Love Gone Wild – Done and Dusted

A huge thank you to Tina Marie Clark, Kendall Talbot and Tania Joyce for delivering a fabulous, unforgettable #LoveGoneWild conference. #RWAus17 was amazing. From the Friday workshops with Anne Gracie and Kate Forsyth, to the Business Hub with Google, Draft2Digital, Nielsen BookScan, Bolinda and iBooks, to the brilliant breakout sessions and keynote speakers – Marion Lennox and Kate Forsyth.

Our warmest thanks to all our international guests and speakers at this year’s conference – Carrie Feron, Cassie Hanjian, Allison Carroll, Kris Austin, Dan Wood, Naomi Gaskell, Natasha Price-Lopez, Julie Winters, Cristina Lee, Sophie Groom, Camille Poshoglian, Sandy Phantran, Meghan Farrell, Liz Pelletier, Jo Mackay, Kate Cuthbert, Keri Arthur, Diane Demetre and the wonderful dancers Ian Watt and Pauline Thompson, Lauren Clarke, Shay McAulay, Nic Harrison, Joanne Tracey, Ally Blake, Vanessa Carnevale, Rachael Donovan, Anne Gracie, Michaelle Somers, Adam Van Rooijen, Natalie Hatch, Amy Andrews, Clare Connelly, Chris Taylor, Rachael Amphlett, Sophie Hamley, Guy Gibson, Marion Lennox, Trish Morey, Jaye Ford, Loretta Hill, Fiona McArthur, Sasha Wasley, Anthea Hodgson, Merideth Appleyard and Anna Hackett.

The Pullman King George Square Hotel was a spectacular venue, the catering was awesome and the technical delivery through Staging Connections was flawless.

Congratulations to all the Award winners, finalists and raffle winners.

A huge thank you goes out to all our sponsors – Harlequin, Hatchette, Penguin Random House, Brother, The Cartridge Family and the Qld Writers Centre and to Rochelle Manners from Mad Hatters Bookshop.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney in 2018.

Before you go, we would love you to take this quick survey and give us your feedback. 

Thank you and farewell from the #RWAus17 #LoveGoneWild team.




Love Gone Wild – 1 week to go.

Our biggest event of the year is only one week away. RWA’s 26th Annual Conference. The Love Gone Wild team are working overtime to make sure you all have a FABULOUS time.

  • Pitching and Manuscript Assessment schedules have gone out. Please make note of your times. Good Luck!
  • Conference is a perfume free event.
  • First Ribbon Sales will be presented at the Cocktail Party on Friday night.
  • The Cocktail Party is fancy dress.
  • The Gala Awards Dinner is evening wear (but feel free to dress up if you wish!)

The Love Gone Wild team, Kendall, Tina and Tania, are on site at the Pullman from Tuesday. If you need us, we’ll be there.


  • Catering booked. While we have tried to accommodate most of the 100+ dietary requests, if you have any issues on the day, please see the kitchen staff.
  • Printed programs – I just picked up the programs and they look FABULOUS!
  • Merchandise is ready to be stuffed into satchels.
  • Presentations look AWESOME.




Love Gone Wild – Presenting your brand.

Only 14 days to go until Love Gone Wild in Brisbane.

This session at Love Gone Wild will provide you with useful tips and tricks for speaking confidently.

If you want to present at a conference, do a library talk or would like to pitch your next novel with confidence, but are scared at the idea of standing and talking in front of people, come along and hear Guy Gibson. He will teach you simple tips and tricks to plan your presentation/talk, get the content right, understand voice – rhythm, speed, pitch, volume (RSVP) and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

See you soon!



Love Gone Wild – Registrations Close Friday 21st, 2017

There is no more time left to twiddle your thumbs. Registrations for Love Gone Wild close Friday 21st, 2017.

We have an amazing lineup of workshops, breakout sessions, pitching and manuscript assessment opportunities not to be missed.

Register now at: 

Please note: 

  • Manuscript Assessment submissions close Monday 24th July, 2017. This is an amazing opportunity to get your work in front of an agent/editor or publisher. DO NOT MISS OUT.   To submit your manuscript visit: 



  • ALSO – if you have already registered for Core Conference – watch your inbox over the next few days for some more exciting announcements.


See you in Brisbane soon.



Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had a couple of VERY LATE changes to our program. Consequently, you have the opportunity to change your original session selections.

Please read through the following changes carefully.

The following information affects Breakout Session 4 – Saturday August 12, 2017, 3.25pm – 4.25pm


CANCELLED – Discover the latest erotic products

NEW – The Adolescent Brain – What drives adolescence and how to incorporate this into your writing.

By unlocking the keys behind what drives teens, we seek to examine physiological and psychological issues that can deepen our YA point of view. Explore the changes to the human brain as it undergoes the sometimes tumultuous times of ‘Teenagehood’.

Natalie Hatch is a Senior Teacher with two decades of teaching. With her background in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Natalie has done extensive professional development on The Adolescent Brain, but is still left speechless by some of her students approaches to life. Natalie uses a kinesthetic approach to sharing the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the teen world.

