Blog Bites with Sarah Belle

It’s a pleasure to introduce Sarah Belle today.

Sarah BelleI write: Magic Realism Romance – romantic comedy with a twist of magic (Romagic Comedy).

I’m from: Melbourne originally but now on the Queensland coast where it is much, much warmer.

Three words to describe me: Calm, friendly, organised.

At home I cook:   Everything from scratch – one son has an onion intolerance and every store bought item contains onion.

My worst habit is: Falling asleep on the couch and missing my favourite shows. However, my husband will tell you that the consequences of eating pea and ham soup or dahl are far worse (for him).

It’s a bit daggy but I love: My flannel pj’s and slippers. I figure if the kids can get into theirs prior to dinner, then so can I.

My day job is: A mum of 4 young boys and payroll chick for my hubby.

Saving for: A family holiday to somewhere other than the Gold Coast or Hervey Bay!

I procrastinate by: Checking social media

Three things people might not know about me are: I was a Signaller in the Army Reserves, I taught myself to swim at the age of 19, and I love Rocky Road so much that I don’t make it otherwise I will eat it all.

Favourite author: Just one? Ummmm….Shari Low. She’s hilarious.

Favourite book as a child: The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. I hadn’t read it for many years but when I bought a copy and read it to Master 5, I cried.

Favourite movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight. I love Samuel L Jackson in that movie.

Current reading: Haunted Ever After by my buddy, Juliet Madison!

When I was young I wanted to be: A nurse. I called myself ‘Sister Mary Sarah’ and raced to put on my nurse costume each time someone was hurt. They had to stop bleeding until I was ready to administer first aid.

Plotter or Panster: Thorough plotter for the bones and then a bit of pants for the flesh.

Why I write: Because I can’t imagine not writing. My head would be too full of people if I didn’t write.

I would most like to meet: Sir Richard Branson. His energy and drive inspires me to reach further. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he’s got a megawatt smile.

Latest project: My latest release (out this month) is a contemporary magical romance, Miss Spelled; in which my heroine Lou Mercer buys a spell off the internet to hide a secret from her fiancée – what could possibly go wrong? I am currently working on Insight – a romantic comedy set in the 1980’s. Love that big hair and blue eye shadow!

Learn more about Sarah Belle via the following links:

Blog: Spelled



Twitter: @SarahBelle44


Escape Publishing Author Page:

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Blog Bites with Iris Blobel

Iris Blobel

It’s a pleasure to introduce Iris Blobel today.

I write: Contemporary Romance

I’m from: Ballarat, but was born in Germany 🙂

Three words to describe me: Curious, lazy, daydreamer

At home I cook:   …as best as I can

My worst habit is: I’m a very impatient driver!

It’s a bit daggy but I love: “me old track pants”

My day job is: Finance Assistant

Saving for: Another trip “home”

I procrastinate by: Checking Facebook 🙂

Favourite author: Jill Shalvis & Lee Child

Favourite book as a child: Mallory Towers by Enid Blyton

Favourite movie: Tangled & Frozen

Current reading: Carolyn Wren’s “Diplomat’s Daughter”

When I was young I wanted to be: A Nurse

Plotter or Panster: Panster

Why I write: Too many stories in my head that need to be put on paper

I would most like to meet: James Bond

Latest project: Fresh Beginnings which is book 3 in the Beginnings series.


Learn more about Iris Blobel via the following links:




Twitter: @_iris_b


Thank you Iris for having fun with us today.

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Blog Bites with S.E Gilchrist

S.E Gilchrist It’s a pleasure to introduce S.E Gilchrist today.

I write: Sci Fi, Post-apocalyptic, ancient historical with a touch of fantasy, contemporary rural & NA romance.
I’m from: Lower Hunter Valley NSW
Three words to describe me: Passionate, curious & determined
My worst habit is: Dunking cookies in my tea & having to fish them out.
It’s a bit daggy but I love: Ripping off my work clothes the instant I get home in the arvo & donning my comfy (and very disreputable) ‘house’ clothes. I also love singing to ABBA.Storm-of-Fire--1 for Web
My day job is: Contracts Administrator/Accounts with a construction/manufacturing company.
Saving for: An end to my mortgage!
I procrastinate by: Walking my dogs & playing with spreadsheets.
Three things people might not know about me are:I like to paint, I’ve worked on a cattle station & I’m a sucker for a pot of leaf tea.
Current reading: The Goblin King by Shona Husk & Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry. Am loving both of them.
Plotter or panster: I start off pantsing prob for the first 2 to 3 chapters then I plot. Weird huh?
I would most like to meet: Vin Diesel but I’m fairly sure he’s got me on his stalker list.
Dance-in-the-Outback--8.9.13Latest project: For those who know me, don’t faint because my next release (out this month) is a contemporary rural romance, Dance in the Outback. And its sweet / sensual rather than my usual ‘steamy’ heat level. No, I am not an alien impersonating S. E. Gilchrist.
Thanks heaps for having me here today.

