Today is my final blog post for the year, so it seeems a good time to catch up on what RWA members are reading and publishing. Susanne Bellamy, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Daniel de Lorne, Anne Gracie, Cathryn Hein, Jennie Jones, Nikki Logan, Annie Seaton, Jennifer St George, Alison Stuart and Morgan Watts (alphabetical by surname) were all kind enough to answer the following questions despite the festive frenzy:

  • Which book would you like to find in your Christmas stocking this year?
  • Which book would you most like to give as a gift this year?
  • What is your current WIP / book available for purchase / upcoming new release?

They all gave very generous answers. I had enough feedback to write three blog posts but unfortunately room for only one. If you want more information, just drop in to the author’s website, and I’m sure they’ll fill you in.

Susanne BellamySusanne Bellamy
I’d like … OUTLANDER/ CROSS STICH by Diana Gabaldon or perhaps the whole series! I am looking forward to actually reading the book and deciding just how much Sam IS Jamie Fraser.

I’d like to give … my sister a light, happy read such as Anna Campbell’s HER CHRISTMAS EARL or Noelle Clark’s ROSAMUNTI.

Out now is ENGAGING THE ENEMY. My upcoming release is THE EMERALD QUEST: WINNING THE HEIRESS’ HEART, the third in a four book romantic suspense series about a lost emerald necklace, a diary that documents a blazing love affair, and danger in paradise.

Elizabeth Ellen Carter
Elizabeth  Ellen CarterI’d like … a book I didn’t know I wanted! My husband and I are great collectors, and he gave me an early gift, a Ladybird book from 1965, KING RICHARD & THE CRUSADES. I’m inspired to write more medieval historical romances!

I’d like to give … I, CLAUDIUS and CLAUDIUS THE GOD by Robert Graves together with Eva Scott’s THE LAST GLADIATRIX and THE BARBARAN BRIDE.

My latest book is WARRIOR’S SURRENDER, a medieval romance.

Daniel de Lorne
Daniel de LorneI’d like … PRINCE LESTAT by Anne Rice (or BARE STRENGTH by Michael Stokes, purely for the eye-candy).

I’d like to give … SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER by Jay Bell, a really lovely and touching gay YA novel.

My romance BECKONING BLOOD is available now from your favourite e-tailer. It’s about vampire brothers, Thierry and Olivier, the men they love and the enduring truth that true love never dies – no matter how many times you kill it.

Anne Gracie

Anne holding up two of her fave Georgette Heyer novels as part of a Read-More-Historicals promotion

Anne holding up two of her fave Georgette Heyer novels as part of a Read-More-Historicals promotion

I don’t rely on Santa to get me what I want, though if he could magic up the book I’m working on at the moment, I wouldn’t object. 🙂 My Xmas reading pile includes Joanna Bourne’s ROGUE SPY, the second in the Dorothy Dunnett “Lymond” series — QUEEN’S PLAY, Sophie Kinsella’s WEDDING NIGHT and Trish Morey’s STONE CASTLES.

Anne Gracie 2I give … different books to different people according to age,  gender and taste, but included will be Barbara Hannay’s MOONLIGHT PLAINS, the second in Dorothy Dunnet”s Lymond series QUEEN’S PLAY, Trish Morey’s STONE CASTLES or Jennifer Kloester’s THE RAPUNZEL DILEMMA. The men will get cookbooks or a thriller by some author I enjoy. Potential future borrowng is noooo factor in these choices, nor are potential meals 🙂

THE WINTER BRIDE is my most recent book. THE SPRING BRIDE will be out in June 2015.

Cathryn Hein
Cathryn HeinI’ve just finished reading RIVERS OF LONDON by Ben Aaronovitch. What a blast! Like Harry Potter for grown-ups. Now I want all the rest in the series. Otherwise Loretta Chase’s LORD OF SCOUNDRELS.

I’d like to give … either SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo or DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE by Laini Taylor. Both books are the first in two of the most incredible romance trilogies I’ve read. Can’t rave about them enough and want everyone to fall in love with the series the way I did.

