’ll pop over to your web and take a squiz.

  2. If you were the answer what on earth was the question. the mind boggles!!!!! Nice pic, Lily. A woman of many faces and ….. Err…. I’ll leave it at faces 😉

  3. Hate reverse parking Suzanne. My husband thinks like you do. And Jenn, I think it’s kind of funny how my changing of photos has kind of changed along with my confidence with what I’m doing in this writing venture! (Start by hiding, gradually come out of shell… you know the drill). 🙂

  4. Lisa Ireland

     /  April 19, 2013

    Lovely getting to know you a bit better, Lily 🙂

  5. Really love your cover!!

    When you meet Black Caviar, can I come meet her too? She is so beautiful isn’t she, so glad she is no longer racing and will just have babies instead now… a mums life for her.

    You should get one of those cars that simply park for you – much easier than worrying about it…

    • Hi Tina Marie & Lisa – thanks for visiting. Tina Marie – yes – for Black Caviar, talk about going out at the top of your game… Her races this year have been awesome. Good idea about the car!

  6. Hi Lily,
    Fun interview and it’s great to see your new photo! Lots of my female friends don’t like RPP but it never bothers me. In fact, I taught my son and it was a while before I realised that we were doing RPPs in reverse (ie to the right and on a hill!) because that’s how parking is at school. Then one day we went to do one in town and it was to the left!

    Can’t wait for The Goodbye Ride. Roll on, June!

  7. Forgot to say I am totally with you on the reverse parking thing!

  8. Claire Baxter

     /  April 19, 2013

    Pity we didn’t meet while you were living in the Adelaide Hills. Oh well, it will have to be at conference. Love your cover!

  9. I always love getting inside someone’s head! And I agree, I don’t reverse park. Hell, I think I’m going good if I successfully reverse out of my driveway!! Oh and yay! You live in the SW 🙂 I’m sure there’s a whole heap of writers who live down here but I always assume everyone lives in a capital city and I’m the odd one out :/

    • Hey Jade, thanks for visiting. I haven’t been in the SW for a long time and I’m a bit out of touch with writers down here. I’ll try to find you on FB. Thanks for the follow at my blog.

  10. Hi Lily!
    I’m with you on the whole reverse/parallel park thing. I’m far better at aiming forward than driving backwards. I loved His Brand of Beautiful. It was funny, entertaining and quietly sexy. Well done! And how lucky are you to live in my favourite town. If I could convince hubby to move down there, I’d be there in a shot 🙂

  11. Hi Juanita
    That really surprises me your comment about the reverse parking… I was sure with all your mechanical know-how and that whole garage thing you’ve got going with TJ in Under The Hood… I thought you’d be a park-it-on-a-postage-stamp kind of a girl… Who knew!? Thank you for such lovely comments about HBOB – it means a lot.
    Lily M

  12. Lily what a lovely introduction. I adore your cover and title – it looks very romantic. I’m told you need a fair bit of testosterone to be able to reverse park. As least that’s what my neighbour said as he watched me park for school pick up a few weeks ago!

  13. I can walk my little boy to school Kate – I figure I’m doing all the other drivers a favour by keeping my vehicle off the road!

  14. Cath Evans

     /  April 20, 2013

    Hey Lily,
    You are coming out of your shell – or beanie 🙂

    I always wanted to be a jockey too – but the same problem. Although, when I lived in Condobolin, I met a guy at the pub the night before the Condo Races. He was easy 6 foot (a string bean) and he tried to tell me he was a jockey. No way was I falling for that. I just laughed at him. How embarrassed was I next day when every race, as he was legged on in the mounting yard, he either waved or smiled at me?!?!?! I decided the height thing must have been made up by my Mum to stop me begging for a horse (not that it stopped me!!).

    Cath xo

  15. Saving for early retirement sounds like a brilliant idea 🙂 – holidays on the greek islands the icing on the cake.
    Nice post!


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