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Member News

Melanie celebrates the release of Devil in Denim this week.

Life just threw her a curveball!
As the team-owner’s daughter, Maggie Jameson grew up in the New York Saints’ stadium—glove, cap, hot dogs, and all. Baseball’s in her blood, and she’s always dreamed of the day when she would lead the Saints to victory herself. That was before her dad had to sell the team to Alex Winters. The fast-talking, fiercely attractive businessman has a baseball pedigree that’s distinctly minor league. Maggie wants to hate him but his skills of seduction, however, are off the charts.

Congratulations to Rachael on the release of Tease Me, Cowboy

Selah Davis loves her life as a journalist in Seattle (or so she says) but on a rare trip home to Marietta to cover the Copper Mountain Rodeo, she confesses to her best friends over drinks that her one regret in life is not sleeping with her high school boyfriend, Levi Monroe. Into the bar walks Levi, also home for the rodeo. When her friends dare her to proposition him for a one night stand, she’s at first appalled… but the more she thinks about remedying her one regret, the less she can get him and their electric chemistry out of her head. Selah’s always been her parents’ good daughter. Would it hurt just for one night to be a little bit bad?

Brushing off the Boss is out 15 September and is Book 2 in the Half Moon Bay series in the Bliss imprint

The one passion they had in common was the one that would keep them apart.

Artist Sienna Sacchi is about to have everything she’s ever dreamed of, when sexy playboy Jack Montgomery comes strolling back into her life as the owner of her gallery. Her plan to buy it herself ruined, she refuses to let him interfere with the most important thing—her debut exhibition. But Jack’s not just taking over her workplace, he’s also intruding on her art studio, her home, and maybe even her heart.

Anna Campbell has another daring release out for historical fans, What a Duke Dares

He’s the last man she wants to marry – and he’s the only man she’ll ever love …

A reputation at risk

What woman in her right mind would say no to marrying the dashing Duke of Sedgemoor? Miss Penelope Thorne, that’s who. She’s known Camden Rothermere since they were children – and she also knows she’d bring nothing but scandal to his name.

The second book in Anna’s Greyladies series has now been published. It’s a WWI romantic historical with a light dusting of woo-woo, set in an ancient Tudor mansion in Wiltshire.

Congratulations to Elizabeth on her contract for print and e-book for The Highlander in the Mist, historical, medieval, time travel, spicy romance with Luminosity Publishing UK.

Maggi a new release this week. Available in print and ebook. What A Rake WantsThe Spies of Mayfair Series, Book #3. 

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August 31 Event Announcements

September 1 – New Releases

September 2 – Author Spotlight on Sandra Antonelli

September 4 – Cruisin’ with RWA

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 28 August – Janni Nell and her new release: The Bride, the Groom and Me

Cover reveal and introduction to GW Gibson and Queen of Speed. You think you know motorbikes? GW does!

When writing becomes a pain in the neck

Decadent food, a delicious romance, and a dashing giveaway. It’s all happening on Friday Feast with Anna Campbell. To celebrate the release of her luscious new historical romance, What A Duke Dares, Anna reveals what it was like to attend a glamorous Regency ball and shares a recipe for lobster patties. Plus confess the most deliciously decadent thing you’ve eaten and you’ll go into the draw to win your own copy of What A Duke Dares. Divine!

You don’t need to know anything about rugby league to read Deep Diving even though it features a rugby league playing hero. He’s on holidays, so not a football to be seen! But I love rugby league and here are a few reasons why a little rugby in your romance can be a good thing…

5 Secrets to Successful Stripping by Juliet Madison…or rather her creation, Ty Roxford, quality adult entertainer and dancer, and hero of Juliet’s new novel!

August 21 – Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 66: Melanie Milburne’s Musophobia is Not Musical or Pretty

August 21 – Seventy-Five Days of Phobias Day 64: Phobias That Make You Go Hmmm?

August 22 – Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 65 Needling Amy Andrews

August 24 – Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 67: Vassiliki The Flying Librarian

August 25 – Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 68: These Phobias Are Not Your Friends

August 25 –  Get Your Freak on – Top 10 Phobias on The Escapades

August 26 – Seventy-five Days of Phobias Day 69: Kat Mayo Claustrophobia and Things That Clench

August 27 – Seventy-Five Days of Phobias Day 70: Sarah Belle Gives Us A Wave

August 26  – Cover Reveal for Love Will Find You

August 28  – May I introduce – Sara Donovan “Love by Numbers” – Don’t miss this one!

