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Session Spotlight: Marketing Masterclass

This session is running on Saturday 22nd of August at 2:00pm as part of the Emerging/Established Stream.

Sarah Mayberry is amongst Australia’s most prolific writers with her 38th novel out this year.  In late 2014 she teamed up with Sara Hood at to put some rocket fuel into her marketing activities.  This is the story of what they did and why, and what worked … and what didn’t.  It’s an end-to-end case study showing how to create and implement an inexpensive but effective marketing plan for a genre writer.  Suitable for published authors from newbie to well established.

Your Presenters – Sarah Mayberry and Sara Hood 

Sara Board picture

Sara Hood 

Sara Hood has spent 30 years in and around marketing communications and the last  <cough>  seven years attempting to become a romance writer.  She has combined the two in which provides coaching and support for genre writers to help them put focus into their marketing plans by building a sales funnel that sells more books.



Sarah Mayberry

Sarah Mayberry 

Sarah Mayberry was born with a pen in her hand.  She began her love of writing in pre-school, progressed to a BA in professional writing, and now has a career as a well loved romance author and screenwriter. Her credits include 38 novels as well as screenwriting for TV and film, including Neighbours, Wonderland, and Karaoke High.  Her latest releases are Anticipation, the second book in the indie-published Brothers Ink series and Bound to the Bachelor, in the Montana Born series from Tule Publishing.  She handles most of her own marketing.


Tell us about yourself in 10 words or less.

Sarah Mayberry published her 38th novel this year. She also finds time to write for TV and film. Sara Hood has 30 years’ experience in marketing communications and despite being a member of RWA for seven years remains thoroughly unpublished. They are both dog lovers.

Have you presented sessions at previous conferences, for RWA or other organisations?

Sara has been presenting since she was eight and was asked to do her first talk at Sunday school. Sarah Mayberry, on the other hand,  has a self-declared aversion to lecterns.  This shaped how they developed their presentation for the RWA conference.  Sara promised Sarah there would be no lectern and it would be framed more like a fireside chat.  In other words Sarah could just talk about what she does, which she says she finds perfectly easy.

What is the best part/aspect of conference for you?

Sarah Mayberry:  People!  People are the best part of conference for me.  The RWA conference helps to prevent me from becoming stale both through learning new things – and even as an experienced writer, I do still learn new things – and the inspiration from catching up with other writers.

Sara Hood:  How generous everyone is.  You can find yourself talking with a multi-published or recently published author and they will happily answer questions and share insights, and are never glancing over your shoulder to see if there’ someone more important to talk with.  That’s one of the stand out things about RWA conference for me.

What will participants take away from this session?

Clear ideas about how a multi-published author structures her marketing and has built a sales funnel that delivers.  The ideas ought to be easily transferable to any genre writer’s marketing plan.

Which members will benefit most from this session?

Published authors who already have at least some marketing activities in place will benefit the most from this session.  Whilst ‘pre-published’ authors are, of course, welcome to attend it might be a bit overwhelming, not least because the basics won’t be covered as it’s presumed the audience will already know them.  It is anticipated that answers to audience questions will be at the published author level.

What is your latest/current/upcoming book release and where can members find out more about you?

Sarah has had two books released this year:  Anticipation, the second in her indie-published Satisfaction series and Bound to the Bachelor, in the Montana Born series from Tula Publishing.  To find out more about Sarah check out her website at   You can connect with her social media through there and also sign up for her newsletter.

Sara can be found at her blog, which is full of tips and info about how to jet propel your marketing plan and sales funnel.  Again you can connect with her social media through there and sign up for her newsletter.  

Twitter: @MayberrySarah
Amazon US:


Twitter: @mktg4writers

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