Guest Blogger ~ Suzanne Brandyn

I’m pleased to share with you my release of ‘Heat in the Outback.’ I use to live in the outback, in the rural areas of N.S.W. and in the cities of Australia. I draw on these areas to make my novels authentic. The idea for the story came about when I thought of the many times I returned to visit my grandmother on the edge of the outback. Originally titled Going Home, I changed it to ‘Heat in the Outback.’

It’s a story of returning home and regret. Most people hold some type of regret, either minor or major. If only we could turn back the clock. Well my heroine Sarah Munro hopes to do just that, to grab onto what she had lost.

Here is part of a review and it sums up ‘Heat in the Outback’ superbly.

Sarah returns home to tie up her father’s legal affairs and to sell the property she fled a decade before, only to find Ethan, the boy she loved now a man firmly entrenched in her family home. The painful choice Sarah was forced to make all those years ago refuses to stay buried and forgotten and no matter how hard she tries to ignore it, Ethan can still make her knees weak with just a single glance.  


The soaring temperature in the Outback is not the only heat Sarah Munro faces when she returns home for her father’s funeral. She wants to settle his affairs, sell the family’s homestead, Munro Cattle Station, and return to Sydney, and her fiancé, as quickly as possible. Sarah doesn’t want anyone to find out what she’d done in the past. She wants to close this chapter of her life for good. Then there will never be a reason to return to this dusty one horse town. She is wrong!

Ethan Wade, her first love is at the homestead. Ethan claims he owns half of Munro Station. Sarah wants him out! As they try to settle their differences, a raging attraction ignites.

Will Sarah and Ethan find each other again as their past explodes before them?


Their gaze locked for long moments and the sparkle of green in his eyes mesmerized her before she drowned in the delirious touch of warm, tender lips.

Desire swam deep, prodding her to respond, as she had no trouble remembering the last time he’d kissed her. A warm rush cascaded over her body. The kiss continued, leaving her breathless. Torture surged through her. She knew she had to break contact but found his intoxicating touch impossible to refuse. She rode with him, tasting him, feeling the male within, until her mind snapped back to reality. She jerked back. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she spluttered.

She stood up, picked up her glass and sculled the remains of her drink. A light dizziness wound through her mind.

“You have to make up your mind, Sarah.”

She swung around and glared at him. “As I said, I didn’t come back for you.”

“No, you made your mind up about me a long time ago.”

Her eyes misted. His words tore her heart open. She blurted. “You don’t know the circumstances, Ethan.”

“I know more than you think I do.”

She shook her head. “Things have never changed with you, have they? You’re still the slow talkin’ cow cocky. Oh let me rephrase that, sheep cocky that is, that loves living on nothing but dust…the night I left was the night I told…”

Are you wondering why Sarah left?   

Purchase at:

Please come and visit me at for more information. To enter a competition to win a copy of ‘Heat in the Outback.  I’d love to see you there.

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