August 31 – Snippet Sunday

August 21 – AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Louise Reynolds

August 22 – FINDING MY VOICE: Kat T Masen

August 22 – AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Cate Ellink

August 25 – WIP ME INSPIRED: Sara Donovan

August 25 – AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Sandra Antonelli

August 26 – AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Lara Morgan

August 27 – AT MY DESK: Amy Rose Bennett


 AusRomToday is proud to announce the inaugural AusRomToday Reader’s Choice Awards! With five fabulous categories, including Best New Author, Best Established Author, Cover of the Year, Author of the Year, and the coveted Book of the Year.

Public voting commences on November 1st, so to nominate yourself (go on, you know you deserve a pat on the back!) or your favourite author, click through to our online nomination form now. Don’t forget to get your mailing list and/or street teams involved in nominating and voting for you!

Enrico’s Pick Six

Submit your blog site link to to share with our readers. Enrico hand picks six blogs to showcase every week. Enrico’s Pick Six this week:

Enrico1. Alison Stuart
2. Bronwyn Parry
3. Cassandra Dean
4. Down Under Desirabelles
5. Elise Ackers
6. Helene Young

Have a great week and happy writing!


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Good News

THE TRADER’S DREAM has been doing very nicely in the Top 100 Family Sagas and Sagas lists on Amazon.

has a new release out on April 15, ASK ME TO STAY: A Homeland Book from Destiny Romance

I’LL GET BY, released Feb 2013 was reviewed by WritingWA, the literary body for the State of western Australia. The review also appeared in the West Newspaper on February 29. This book is the third one in the World Wars’ trilogy and is preceded by book one, TALL POPPIES and book two, SECRETS AND LIES.

A HANDFUL OF ASHES, a paperback saga for Simon and Schuster published in 2004 has attracted a sale of over 7,500 copies to a book club.

SOMETHING SPOOKY. an ebook through Belgrave House.

THE GREEK, THE DOG, SHANGRI-LA, and ME is a short story (non-romance) that was a runner up in the Katherine Susannah Prichard Award is to be included in a  an American anthology with the theme I thought I’d never see you again. The anthology will be published and sold by writer’s organisation,  Novelist’s Inc.

Maree Anderson has just released a fantasy trilogy: SEER’S HOPE (Book One), SEER’S PROMISE (Book Two) and SEER’S CHOICE (Book Three).  SEER’S HOPE, a previous RWNZ Clendon Award finalist, is currently free on Smashwords.

Maree’s Clendon Award-winning book, THE CRYSTAL WARRIOR (Book One of The Crystal Warriors series), is currently also free at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Diesel eBooks & All Romance eBooks.


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  • RWA Blog

April 6 – Hearts Talk Wrap

April 7 – Event Announcements

April 9 – Riding the Waves Conference Spotlight on Kat Mayo

April 10 – Author Spotlight and Giveaway: Alison Stuart

April 11 – Cruisin’ with RWA

Kate Belle shares secret YEARNINGS this Sunday 7th on All the World’s a Page.

Annie West will be a guest on Sunday 14th April. Don’t miss out!

This week on Friday Feast we’re offering a double treat: A new voice in Australian rural fiction and blueberry-topped cheesecake! So come on over and meet Pamela Cook, whose debut release BLACKWATTLE LAKE is gathering punnetfuls of rave reviews. Plus you’ll be raving even more when you see her tried n’ true cheesecake. Indeedy, we’re in for a berry good time!

All your favourites over at DSDU this week

Visit Eleni Konstantine in the Taverna

Anna Campbell was ‘baled up’ on Author Harvest WITH giveaway (and Jenn was run down in the rush!)

Then, for someone completely different. Meet women’s fiction author Lia Weston on Author Harvest.

Oh, and, it’s Jenn’s one-month anniversary and she’s done a rundown of what that has entailed.

Has started a guest blogging segment on my site, called : Spotlight on Writers. Her first guest post was up 31 March 2013 with Sue Moorcroft

April 6 – CAT-URDAY: A Writer’s Cat

April 9 – CRAFT: Nine Points of Trust – guest blogger Paula Roe shares some crafting skills…

April 13 – SATURDAY SEVEN: Seven paragraphs of a favourite book off my shelves – SONG OF SCARABAEUS by Sara Creasy

Look out for the Monthly Blog Roundup and an excerpt of a craft article written by Ebony McKenna called Active or Passive Voice.

