The Self Pub Hub is coming to RWA’s Get Fresh Conference!

Demystifying Self Publishing

Do you have a publishable story in your bottom drawer? Perhaps it’s time to pull it out, blow the dust off, polish it up and offer it to the world. You could be one of ninety authors who will self publish original works of romantic fiction as part of a new innovation to the Get Fresh in ’15 RWA annual conference.

The Scarlett Rugers Self-Pub Hub is designed to help step authors through the self publishing process to successfully publish a manuscript (short story, novella, or novel) over the conference weekend.

The Scarlett Rugers Self-Pub Hub will operate for three sessions daily over the core conference days. For a small fee you will be guided through each step, live and online, with the hopeful result that your work will be successfully published and available for sale during the conference.

Your guide is award winning book designer and director of srugers picthe Scarlett Rugers Book Design Agency, Scarlett Rugers. Scarlett has worked with both traditional publishing houses and self-published authors, and has been recognized for providing the best website for self-published authors. Her goal is to help authors, through service and design, be the best they can be and to drive the self-publishing industry to grow into one of great quality. Empowerment, support and creativity are her tools to connecting with writers and helping them reach the heights of success scarlettrugers_logo2_s_2015they have dreamed of.

Mystified? Nervous? Don’t be. We asked Scarlett who should join in:

Who should give the Self Pub Hub a try?

Any author, from new to established, who is ready and willing to send their first book into the hands of readers. The Scarlett Rugers Self Pub Hub works with authors who are unfamiliar with the self publishing process and want a walk through for their first time, and want to learn so that they can do it themselves next time, as well as author’s who have confidently prepared their files ready for publishing. The aim is to keep the process easy and effortless. 

What skills will people take away from the Self Pub Hub?

They’ll get experience wielding awesome Kindle publishing power, understand how the system works, learn the potential trip ups and how to prepare their files so they can minimise errors or mishaps next time around.

Do people have to publish at the end, or can they just join in and walk through the process with the group?

While the Self Pub Hub is set up for you to push the button and go live with your new work, there is no obligation to do so. If pushing the final PUBLISH button is a bit too frightening, you can stop there, knowing you have the tools to go away and do it in your own time at your own desk.

Can you guarantee my work will publish successfully?

Self publishing can be a tricky business and sometimes there are hidden problems or errors in files which prevent them from being successfully published. All participants will receive a detailed checklist with links to websites providing advice on how to best prepare their material and optimise their chances of successfully publishing on the day. For first timers, we recommend you start with shorter works to minimise any potential formatting problems with the files. Even if you don’t manage to successfully self publish, you will still gain the hands on experience of working directly with the system and have your many questions answered by an experienced self publishing expert.


Registrations are via and will open 6 – 24 July 2015.

Cost: $15

Days: Saturday 22nd August & Sunday 23rd August

Times:   9.15am – 10.45am | 11.15am – 12.45pm | 1.45pm – 3.15pm

Venue: The Library, Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne

For more information on Scarlett Rugers Self Pub Hub check the conference website:

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  1. I definitely want to do this but have to wait to see when my Pitch sessions are 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity Scarlett. :))


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