Learn more about SE via the following links:
twitter : @segilchrist1
facebook : SEGilchrist

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Blog Bites with Eden Summers

pic Let’s welcome Eden Summers.

I write: Mostly contemporary, erotic romance. Although I just plotted a paranormal/fantasy story that I can’t wait to start.

I’m from: Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Three words to describe me: Insecure. Honest. Hardworking.

 At home I cook:  very badly.

My worst habit is: putting too much pressure on myself and stressing over every possible little thing. I also have very cold hands in winter and love to put them on my husband just to make him hiss and jerk away.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: Gherkin and ham sandwiches. My Polish grandmother started me on them when I was a child.

My day job is:  I’m lucky enough to only work one day a week in an administrative role. Most of the time I’m writing or looking after my 4 year old when he isn’t at pre-school.

Saving for: everything! Bigger house, more holidays, furniture to replace the ones my children have ruined.Blind Attraction_400

I procrastinate by: using social media and eating. As soon as I sit down to write I always find something really important to look at online…like funny cat pictures and my stomach starts nagging at me, even if I ate moments earlier.

Three things people might not know about me are:  My eyes are two different colours. I have my father’s sarcastic sense of humour. And although I constantly bitch about my husband’s cat, I secretly love that he follows me around.

Favourite author: Cindy Gerard.

Current reading: Gena Showalter’s latest Lord of the Underworld.

Favourite book as a child: Tomorrow When the War Began.

Favourite movie: Ohhh, tough one and I couldn’t possibly pick one. However, at the moment, every member of my household is in love with Pitch Perfect.

When I was young I wanted to be: Absolutely everything that involved talents I didn’t possess—singer, actress, model. I was very delusional…not much has changed

Why I write: Because I need to get the stories out of my head. I have so many hunk men stalking my brain…it really is a hardship *wicked grin*

Latest project: Passionate Addiction, book 2 in my Reckless Beat rock star series.

image001If you would like to find out more about Eden and her work, go to her site

Thank you Eden for having fun with us today.

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Blog Bites with Monique Mcdonell


It’s a pleasure to introduce, Indie author Monique. I remember meeting her my first conference and she saw that I was a little lost and invited me to her table. ❤

 I write: chicklit and contemporary romance

 I’m from: Sydney

 Three words to describe me: loyal, friendly, enthusiastic

At home I cook:  Everything – I love cooking and baking.

My worst habit is: Gosh, how can I pick one? I’m going with the fact I’m an over-sharer…ask a question and usually you get more information than you bargained for.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: I’m a die hard Kylie Minogue fan from back in the ‘80s.

Saving for: always saving for another holiday.

I procrastinate by: Let me count the ways – social media, reading, TV, talking to friends…the list goes

Three things people might not know about me are: That’s hard (see my worst habit above) – I’m allergic to chilli, I can’t sing a note but am so good at lip-synching no one can tell, I’m always freezing cold.

Favourite author: I have a few but in my my genre I love Meg Cabot.

Current reading: I’m not reading anything this week but looking forward to getting lots of new books at the RWA Conference next week.

Plotter or panster: I’m a combo – I pants the first 1/3 and then I plot

I would most like to meet: The late Nora Ephron

When I was young I wanted to be: A writer or a trapeze artist.

Why I write: Latest project: I’m editing my fourth novel Building Attraction right, a fun contemporary romance.


Thanks for sharing, Mon.


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Blog Bites with Diane Hester

DianeHester_StandingPortraitTr I write:  suspense/thriller, usually with a love interest

I’m from: Port Lincoln, South Australia. New York originally. In 1978 I got a job as a violinist with the Adelaide Symphony and have lived in Australia ever since.

Three words to describe me:  driven,  curious,  hyperactive

My worst habit:  Continually stopping to edit as I write! I’m really fighting to break this habit. I know it slows me down and compounds self-doubt, but I just can’t stop!

My day job was: teaching violin. I’ve since ‘retired’ to write full time.

I’m saving for: a trip to America to visit relatives in New York and Boston. If I can combine the trip with a writers conference or book signing, so much the better!