An electrifying experience! I’m sitting in Annie Seaton’s Chair. What do perfume and musicals have in common? Come join us and find out!

I would like to announce an exciting new Guest-Hosting Page on my Blog site. Browsing Book Covers with Maryde & Guest! What is different with Browsing Book covers is It is not just for Authors – I will be welcoming readers as well…Each Month, Guests will share thoughts about Bookcovers past & new. What better way to connect with readers than invite them into our world? So, I invite you to pass on my contact e-mail to your Mum  your cousin, sister, brother, your 80yr old aunt, (who may be deaf, but still loves to read),and I’ll contact them with a selection of simple and painless questions they just answer and return by email.  Did I mention there will be some Give-a-ways from generous Authors. Looking forward to your company!

I blog about my romance writing journey. I like to think it’s an amusing blog about the journey of an aspiring writer. My latest blog talks about my experience with the RWA Little Gems comp.  I do hope you have some time to take a quick peek.

April 2ROOM SERVICE anyone? In the Armchair with Vanessa Stark
April 6 –  Going UNDER THE HOOD on Elise Ackers’ The Write Frequency
April 7 – Getting a little out-of-water action In the Armchair with Ros Baxter and her new release, FISH OUT OF WATER

March 25 – Life in a Pink Fibro – Allison Tait’s blog: Starting Out: How to make the time to write

April 1 – Australian Romance Readers Association Inc: Release day blog

April 1 – Ros Baxter Ink: Happy launch day – make like a mermaid!

April 2 – Beauty and Lace e-zine (Bookgirl Michelle) – Review

April 3 – Manga Mania Cafe: Interview and review

April 3 – Down Under Divas: Interview

April 3 – Parajunkee: Review

April 4 – The Write Frequency – Elise K Ackers’ blog: Interview

April 4 – Rachael Johns’ blog: My secret life

April 5 – Romance Readers: Blog and giveaway

April 6 – Amy Andrews on Sister Chat: Sister on sister interview

April 7 – Juanita Kees blog: Interview

April 8 – Nomi’s Paranormal Palace: Review and blog

April 9 – Nicola Marsh’s blog: The tail so far…

April 10 – Juliet Madison’s blog: Choreographing a love scene underwater (and other things your craft book never taught you)

April 11 – Kylie Griffin’s blog: Torn between two worlds

April 12 – Sami Lee’s blog:  The story behind the story 

April 15 – Nas Dean’s blog: Blog and giveaway

April 29 – Love Cats Down Under: Sisters and Books


Enrico’s Pick Six

Submit your blog site link to to share with our readers. Enrico hand picks six blogs to showcase every week.

Enrico’s Pick Six this week:Enrico

  1. Susanne Bellamy
  2. Tracey O’Hara
  3. Trish Morey
  4. Write on Track – Diane Curran
  5. The Other Side
  6. Carla Caruso


Riding the Waves: Writing Romance in Tempestuous Times

Things are heating up here in the west with the 22nd annual RWA conference approaching fast. So do keep an eye out for blogs and information Riding the Waveshere on the blog, on Facebook and on the Romance Writers of Australia website. If you’re planning on Riding the Waves in Freo this year, why not keep up to date and subscribe to the newsletter via email.

August 16 – 18 2013 -The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia

In August 2013, for the first time, our annual national conference is heading to Western Australia. With a gorgeous heritage hotel, sunshine, sea-breezes, alfresco dining and history – Fremantle has it all. And now it has romance!

Take advantage of the Early Bird Savings and register today!

Regards Juanita

Blog Bites with Susanne Bellamy

susannebellamyI write:  Contemporary romance. My debut novel is White Ginger

I’m from:  Toowoomba in SE Queensland

Three words to describe me:    (My husband refused to answer this one!) A blonde cactus- Short, fair, prickly?

 At home I cook:  A top lasagne with meat and vegetarian halves; saves cooking separate meals for vegetarian daughter and carnivore son.

My worst habit is:  Pinterest! Lol

It’s a bit daggy but I love:  Old black and white movies. Casablanca  is one of my all time favourites.

