Ready, set… Romancing the Novel… SA style

Get ready as the second Adelaide Roadshow is set for 15th May!!

RWA and SARA is proud to bring you this Roadshow event, called Romancing the Novel. It promises something for every writer, starting out or experienced. Not only have we amazing local talent, but wonderful special guests for the day.

Here are a few thoughts on RTN…..

From our special guests:

Silhouette Desire author, Yvonne Lindsay

I’m hugely looking forward to my first ever trip to Adelaide and the opportunity to meet more South Australian romance writers. I’m also looking forward to the plane trip—it’s always good people watching fodder, isn’t it—and to seeing a bit of the city and surrounding countryside in the days after RTN.

One of the things I love the most as a reader is ‘feeling’ my characters’ journeys, every step of the way. Helping other writers to understand their own characters and why those characters have the innermost reactions to the events in ‘their’ story is something I absolutely love to do in my “Making Characters Real” workshop. If you’re coming along, you can certainly expect to work, but I promise it won’t hurt too much and it’s going to be heaps of fun as well as a great eye opener about your characters’ voices.

Avon Regency Noir author, Anna Campbell

I’m so excited about attending Romancing the Novel (not just because I’ve booked a winery tour afterwards, hic!). SARA has done a fantastic job of assembling amazing romance writing talent to speak to the delegates. I’m amazed at the value you get for your $125 (including catering)! Two events I’m particularly looking forward to are a hands-on workshop I’m running with the wonderful Yvonne Lindsay about writing the bestselling romance, and then my writing emotional punch workshop in the afternoon. I’ll give you practical tips on how to lift the intensity and vividness of your manuscript – and that can make the difference between selling and not selling!

From SA presenters:

HM&B Sexy Sensation author, Anne Oliver

If you like:

*Meeting other writers
*Socialising and making new friends with common interests
*Talking about writing, especially romance
*Sharing ideas
*Learning something new
*Finding inspiration
*Hearing multi-published writers talk about their writing, their own journey and setbacks
*Injecting renewed enthusiasm into your writing
*Finding out about current market trends, publishers, agents
*Enjoying a day out with friendly people, good food and plenty of information


You’ll enjoy SARA’s Romancing the Novel seminar.  Hope to see you there.

HM&B Sweet author, Claire Baxter

I wish there had been something like Romancing the Novel in Adelaide when I was an aspiring romance writer. It’s certainly a great opportunity to learn from experienced romance authors, and I’m betting that every writer who attends will either have a light bulb moment, or will take away a piece of advice that they can implement in their own writing. Should be a great day!

HM&B Historical author and RITA finalist, Elizabeth Rolls

One of the best things about participating as a speaker or on a panel, is being able to give back a little of what was so generously given to me as a complete newcomer. Another really good thing is with Anna and Yvonne coming over there’s an extra chance to catch up with them!  For unpublished writers this is a fabulous opportunity to listen to writers who have made it to publication.  You can ask questions about craft, the industry, anything.  It’s an especially good opportunity for people who may not be able to make it to Sydney for the Conference in August.  There is nothing like being around other writers and being able to talk books and writing with people who understand.  People who don’t consider you clinically insane to have these characters in your head.  People who don’t assume your writing is just a nice, little hobby, nothing important.  Being around other writers is important.  One of the most important things I’ve learnt from being around other writers is that no two writers have the same creative process.

What can you expect?  A broad and very deep well of expertise which is is completely at your disposal for the day.  Bring your notebooks, laptops or whatever.  Be prepared to learn and think.  Be prepared to have a great deal of fun.

From other SARA members:

RWAus Contest finalist and Little Gems Topaz author, Maggie Mundy

I was never sure what I was writing. Thought some of it was definitely horror, fantasy or paranormal, but I was always drawn to the relationships of the main couple in my story.  Someone said to me to try things you would never consider. It might still not be for you, but you will learn something. I went to the SARA seminar expecting  some insight into my writing, but found kindred spirits. The publishing industry is difficult for most and overnight successes are rare. Within the romance writing community I have found support and professional help that has given me direction. I have managed to final in a Selling Synopsis competition, which let my synopsis be seen by a New York agent.  I am to be published in a short story anthology Little Gems which will give me a publishing history. None of this would have happened without the encouragement of the women from my SARA group. Each little triumph that we have along the way is shared by everyone. It makes us all believe we can attain our goals.

Just remember that with the world financial crisis, book sales were on the way down except for one group. Romance.  Remember that our market ranges from 18-80.  Cynics would say that it is not real life, but I would say if you can grab one of these romantic moments from a book, and it actually happens in whatever weird way then it is what makes all of the other menial stuff worthwhile.

RWAus Contest finalist, Bec Sampson (Becca Heath)

I can’t wait for RTN. I attended the Romance Roadshow and it was a brilliant day. To talk craft and the writing life with like minded people for a whole day – bliss! The sessions were interesting and everyone was so friendly. I was even remembered when I turned up at my first SARA meeting nearly 2 years later. I would recommend anyone who can to attend.

From the organising committee:

Dianne Osborne

I attended the first roadshow in Adelaide, when we were spoiled with special guests Anne Gracie and Marion Lennox. It was a fantastic day – met lots of great people, and was treated to almost individual attention from the presenters. The Romancing the Novel event is an important one for local women’s writers, as not everyone can get to the national conference. I see it as a scaled down version, in quantity not quality, of the conference. I also think the RWA is a wonderful organisation, and I have wanted to make it known to people who may not be aware of its existence. This is why I have put quite a bit of effort into trying to spread the word about RTN.

Little Gems Topaz Cover Winner, Helen Katsinis

The 2008 Roadshow was an absolute blast.  I have no doubt that the 2010 Romancing the Novel seminar will be on the same par as it’s predecessor. Being the registrar, I have been thrilled to see registrations coming from around Adelaide, SA country, and even other states.  I’m looking forward to meeting all attendees and having a great day of spending time with writing folk who do not think it strange I have voices in my head!  :0) It’s also wonderful to showcase SARA and RWA and encourage new members into the fold.


So when: 15th May, 9am to 5pm (registration desk opens at 8.30am)

Where: SA Writers’ Centre, 2nd floor, 187 Rundle Street,  Adelaide

Cost: $125 (including lunch and morning/afternoon teas)

More information including registration forms at:

SARA website

RWAus website


We’ve managed to obtain a good accommodation price for the Romancing the Novel seminar for our out-of-state guests, or attendees looking to spend the night in the city.

If you are interested, contact Helen at helenkat @ for details.

So if you are interested in a fun-filled information laden day with fantastic authors and fellow writers, join us at Romancing the Novel. We hope to see you there!!

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