  • If we don’t hear from you and you were registered for the Session 20 – Erotic Products, we will assume you now want to attend the Adolescent Brain session.
  • If you are registered in Session 16-20 and want to change your selection, please use this form to update your preferences.
  • If you DO NOT want to change your session selection, no action is required.


The following information affects Breakout Session2 – Sunday August 13, 2017, 11.35am – 12.35pm


CANCELLED – Modern Weapons

NEW: Growth Hacking. (This will be moved/renamed to Session 30 on the final program.)

Growth hacking is one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing today, responsible for start-up viral sensations like Facebook and Hotmail. The principles of growth hacking must be implemented long before a product is released. But how can an author apply these techniques when self-editing their novel to better ensure a hit? Join Liz Pelletier from Entangled Publishing as she walks you through the elements of best sellers, and how to self-edit your novel for maximum viral success.

  • If we don’t hear from you and you were registered for the Modern Weapons session, we will assume you now want to attend the Growth Hack session.
  • If you are registered in Session 26-30 and want to change your selection, please use this form to update your preferences.
  • If you DO NOT want to change your session selection, no action is required.

For full program visit: 

If you have any questions on the above – please contact our registrar on


Love Gone Wild – Last call from the Wild!

Love Gone Wild Registrations Close July 21st, 2017

With the exciting announcement that Bolinda, Google and our surprise industry professionals, are going to be taking one-on-one meetings at this year’s conference we have extended the cut-off date until July 21st, 2017.

This gives you only ONE WEEK left to register. We encourage you not to miss out!


All authors

 We have other industry professionals coming onsite, but we cannot reveal who they are just yet. (That means they’re BIG!) You’ll have to have registered and must have ticked YES to participate in surveys. They WILL be taking one-on-one meetings. This will be an opportunity not to be missed.

Emails and surveys from our industry professionals will be sent out in the next week or so. Keep an eye on your inbox!  Email, to update your registration information.

Emerging / Established Authors

Bolinda – Cristina Lee will also be taking appointments for your published books to be considered for audio, large-print formatting and library distribution.

Google – Naomi Gaskell and her colleagues are wanting to meet with you in one-one-one meetings to help you increase your digital presence and community engagement by utilising their services.

Appointments will be made available soon only to those who have registered for core conference.

Pitching and Manuscript Assessments

Manuscript Assessment opportunities close JULY 24th, 2017. This close date cannot be extended as the editors need time to pre-read and assess your work. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to get your work in front of someone who can help launch your writing career. Spots are still available, but are limited.

We also have a number of pitching opportunities still available.

For information Visit:


Love Gone Wild – Why writing a series is a smart move.

This is proving to be another popular session at Love Gone Wild. Registrations close soon, don’t miss out.

Do you want to learn how to make the most out of your writing? Do you want to learn how to write smarter?

Come and join Chris Taylor, who was first published in early 2014 and has since sold over 100 000 copies of her hugely popular Munro Family series and Sydney Harbour Hospital series. Chris will show you how putting time into writing a series will pay dividends in the long run.

Register for Love Gone Wild at:


Love Gone Wild – Know your characters through astrology.

It’s written in the stars…come to Love Gone Wild to find out more.

Ever hit the halfway mark and feel like the story drags? Often it is because we don’t know our characters well enough. If you don’t understand what drives them, it’s difficult to come up with the right type of crisis to throw their way. Star signs will help you write more believable protagonists; understand their motivation; create conflicts that really matter; and take your characters on the journey they need to go on in order to find their happy ending.

Join Joanne Tracey and find out about this interesting topic to help strengthen your characters.

Registrations for Love Gone Wild close soon – register now at:  


Love Gone Wild – The Organised Writer

Who needs a little bit of organisation in their author life?

Come and join Ally Blake at conference to gather advice from multiple accomplished writers on how they go about using their time, space and writing brain most efficiently. Ally will load you up with multiple tools with which to make being busy work for you.

Ally is a best-selling romance novelist with more than thirty books published in multiple languages and more than four million copies sold worldwide. See how this busy mum of three, writer, volunteer, book cover designer and graphics creator manages to keep her computer is a zen-like field of organised wonder.

REMEMBER: Registrations close July 15th, 2017 – Don’t Miss Out. Book your ticket at:


Love Gone Wild – Self-publishing success stories and how to get it right.

Thinking or self-publishing and/or want to learn more about it? This session at this year’s conference will provide you with some very beneficial insights.

Amy Andrews, author of over 60 books, will moderate this panel of hugely successful Australian indie authors to discuss a diverse range of issues involving their self-publishing journeys as well as advice and debunking myths.

Come and hear from Clare Connelly, who has published over 42 titles and seen over 500 000 paid downloads, Chris Taylor, who turned down a deal with one of the big 5 has now written 19 romantic suspense books with over 100 000 paid downloads, and Rachel Amphlett, who has sold Italian rights to her indie published debut thriller and has seen six figure downloads of her breakout romantic suspense novel.

These three hugely successful Australian indie authors talk business. Find out what worked, what didn’t and everything in between.

Remember, registrations for Love Gone Wild close on July 15th, so don’t miss out. Register now at: 


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