My first job was:  Check out chick at the old Woolies walk round store. I manned the express register and was never more than two cents out.

My day job is:  High school teacher

Saving for: Next trip overseas. 2014, hopefully with my daughter. We have to hit Paris again now she’s grown up enough to enjoy more than the EiffelTower!

I procrastinate by: Playing solitaire, one more game then I’ll just check the emails. Oh look, more people liked the Mosaic Mini I pinned…sb book

Three things people might not know about me are:  I love salt and vinegar chips over chocolate (is that heresy amongst writers?), a single malt over wine, and I studied ballet for thirteen years.

Current reading:  The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney, then on to The Light Between Oceans by M.L.Stedman

Favourite movie:  Other than B&Ws, movies like Kate and Leopold, Hysteria, SKYFALL!!!!!

Plotter or panster:  Panster, definitely, but I’m trying different methods of plotting to see what fits my style. I do like to get to know my characters in a casual way while I write the beginning. It makes the rest easier.

Why I write:  I love it and I control the world within my pages. (Shades of  despotic megalomania creeping in here)

Latest project: Merger in Melbourne is my current WIP (check out the board and see what I mean about my addiction! ), although I’ve also got a half written ms set in Nepal with definite leanings toward romantic suspense. I’ve just got to decide which way I want to go with it.

Thank you Susanne for sharing with us today.

If you would like to learn more about Susanne and her books…and pinterest, go to her website:


RWA members can take a bite. Contact Kerri Williams to schedule your Blog Bite feature on

Author Spotlight: Susanne Bellamy

2011 - headshots1. Welcome to the Author Spotlight, Susanne. Can you tell us a little about your book, WHITE GINGER?

Arne recognised his soul mate the moment he saw Amelie but he’s involved in a David and Goliath battle, challenging a big developer whose resort will impact on the reef protecting his small community on Kauai.

Life with Arne is one dangerous adventure after another, jolting Amelie’s boring, predictable life to its foundations. And Arne’s kisses set the fire that blazes through her newly awakened passions. When Amelie’s life is endangered by her involvement with his work, Arne races to save her.

White Ginger was released on 7th January 2013. It came third in the RWA Emerald Award in 2011, and was picked up by Lyrical Press through a pitch competition.


2. What do you love most about being an author?

Storytelling. As far back as I can recall, I’ve created worlds and characters. Now, I get the chance to tell the stories that trampoline in my head! I also love that it’s a legitimate part of writing to ‘daydream’! And the absolute  need to surf the net for images of heroes and divine gowns and shoes and gorgeous settings. (Should I stop there? You get the idea)


3. Do you have a writing schedule you follow, or are you a ‘write whenever I can’ type of author?

I work fulltime outside of writing so it has to fit in around my bread and butter job. Weekends are prime time for me, and I’m fortunate to have a very understanding, supportive husband!


4. Do you write detailed character profiles before starting a new book, or do you find the characters come to life as you write?

Funny thing here is, I usually ‘see’ the first meeting between my protagonists and work from there, exploring their personalities and backgrounds as I shape the first three chapters. They morph into rounded beings as I get to know them, just like you come to know people you’ve just met. Somewhere in there I look for photos of places and real life people who are close to my image of key characters and keep those in front of me for the duration. I pin them to a story board on my PINTEREST page.


WG5. Do you find that some of your own life experiences make their way into your stories, or do you make absolutely everything up?

I believe our experiences give us some of the ‘truth’ needed to tell a story with characters who are real so, yes. Amelie in my debut novel White Ginger shares my phobia, a real fear she has to overcome to keep Arne (Keanu) safe.


6. Describe yourself in three words:

Techno-gumby, Pinterest-addict, single-malt-lover. (You didn’t say I couldn’t hyphenate!)


7. What advice would you give to aspiring romance authors out there?

Join RWA and keep writing—you can’t edit a blank page (my mantra).


8. Name three character traits that you think make an irresistible hero in a romance novel?

Honesty, vulnerability, compassion.


9. What are you working on now?

The Melbourne Merger, inspired by a recent trip to Melbourne and an abandoned red brick building (think heritage listing) and Nepali Nights, fed by a long ago trip and a husband who keeps returning because—there are mountains to climb!  🙂


Thanks for being on the Author Spotlight Susanne!

