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Sarah Wendell, Jennifer St George and Helene Young will give you a workout in the pre-conference warm-ups on Professional Development Day, Thursday August 7.

Media Bootcamp Part 1 & 2 – Session PDD1 & 2, Track B

Love to see your name and books in the media but don’t know where to start? Does the idea of a journalist calling you for an interview make you shake? Let author, international speaker and the Founder of romance blog Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Sarah Wendell; multi-award winning author, Helene Young and romance author and marketing specialist, Jennifer St George teach you the tricks to get your name up in lights! Learn how to develop a media strategy and handle interviews in a fun and interactive workshop. You’ll leave with the tools you need to make an impact in the media.

*Please note, this session is limited to 15 delegates only, and places will be awarded on a first in, first served basis*

Your Presenters – Sarah Wendell, Jennifer St George and Helene Young

We’re on a mission to raise the profile of ROMANCE!

Sarah, what prompted you to put together this workshop for “Romance Rocks”?110310_SarahWendell_17-slice

Jennifer St. George asked me! But more importantly, there is increased media interest in romance authors over the past few years, and my experiences with print and television media have been widely varied – from incredibly fun conversations that I wished could have gone on for hours to being asked about my sex life live in front of at least 250,000 people or more. I learned the harder way – and I think the three of us can help authors deal with any kind of media interest, from the positive to the prurient.

Asked about your sex life? Now that’s just plain rude… We know you had fun at the last conference, Sarah, so what’s the best part/aspect of conference for you?
What kind of silly question is this?! It is in Australia. Where there are Tim Tams. Enough said.

Seriously: RWAus is one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to, and I am so excited I can come back.

And we’re excited to have you visiting again!!
Helene, Media Bootcamp sounds like we’ll be pumping weights and sprinting. Will there be hands-on exercises with this workshop?Helene Young 2012 Author photo by Charlotte Rose (LR)
Oh yes indeed! But you can rest easy on the weights 🙂
We’ll have you presenting an interview like a true media star, prepared to tackle the best and worst questions. We’ll help you fine-tune your key messages and show you how to turn the interview to your advantage. Come ready to write, to be interviewed, and to learn, but you can leave those lycra running shorts at home!

In the middle of winter in Sydney there will definitely be no lycra…So which members will benefit most from this session?

Everyone will benefit from this session. I learnt so much from Jennifer at her last bootcamp and I think Sarah’s going to add another dimension to the workshop. No matter where you are on your writing journey learning to be media savvy is important. Radio interviews, festival appearances, TV interviews and Google Hangouts are all part of an author’s life. It’s never too soon to learn nor too late to do a refresher.

So, Jen, what will participants take away from this session?031b

Confidence. It’s our experience that authors can be quite nervous of interviews of any type. This session provides a safe environment to practice your skills, learn some fabulous tips on how to handle those tricky questions and how to achieve what you want from an interview. After this session, you’ll want to race home a write a media plan.

Do you use examples?

All three of us have extensive experience with media interviews. Sarah has been an interviewee (from small town newspapers to national US TV networks to writing festivals and much more!!) and interviewer (she’s conducted hundreds of author interviews) so will provide insights from both perspectives. With four books, numerous national book tours and being involved in all types of interviews, Helene has answered every question a journalist can throw. Learn from her extensive experience. I’ve spent many years in public relations and has media trained top executives to handle all kinds interviews. During my time with Guinness I was a global spokesperson for the company, quoted from the Irish Times to the Wall Street Journal. So we have real world examples galore – what to do and what not to do!

Thanks ladies for dropping by. Look forward to Media Bootcamp in Sydney!

Find more about Sarah at:
Jennifer St George at:
Helene Young at:

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