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On Sunday 10th August on Track D, Session 5, our presenter Susanna Rogers presents a fast-paced, action-filled workshop on writing fight scenes and self defence.

Self Defence for Women: How to Write a Fight Scene

At the end of the talk, participants will have a good understanding of:

  • the number one tool in self defenceSusanna Rogers
  • strategies to defend yourself
  • the components of a scene
  • the importance of giving your protagonist a reason to fight
  • writing tips and how writing a fight scene differs from other scenes.

Your Presenter – Susanna Rogers

I write books that kick ass and so do I – literally!

Nina Blake didn’t learn English until she went to school but that didn’t stand in the way of her love of reading. Unlike other authors, when Nina was growing up her house was never full of books, and as a teenager her mother told her she read too much. As if such a thing were possible. After university, Nina worked in public relations managing publications. She still loves publications—both hard and soft copy—and was delighted to have her first novel published through Escape. She lives in Perth, Australia, with her husband and son.

What prompted you to put together this workshop for “Romance Rocks”?
Self defence is a subject many people are interested in but few pursue in depth. I’m a martial arts instructor with a second-degree black belt in kickboxing so this is a subject I’m passionate about. Luckily, I’ve found a way to incorporate martial arts into one of the other great passions of my life – writing. I write romance as Nina Blake and I also write crime and young adult books with kick ass heroines (as yet unpublished!)

Will there be hands-on exercises or audience participation?
Don’t worry, this won’t be hands-on – you don’t need to fend off attackers or break concrete blocks during this session. The action will be purely cerebral.

Which members will benefit most from this session?Forget me not
I hesitate to say “all members” because not everyone is interested in taking care of themselves and many people think this is a subject they don’t need to learn more about. If you’d like to learn more about writing action and fight scenes, then this is the place for you. And if you’re interested in the craft of writing, there is always more to learn.

What is the best part/aspect of conference for you?
For me, the best part of the conference is networking in all its marvelous forms. Making contacts with editors and agents is invaluable, and I also get to meet many other like-minded writers. At the conference, I’m with “my people.”

Any advice for conference first-timers?
Talk to people you don’t know. Talk to LOTS of people you don’t know. Remember that everyone who is at the conference was a first-time once too. And, most importantly, have FUN!


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  1. Tonya R. Moore

     /  May 13, 2014

    Thanks for sharing ref. fight scenes. I’ve considered taking up a martial art. This is another good reason.

    • Hi Tonya, lovely to hear from you. I confess I’d thought about martial arts for years before I actually took up kickboxing. All those years of watching Buffy paid off eventually!

  2. norajamesauthor

     /  May 13, 2014

    There’s nothing like learning from those who do, rather than those who only teach. It will be exciting to see how someone who has a second degree black belt deals with writing a fight scene. They are so tricky to write when you can’t fight!

  3. I agree, Nora. It sounds like an absolutely brilliant presentation and perfect for people like me whose way of dealing with danger is to run the other way! I wouldn’t have a clue how to write a fight scene so I hope there’ll be an after-conference podcast for non-attendees.

    • Thanks for your comment. Running is an excellent idea but you have to be able to run fast! And I can’t, unfortunately.

  4. This sounds like a fantastic session. I’m not a fast runner either!


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