You can visit Susanne at her website, blog, facebook, and twitter.

Cruisin’ with RWA

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Riding the Waves: Writing Romance in Tempestuous Times

Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves

Things are heating up here in the west with the 22nd annual RWA  conference approaching fast. So do keep an eye out for blogs and information here on the blog, on Facebook and on the Romance Writers of Australia website. If you’re planning on Riding the Waves in Freo this year, why not keep up to date and subscribe to the newsletter via email.

August 16 – 18 2013 –The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia

In August 2013, for the first time, our annual national conference is heading to Western Australia. With a gorgeous heritage hotel, sunshine, sea-breezes, alfresco dining and history – Fremantle has it all. And now it has romance!


Cruisin’ the News

Share your good news with us each week and we’ll join you in your happy dance. Congratulations to all our members this week. Share your new release, new cover, contest win, new contract, new website and more good news with us at

New Releases

  • Bronwen Evans is excited to announce the release of THE RELUCTANT WIFE from Entangled publishing (Indulgence)
  • Susanne Bellamy‘s debut contemporary novel, WHITE GINGER, released through Lyrical Press on January 7
  • Paula Roe and Deborah Tait have a novella out in an anthology published by the author-led co-op, TWC Press. MOONLIT ENCOUNTERS is their debut book.
  • Madeline Ash is thrilled to announce the debut release of UNCOVERED BY LOVE from Destiny Romance
  • Anne E Summers has her first fantasy book THE SINGING MOUNTAIN released by Solstice Publishing
  • Shona Husk’s FOR THE LOVE OF A GOBLIN WARRIOR, the last of the Shadowlands books, is out now
  • Rachael Johns has two new releases in January. MAN DROUGHT released on New Years Day from Harlequin Australia. They currently have a contest going to win a $500 Red Balloon package simply by reading the first chapter and answering a question. STAND-IN STAR released from Carina Press.
  • Alissa Callen’s WHAT LOVE SOUNDS LIKE is out with Escape PublishingBoundByLove3
  • S E Gilchrist has e-published a novella set in Dark Ages Britain called BOUND BY LOVE available from Smashwords and Amazon. S E is running a contest to celebrate the release on her site with a free giveaway to one commenter during the month of January. S E also has LEGEND BEYOND THE STARS scheduled for release from Escape Publishing on January 10

New Contracts

  • Allison Butler is thrilled to announce her Scottish medieval,  is to be published by Destiny Romance and is due for release mid-February 2013.
  • Janet Woods has signed contracts for two more books with Severn House.Magna has offered for large print rights to her Belgrave House ebook BENEDICT’S BRIDE. Audio Rights  to her February hardcover release with Severn House, I’LL GET BY, have been picked up by Soundings
  • Juanita Kees has signed a contract with Escape Publishing for the March release of TAMING THE TIGER


Cruisin’ Member BlogsClint

Clint had another busy week cruisin’ the web and inbox. Hope you enjoy his scoop. Share a link and a short blurb here each week by emailing the details to us at:

For anyone who thinks they know their historical romance heroes, Anne hosted a quiz on Word Wenches

will be back soon!

January 10 – MAGIC THURSDAY – Shona Husk with giveaway of FOR THE LOVE OF THE GOBLIN WARRIOR

January 11 – REAL LIFE PARANORMAL compiled by Mel Teshco

January 12 – DARKLIGHT ON…with Kathrine Leannan

January 14 – Winner of Shona’s giveaway announced

January 15 – GOOD NEWS DAY compiled by Kylie Griffin

January 16 – A BITE OF… FISHERPRIEST with CM Simpson

January 17 – MAGIC THURSDAY – Jenny Schwartz

Super Sunday

Musa Monday – Clarissa Johal

Writing Buddy Wednesday – DarkSider, Mel Teshco

While you were snoozin’, missing out on Cruisin’, Author Harvest ‘baled up’ Karly Lane and Rachael Johns

Jenn wrote an open letter to Tony Park – “I am NOT reading this book, Mr Park”

January 10 Author Harvest presents Juanita Kees with a giveaway of a signed copy of FLY AWAY PETA and

Jenn recently baled up the whacky, witty Lisa Walker to talk Sex, Lies & Bonsai.