I procrastinate by: fussing over writing related errands (answering emails, adding to my website, planning retreats) and telling myself I’m really working.

Three things people might not know about me:  I have an extra toe on my right foot, (No, Hannibal Lecter had an extra finger), I used to run a donkey sanctuary; as a uni student I was loaned a two-million dollar Stradivarius to play on for a year.

Currently Reading:  The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman.DianeHester_RunToMe-Mid

Person I would most like to meet: Alfred Hitchcock

Latest project:  Another suspense set in the North-eastern US.

Thank you for sharing, Diane.

If you would like to find out more about Diane and her journey, go to: 

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Blog Bites with Kate Bell

KateBelle-glamfrontlores I’m excited to introduce this Aussie author to you all, please welcome Kate Bell to Blog Bites. 

I write: Erotic and dark, sexy fiction – with a twist. It’s been described as ‘Unexpected. Interesting. Sexy.’  My female characters take a non-traditional route to their happy ever after via the master of all lovers, Ramon Mendez.

I’m from:Somewhere other than here I think. Born and raised in country Victoria, I now live in Melbourne’s green wedge. It’s the closest thing to country I can get while living in the city.

Three words to describe me: Unexpected? Interesting? Sexy? My husband would just say ‘Pain in A*’.

 At home I cook: Quickly. Too busy writing. Used to eat all whole foods. Now a can is good. I am a vegaquarian though (that’s a vegetarian who eats fish – nothing with legs – except prawns – but they don’t have brains – do they??).Untitled

My worst habit is:Nail biting – been doing it since I was 12 and can’t seem to kick it.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: DISCO MUSIC. Yup. Cleaning day is all about Ami Stewart, The Village People and Saturday Night Fever at my house. Get your glitter and flares on! Get down with a mop!

My first job was: Awful. Cleaning toilets in an engineering factory. I used to waste time reading the porn magazines left in the dunny’s. (I know – but  I’m an erotic fiction writer – what do you expect?)

Breaking the Rules by Kate Belle - loresMy day job is: WRITING! I used to be a public servant, but they seemed happy to get rid of me with a golden handshake.

Saving for: Saving??? Ha – don’t make me laugh. Writers don’t earn enough to save. My beloved has promised Miss 8 a trip to Disneyland though – maybe when she’s 33.

Three things people might not know about me are:

  • I’m a qualified astrologer. A proper one. I can tell you everything you already know about yourself.
  • If it wasn’t for Margareta Osborn, I might not be here.
  • I almost daren’t admit this, but, I’m not a big fan of happy endings (cringing with my arms over my face among the howls of protest. Sorry folks!)

Favourite author: Oooh tough call. Can’t name just one, I’m a book slut you see. Not a scrap of loyalty. My current BFF’s include Bloom by Kate Belle - loresMargareta Osborn, Tobsha Learner and Susan Johnson.

Plotter or panster: Used to be panster, now I plot like a demon. Saves a heck of a lot of time!

I would most like to meet: Ramon Mendez. Anytime soon. I’m ready and waiting (blows kiss).

When I was young I wanted to be:A writer. Go figure. I wanted to write for Dolly magazine. I had high aspirations.

Latest project: The Yearning is a dark, sensual tale of forbidden first love. A young teenage girl lures her charismatic teacher into an illicit affair, the consequences of which haunt them both until they meet again twenty-five years later. (WARNING – no happy endings with this one, but it WILL get you thinking and talking.) Published by Simon & Schuster. Ebook released 1 April 2013, print book released 1 May 2013.

Thank you for sharing with us today Kate.

If you would like to learn more about Kate and her books, go to her website

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Blog Bites with Lily Malone

  It’s a pleasure to introduce, Lily Malone. 

Lily_MaloneI write: Contemporary romance.

I’m from: Margaret River in WA. We moved there in January which was coming home for me. I’d just spent 12 years in the Adelaide Hills in SA, previously.

Three words to describe me: A tad zany.

 At home I cook:  A mean muesli bar.

It’s a bit daggy but I love: Michael Jackson music and the Twilight movies (yes, all of them, although I laughed more at the latter ones).

My day job is:  administration/reception for a real estate firm, although my nametag says: sales and marketing coordinator

Saving for: early retirement, Greek Island holidays and lots of wine

Three things people might not know about me are:  I was once the answer to a quiz question; I will drive around the block six times rather than reverse (parallel park); I will never live in NSW because you have to reverse/angle park.

Favourite author: John Sandford.

Current reading: I just finished Drive Me To Distraction by Caitlyn Nicholas; I am waiting on House For All Seasons by Jenn J McLeod.

