Little Gems 2012 Author – Anna Simons

Today we congratulate Anna Simons for winning a place in the 2012 Diamond Edition Little Gems Anthology.

The name of Anna’s 2012 Diamond Edition short story: Seymour’s Folly

 Other name: Anna Ugrinic (this is the real one!)

Do you have any tip/s for writing a short story.

Keeping to the word limit. I talk a lot and I tend to write like that, so paring down can be a real challenge for me.

Focus on one moment in time rather than trying to write a whole novel and add a twist that surprises the reader.

What was you inspiration for the story?

One of my CP’s wondering how many engagement stories were going to be written. Then I watched an episode of Inspector Rex (I’m a German Shepherd tragic) about a jewellery heist and the idea grew from there. I did end up writing an engagement story in addition to this one and it finished 8th from the bottom – go figure!

Do you have a favourite line/short piece from your short?

When my heroine thinks “Not unless you counted various shades of blue.” I can’t say why without giving too much away!

What are you working on now and what are your writing goals for the future?

I was working on a first manuscript for a category romance and it just wasn’t happening – the hero and heroine weren’t talking to me. My two protagonists in ‘Seymours Folly’ started shouting at me from the word go, so their story is being written as we speak. I sent my original hero and heroine on a long holiday and told them to come back when they were ready for me to tell their story. In the future, I want to branch out to general fiction with a couple of ideas that are on the backburner for the moment.

 How can people find out more about you/your writing? Do you have a website or blog?

Website – work in progress. I’ll include a blog and I plan to upload my short stories as free reads once it’s up and running.

Will we be able to catch up with you in person at the RWA National Conference in August?

 Absolutely – already registered. Can’t wait to get up there. I have a shameful (for an Aussie) secret to share – I’ve never been to the Gold Coast!

Anthology Orders Now Open

Would you like to order the anthology for yourself, as a special gift or a Christmas (yes I said Christmas) stocking filler?

Orders are now open and we are taking pre-release orders until the end of June, so plenty of time. Use the order form on our RWA website.

NOTE: Pre-release ordering means you are ordering and paying but the anthology will not be available until August (launched at the national conference).
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