January 2 – Cat-urday: Funnies – more madcap mayhem with LOL cats
January 8 – INDUSTRY: Interview with…Riverina Romantics – new series on book bloggers!
January 12 – SATURDAY SEVEN: Seven paragraphs of a favourite book off my shelves – KISS OF STEEL Bec McMaster
January 15 – INDUSTRY: Interview with…My Book Chatter – New Zealand book blogger

Serena is pleased to announce her special guest blogger, Valerie Parv. This is Valerie’s first stop on her Blog Tour for her wonderful book, BIRTHRIGHT. It continues her series set on the fictional island kingdom of Carramer. Valerie will be blogging about using holidays in your writing and offers suggestions.

January 8 – Review of IN FALLING SNOW  by Mary-Rose MacColl

January 10 – Review of QUEEN OF THE ROAD by Tricia Stringer

January 11 – Celebrating two new releases  with Rachael Johns and a post on titles and how they come to life for her.

In order to give our wonderful home grown and unique rural fiction a global voice a face book page called Books for Country Girls and Guys has been created. Such a page will promote and celebrate rural as well as small town fiction. Would love people to drop by:)

Just a shout-out about my new blog series called Fan Girl Friday, where me and a bunch of author guests will be raving about stuff we love every Friday. I took the first spot, and Keziah Hill will be up on the 11th, so mark Friday in your diary to drop by and check it out. Love to see you there!

To celebrate the release of BOUND BY LOVE I’m posting a blog on January 10 (US time)  and I will be running a giveaway for the remainder of January. Anyone who subscribes to my blog and leaves a comment will go in the draw for a $10 Amazon gift voucher.

Is over at the Book Junkie celebrating the release of WHITE GINGER with a give away and here is the line up for her new blog, ALL THE WORLD’S A PAGE every Sunday:

January 23 – First guest this week is Annie Seaton who offers some insights into what inspires her writing across multiple genres

January 30 – Visit with Efthalia Pegios talking about her paranormal WIP

February 6 – Hosting Jenn J McLeod on the blog


Enrico’s Pick SixPortrait of a handsome male chauffeur sitting in a car saluting a passanger

Submit your blog site link to to share with our readers. Enrico hand picks six blogs to showcase every week.

Enrico’s Pick Six this week:

  1. Annie Seaton
  2. Coleen Kwan
  3. Jenn J McLeod
  4. Magical Gains
  5. Neomi Quinn
  6. Jenna Anastasi


RWA Contests

Closing dates for the 2012-13 RWA contest season

Little Gems 1 February 2013
First Kiss 15 February 2013
Valerie Parv Award TBA April 2013


Regards Juanita

Cruisin’ with RWA

We have a huge line-up of blogs for you to enjoy this week. Happy Cruisin’…

Have you got a new website or blog to share? Send us the link to


Cruisin’ the News

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Upcoming Contests

  • The RWA West Houston Chapter’s contest ‘The Emily’ is open for submissions from Saturday, September 1st, 2012 and closes at midnight, September 30, 2012.For more information and to enter: * All Electronic ~ Fee: $30 (WHRWA members $20) * No synopsis ~ maximum of 7,000 words * Three first-round judges ~ lowest score dropped * Open to published authors (not published in category for three years) * Multiple entries allowed * Entries capped at the first 240 entries received

Visit the Contest Website for instructions on how to enter by completing a submission form and uploading one (1) eligible first chapter.

RWA Contests

  • New Logo Contest

RWA has launched a contest to find a new logo.

Opens: September 1st 2012,

Closes: Midnight Sydney time September 30th 2012

  • Closing dates for the 2012-13 contest season
HM&B High Five 14 September 2012
STALI 5 October 2012
Selling Synopsis 23 November 2012
Emerald Award 23 November 2012
Little Gems 1 February 2013
First Kiss 15 February 2013
Valerie Parv Award TBA April 2013

New Releases and Contracts

  • After traditionally publishing 35 books, Nicola Marsh has indie-pubbed a novel, CRAZY LOVE, an 85000 word contemporary romance about those who ‘do’ love and those who don’t!
  • Nikki Logan is very excited that her romantic suspense set amidst African wildlife is now out through Entangled Publishing’s Dead Sexy line. WILD ENCOUNTER is bloodier, steamier and more dangerous than her Sweets for Harlequin but still saturated in nature.
  • Imelda Evans is ‘coming soon’ to Destiny Romance! Pop over to their website for a peek at her cover and blurb.
  • Bernadette Rowley has a debut novel PRINCESS AVENGER being released by Destiny Romance in October.