Favourite book as a child: Fury. (It was about a black horse). The Silver Brumby series (I still read these sometimes) and The Black Stallion. (Do you see the common theme here?)

Favourite movie: All the Bourne movies, except Legacy (the last one). Matt Damon all the way for me.HBOB Cover

I would most like to meet: Black Caviar.

When I was young I wanted to be: A jockey. But I grew.

Why I write: I don’t know. It’s a fairly thankless task with people always saying: “Haven’t you finished it yet??”

Latest project: The Goodbye Ride. It’s a novella set in the Adelaide Hills over the June holiday long weekend. And no, contrary to how you might be thinking, it isn’t about riding horses. It’s about riding motorbikes.

For more about Lily and her novels, go to her website-

Thank you Lily for sharing a nite with us. It has been fun and a pleasure.


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Blog Bites with Venetia Green

carol  A small message from Venetia…

Hi everyone, and thank you Kez for hosting me on Blog Bites.

First, some unashamed self-promotion:

I am insanely, ecstatically pleased to announce that first contracted novel has a release date. A Hawk Enslaved will be available through Ellora’s Cave and all good e-book vendors on the 23rd May 2013!

For more info about my book, please check out my website:

Now, about me …

I write: medieval historical romance with a dash of erotica and a good seasoning of Vikings. Throw in a bit of plague and madness, and that’s about it. Shortly though, I’m going to try my fingers at more ‘serious’  historical fiction; the question is – am I allowed to keep the naughty bits?

I’m from: Perth, WAahawkenslaved_msr

I procrastinate by: knitting. It’s therapy.

Favourite author: Kim Wilkins, an awesome Aussie author with a penchant for cussing. Read her advice for writers on her blog. Brilliant!

Current reading: Hilary Mantell’s Wolf Hall. It’s my duty as a historical author.

Favourite book as a child: Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, C.S. Lewis’s Narnia stories, and a tome on Viking mythology. I was destined for medievaldom from the age of 7.

Favourite movie: Umm, probably Gladiator, although I do love The Princess Bride and my recent favourite is the BBC mini-series North and South. Richard Armitage can scowl at me any day.

Plotter or panster: plot, plot, plot.

Latest project: Just finishing a Viking-themed erotic romance. Next is my serious project, a re-imagining of Chaucer’s ‘The Wife of Bath’. (If anyone has encountered her in The Canterbury Tales, you’ll know that this was one medieval tart who seriously got around!)

Thank you for sharing with us on Blog Bites Venetia.

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Blog Bites with Victoria Black

VictoriaI’d like to introduce today’s bite, Victoria Black.

I write: 
erotic romances. Any genre that takes my fancy. So far I’ve written and had e-published a World War Two Historical, and a Fantasy. I have two Contemporaries on the go.
I’m from: just outside Brisbane
Three words to describe me: Social, Often Lazy
At home I cook:  anything low in carbs. Yet another diet. Sigh.
My worst habit is: I start projects full of enthusiasm but often run out of steam. It’s that afore-mentioned lazy streak, I’m afraid.
It’s a bit daggy but I love: reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. LiesAndSeduction_125x190
My first job was: working Saturday mornings at Woolworths at Coorparoo, back when it was set up a little like in “Are You Being Served? 
My day job is: (big smug smile, as I write this) NO JOB. I AM RETIRED. 
Three things people might not know about me are: I used to work as an extra on various TV ads, movies, and TV shows; I worked briefly as a deck hand on a prawn trawler; I caught buses around Mexico when I knew about ten words of Spanish.  
Plotter or panster: My style seems to be I’m a panster, then wish I’d been a plotter, as I have to go back to the start and re-write the whole book. 
I would most like to meet: my old classmates, after I’ve lost another five kilos and maybe had a touch of botox.
HeavenlyRevenge_SM  Why I write: I get to write the books I’d love to read. It’s a bit laborious, really, and it would be a lot easier if     someone else would do it. You know – I tell my pet author the gist of the story I want, and she writes it. But I jest. I went into writing romance for all the wrong reasons, mainly the idea that I’d make a ton of money. I doubt that will happen, with all the wonderful authors out there, but I’ve surprised myself by finding I actually love writing.
  Latest project: I’m half  way through an erotic contemporary, currently and boringly entitled “Blue Sea” (It’ll change), which is written entirely from a man’s point of view. My husband will come in handy as an editor.
To find out more about Victoria and her work, go to her website
Thank you Victoria for sharing with us today, it has been a true plessure.RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature on
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