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KateBelle-glamfrontlores I’m excited to introduce this Aussie author to you all, please welcome Kate Bell to Blog Bites. 

I write: Erotic and dark, sexy fiction – with a twist. It’s been described as ‘Unexpected. Interesting. Sexy.’  My female characters take a non-traditional route to their happy ever after via the master of all lovers, Ramon Mendez.

I’m from:Somewhere other than here I think. Born and raised in country Victoria, I now live in Melbourne’s green wedge. It’s the closest thing to country I can get while living in the city.

Three words to describe me: Unexpected? Interesting? Sexy? My husband would just say ‘Pain in A*’.

 At home I cook: Quickly. Too busy writing. Used to eat all whole foods. Now a can is good. I am a vegaquarian though (that’s a vegetarian who eats fish – nothing with legs – except prawns – but they don’t have brains – do they??).Untitled

My worst habit is:Nail biting – been doing it since I was 12 and can’t seem to kick it.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: DISCO MUSIC. Yup. Cleaning day is all about Ami Stewart, The Village People and Saturday Night Fever at my house. Get your glitter and flares on! Get down with a mop!

My first job was: Awful. Cleaning toilets in an engineering factory. I used to waste time reading the porn magazines left in the dunny’s. (I know – but  I’m an erotic fiction writer – what do you expect?)

Breaking the Rules by Kate Belle - loresMy day job is: WRITING! I used to be a public servant, but they seemed happy to get rid of me with a golden handshake.

Saving for: Saving??? Ha – don’t make me laugh. Writers don’t earn enough to save. My beloved has promised Miss 8 a trip to Disneyland though – maybe when she’s 33.

Three things people might not know about me are:

  • I’m a qualified astrologer. A proper one. I can tell you everything you already know about yourself.
  • If it wasn’t for Margareta Osborn, I might not be here.
  • I almost daren’t admit this, but, I’m not a big fan of happy endings (cringing with my arms over my face among the howls of protest. Sorry folks!)

Favourite author: Oooh tough call. Can’t name just one, I’m a book slut you see. Not a scrap of loyalty. My current BFF’s include Bloom by Kate Belle - loresMargareta Osborn, Tobsha Learner and Susan Johnson.

Plotter or panster: Used to be panster, now I plot like a demon. Saves a heck of a lot of time!

I would most like to meet: Ramon Mendez. Anytime soon. I’m ready and waiting (blows kiss).

When I was young I wanted to be:A writer. Go figure. I wanted to write for Dolly magazine. I had high aspirations.

Latest project: The Yearning is a dark, sensual tale of forbidden first love. A young teenage girl lures her charismatic teacher into an illicit affair, the consequences of which haunt them both until they meet again twenty-five years later. (WARNING – no happy endings with this one, but it WILL get you thinking and talking.) Published by Simon & Schuster. Ebook released 1 April 2013, print book released 1 May 2013.

Thank you for sharing with us today Kate.

If you would like to learn more about Kate and her books, go to her website

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  1. Ermm, actually that’s some other authors website at the bottom there. Mine is Sorry guys!

  2. Love the answers, Kate Belle, especially the ones about me! 🙂 You are wa-yyy too kind. Of course you’d be here! You just wouldn’t have been so in touch with your ‘country’ side.

  3. Cath Evans

     /  May 17, 2013

    Ooohhh… and astrologer. Does that feature in your stories, Kate?

    Porn while cleaning loos… that’s a sure way to have a screed of erotic stories piled up in your head 🙂

    Nice to learn more about you.

    Cath xo

  4. The astrology doesn’t really feature in my stories Cath. Except in the psychology of the characters I suppose. But the porn while cleaning the loos? It was kind of a relief to get that one off my chest! LOL!

  5. Jenn J McLeod | Come home to the country...

     /  May 17, 2013

    Okay, so…
    1. did the engineering place play The Village People and this is why you clean to disco?
    2. thank goodness for Margareta. Very glad you are here.
    3. Astrology? We are soooo talking next Friday night. Can’t wait to meet you at the ABIAs.

  6. Lol Jenn. The engineering place was more ac/doc than village people, yes, thank goodness for Margareta. And yes, we are sooooo talking next Fridays night at ABIA. X

  7. Oh, and thanks a million Imelda! X

  8. Hi Kate
    I’ve been reading so many brilliant reviews about The Yearning. Congratulations – it sounds like an absolute stand-out book. Love your Blog Bites, lots of giggles in there. I have such an image of you doing that John Travolta Saturday Night Fever move with a dunny brush over your head!
    Lily M


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