Keeping Up Appearances

  • Annie Seaton was delighted to have her first radio interview this week. Tune in at Podomatic
  • Mary Hawkins is presenting a two hour workshop on “Getting the novel structure right” and will be also in the “Editing Room” at The Word Writers Getaway 12-14 October at The Sunshine Coast.FMI:


Cruisin’ Member Blogs

Share a link and a short blurb here each week by emailing the details to us at:

Author Harvest has had a bumper spring crop already.
NZ’s Rae Roadley (memoir)
Jaye Ford (the Davitt Diva) – scary – especially for chickens!
Juliet Madison – do not let her near a stapler!
Also coming up this spring:
Kerri Sackville – non-fiction author and one of the most influential female bloggers (according to the Prime Minister, who discusses PMT with Kerri.) And Kerri discusses all sorts of stuff with us. Feeling anxious? You might want to check this one out.
Author Harvest is just getting started. If you enjoy the posts, there are plenty more in store with a spring, summer, autumn and winter harvest.

This week on Friday Feast:

Giddy up, folks, because this week on Friday Feast we’re expanding our horizons, turning all Spring Carnival-y and entering the fascinating world of non-fiction. Award-winning writer and renowned freelance racing journalist Jessica Owers is sharing her evocatively titled tale, Every So Often, You Just Want One. And, believe me, it’s not what you think!

Plus reveal your adventure of when something very bad has turned out surprisingly good and you’ll go into the draw to win a signed copy of PETER PAN: THE FORGOTTEN STORY OF PHAR LAP’S SUCCESSOR. Just in time for the Melbourne Cup!

Blogs about all things romance and fantasy and conducts interviews with fellow authors and their new releases.

September 13 – MAGIC THURSDAY – Eleni Konstantine with giveaway of novella GATEWAY TO HELL

September 15 – ENCHANTED ORB with Christina Ashcroft

September 16 – Weekly Overview

September 18 – Good News Day

is giving a way a paperback copy of her latest release EVE’S PASSION.

Eden was her father’s dream and now, all she has in the world. Since his death Eve has struggled to keep the orchard going but the bank is threatening foreclosure and Adam, wealthy, determined and far too attractive, won’t take no for an answer. Besieged on all sides how can Eve save Eden? Will Adam convince her the future is more important than the past?

September 18 – SERIES: Ellora’s Cave author – Camryn Rhys – come discover the world of paranormal erotic romance!

September 20 – SERIES: Ellora’s Cave author – Virginia Cavanaugh – come discover the world of paranormal erotic romance!

September 22 – MONTH OF HOT HEROES: Heat 4 – vote for the hunkiest TV/ movie heroes and see who ends up the HOTTEST one of all.

September 25 – SERIES: Ellora’s Cave author – Kelli Scott – come discover the world of paranormal erotic romance!

September 17 – A Michelan Guide to a Story Idea

I’m pretty passionate about my food – and I can be downright scary where chocolate is involved *g* So I’m stoked that one of my all-time favourite recipes is going to be included in All Romance eBooks free cookbook, Passionate Cooks; free recipes from today’s hottest romance authors! This free cookbook is due out in October. If you’d like to know more about Passionate Cooks, I’ve featured it on my website, along with another one of my favourite recipes.

And because I don’t often get an excuse to experiment *cough* fussy children! *cough*, I’m starting up a Recipe of the Week section on my website. My first contributor is my lovely Aussie author friend Jennie Brumley, with her incredibly decadent sounding Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie Cake… which is just in time for me to try for DH’s birthday. YUM!

I have my fabulous American friend author Jen Tucker on my blog today. While she doesn’t write romance – at least that’s not what she’s published in – her post is well worth reading for a Sunday laugh. The topic – old ladies problems. I’d love her to have some Aussie love…

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September 21 – Blog Bites with Erin Grace – Kerri Williams

September 23 – Event Announcements – Juanita Kees

September 27 –  Cruisin’ with RWA – Juanita Kees

Eden Summers has been doing a few interviews with fellow bloggers on Riverina Romantics and would love if you could stop by. There is a mixed swag up for grabs…

Come visit and share your favourite Italian escape – or you can cheat and invent one. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

September 19 – Cassandra Dean visiting my blog celebrates her latest release, ROUGH DIAMOND, an historical Western erotic novel with a copy to give away.