Out now is THE FRENCH PRIZE, my debut romantic adventure.

Jennie Jones
Jennie JonesI’d like … Anita Shreve’s 17th novel, STELLA BAIN. I love the romantic elements in her works as the main female characters wander through the conflicts life throughs their way.

I would dearly love to gift … a copy of TIED TO THE TRACKS by Sarah Donati (author of the bestselling Into the Wilderness series). This is a contemporary love story, and I adore it.

THE HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL is out on 19 December. It is number 3 in my Swallow’s Fall series, contemporary small-town, rural romance set in the NSW Snowy Mountains with a bit of humour and (I hope) a lot of love.

Nikki Logan
Nikki LoganI’ve been patiently waiting for … book 6 of the Black Sun’s Daughter series by MLN Hanover (Daniel Abrahams) but Pocket Books has pulled out of the series before it’s finished. What?? Who does that? I am moving on to THE DRAGON’S PATH, book 1 in his The Dagger and the Coin series.

I’d like to give … my six year old nephew the entire Famous Five boxed set (because he’ll be able to read those himself and because I loved them as a kid) and a couple of dragon-y adventure-y stories for boys.

I took a break from my hectic contemporary romance schedule to write what I like to call my ‘palate cleanser’, a big, busty, dragony Dark Ages fantasy. I loved writing it! But the real world also beckons, so I am starting a contemporary romance set in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.

Annie Seaton
Annie SeatonI would like … THE NARROW ROAD TO THE DEEP NORTH by Richard Flanagan.

I would like to give … my latest book of course. LOL. It’s called Silver Valley Witch. Seriously I am gifting some Kristan Higgins books to my sister. They are a fabulous read.

Last week I launched my latest release SILVER VALLEY WITCH. It is one of my favourite stories. I am in love with Wesley!

Jennifer St George
Jennifer St GeorgeI’d love … a copy of Paul Bangay’s THE GARDEN AT STONEFIELD. I do many things vicariously through books and magazines. Cook. Garden. DIY. I’m very talented at killing any plants I touch, so it’s lovely spending time reading about Paul creating such a beautiful space.

I’d like to give … my husband who is a history nut THE SECOND WORLD WAR by Antony Beevor.

My new release is TEMPTED BY THE BILLIONAIRE TYCOON.  It’s the second instalment of my billionaire series.

Alison Stuart
Alison StuartI’d like… the Captain Stryker series by English author Michael Arnold, set in my favourite historical period, the English Civil War. I would buy these books for the covers alone – I have a serious case of cover envy.

I’d like to give … the books that I have devoured this year, the Captain Lacey regency mysteries by Ashley Gardner and C.S. Harris’ Sebastian St Cyr mysteries. I love good mysteries and when combined with the Regency and romance, it doesn’t get any better!

Out now is LORD SOMERTON’S HEIR. In 2015 I have my first official series coming out. Guardians is set in the English Civil War. The first book is the award-winning BY THE SWORD, a re-release, comes out in March.

Morgan Watts
Morgan  WattsI’d like … THE PATTERSON GIRLS by Rachael Johns, but I know this isn’t possible as it won’t be out until late in 2015!! Maybe next year….sigh….I love Rachael’s writing!

I’d like to give … Cathy Kelly’s IT STARTED WITH PARIS. She is one of my all time favourite authors.

My current work in progress is my first novel CHANGE OF SHIFT. It is a story about three women at different stages in their lives, who are all running from something.  There are four births, one death and a bushfire. It is at the submission stage, which is nerve-wracking, and I am having to learn to deal with rejection! I am a quarter of the way through the sequel.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. May your days be filled with family, friends and fantasy, spunky heroines and very sexy heroes!

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  1. So many great books… so little time. Thank you for asking me to participate 🙂

  2. Susan

     /  December 19, 2014

    So many ideas, so many books. Great to see what the Authors are reading. My list for Summer and beyond is written!


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