Finally, some Amazon ebook data

Amazon UK has released its first ever consumer report, which lists the top 20 selling ebooks  for the year to date. Crime dominates, interestingly, as do women writers who make up 18 of the 20 bestselling ebook authors. Of course, bestseller lists differ by country and format, but it is still interesting to see what is driving readers.

An analysis of the top 20 list reveals that just over half (10) are classified as crime fiction (including thrillers/mysteries); four are romances, two are women’s fiction and three are general fiction/literature. The top five lists three books that have achieved worldwide popularity – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, Shades of Grey as told by Christian by EL James and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. The two women’s fiction titles are family sagas with a particularly British flavour. All the books are traditionally published.


Amazon UK top 20 ebooks


  1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  2. Shades of Grey as told by Christian by EL James
  3. Silent Scream by Angela Marsons
  4. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey
  5. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  6. The Lie by C L Taylor
  7. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton
  8. The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams by Fiona Harper
  9. Hide her Name by Nadine Dorries
  10. Personal by Lee Child
  11. The Stranger Child by Rachel Abbott
  12. Us by David Nicholls
  13. The Throwaway Children by Diney Costeloe
  14. The Year of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond
  15. The Ballroom Cafe by Ann O’Loughlin
  16. The Good Girl by Fiona Neill
  17. Closer than You Think by Karen Rose
  18. The Letter by Kathryn Hughes
  19. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh
  20. Evil Games by Angela Marsons

I confess to having read only two of the authors, and probably not the ones you would think but Lee Child and Karen Rose, and none of the books on the list. What about you? Can you share thoughts on any of these authors?

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  1. I’ve read The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl and both were gripping reads, although for me, one had a disappointing ending and the other depicted a world I was glad to escape by the time I was finished.
    I’m delighted to see Fiona Harper’s Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams in the list. Fiona is a former M&B Cherish and Kiss (UK) author who has recently started writing ST for Mira.

  2. I’ve read six on the list – but I’m fond of psychological suspense/thriller. I enjoyed THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN although the protagonist was not particularly appealing. GONE GIRL was a fabulous story but the characters were unpleasant. I loved SILENT SCREAM and EVIL GAMES by Angela Marsons, she will now be an auto buy for me. I’ve enjoyed all Rachel Abbot’s books including this one. She indie published her books before being picked up by a publisher. I LET YOU GO was okay. I have THE LETTER and THE LIE on my KIndle still to read. One of the reasons I’ve read a few of these is that they were very reasonably priced e-books. I want to read THE LITTLE SHOP OF HOPES AND DREAMS by Fiona Harper, she is a marvellous writer!

    • Thanks for the feedback Kandy. It’s great to hear that all those books are reasonably price. I find that a huge incentive to try a new author.


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