September 14 – In the Armchair with Erin Grace
September 17 – Review of One Mountain Away by Emilie Richards
September 21 – In the Armchair with Jaime Caruso, hero of  FLY AWAY PETA. Jaime is giving away a print copy signed by his ‘creator’, so please do pop in and leave a comment.
September 25 – Review of The unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D – Nichole Bernier

This weekend I did a blog post inspired by the Rural panel at the conference. Me and eight other rural writers will be sharing our thought on what makes a Rural Romance and what aspects of rural life have inspired us to write. Hope you enjoy it. There are some great authors to discover and some interesting ideas behind the works of some of your favourites

Wednesday Work in Progress: The perils of editing and (squee!) a cover preview


Enrico’s Pick Six

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Enrico’s Pick Six this week:

  1. Tima Maria
  2. Venetia Green
  3. Sandy Curtis
  4. Maggie Andersen
  5. Nicole Murphy
  6. Alison Stuart

Have a great week!

Regards Juanita

Cruisin’ with RWA

Can you believe it’s Thursday again? It won’t be long before we’ll all be rolling in chocolate as Easter swings by. Share your Easter Holiday blogs by dropping us an email at


RWA Merry Webber Blogs

March 23  – Blog Bites with Suzanne Brandyn – Kerri Williams

March 24 – A Blog Post from Sandie Hudson

March 25  – Event Announcements – Juanita Kees 

March 26 – Conference Spotlight: Dr John BarlettaEleni Konstantine

March 27– Conference Spotlight: Kate Cuthbert – Eleni Konstantine

March 28 – Author Spotlight on Fiona Palmer – Juliet Madison

March 29 – Cruisin’ with RWA – Juanita Kees


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March 15 – Annie Seaton  celebrated the release of two of her novels: Holiday Affair and Winter of the Passion Flower.

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Susanne Bellamy signed a contract with Lyrical Press last week for her debut release White Ginger, a third prize winner in the 2011 Emerald Contest.

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Congratulations to:

Angela Bissell

Marilyn Forsyth

Natalie Moress

Ainslie Paton

Kerrie Starbuck

Anita Weeks

Congratulations and thanks to Kasey Rowe for successfully managing her first contest. Agent Jessica Alvarez of BookEnds LLC will decide final placings.
The First Kiss Contest is generously sponsored by Michael and Desley Ahern. Thanks goes to Lis Hoorweg, RWA Contest Co-ordinator for another job well done.


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“Start channelling your inner Italian because this week on Friday Feast, RWA President and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Bailey is talking the snack food that every loves, pizza. Rachel is also giving one lucky commenter the chance to win a copy of her new Harlequin Desire release, WHAT HAPPENS IN CHARLESTON, which hits the shelves Downunder this month. So grab an espresso or latte and come join the that’s amore fun!”

March 22 – MAGIC THURSDAY: Annie Seaton with giveaway of Winter of the Passion Flower

March 25 – Weekly overview

March 26 – Winner of Annie’s giveaway

March 27 – GOOD NEWS DAY

March 29 – MAGIC THURSDAY: Astrid Cooper with one of her m/m ebooks

March 24 – Month of Hot Heroes (Heat 4)

March 27 – TOPIC: AN AUTHOR’S LIFE…with Bec McMaster (Sourcebooks Aussie steampunk author)

March 31 – Month of Hot Heroes (Final)

Theory on Thursday


Clint’s Cruisin’ Lane


Enrico’s Pick Six

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Enrico’s Pick Six this week:

  1. Monique Wood
  2. Monya Mary Clayton
  3. Novel Adventurers
  4. Writing up a Storm
  5. Imelda Evans
  6. Whitney K-E


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Valerie Parv Award 23 April – 4 May 2012 (or until contest fills)


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  • March 27 – Behind the Scenes with Anna Jacobs – talk with books for sale and signing.

Where: Wanneroo Library, 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo WA 6065

When: 11am

FMI & Bookings: (08) 9405 5900


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Enrico’s quote of the week

Passion makes the world go round.  Love just makes it a safer place.  ~Ice T, The Ice Opinion, quoted in Reader’s Digest, “Quotable Quotes,” February 2002


Until next week,

Regards Juanita

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