Cover love: The Results of the Book Cover Contest (2013)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And what a way we have to celebrate with you today – announcing the winners of the Cover Contest.  

It was a great turnout with close to 1500 votes over 17 categories. 

So without further ado, here are the results.

By genre-

Best Contemporary Romance Novella Cover


Best Contemporary Romance (Sexy)  Novel Cover


Best Contemporary Romance (Sweet)  Novel Cover


Best Erotic Romance Cover


Best Fantasy Romance Cover


Best Historical Romance Novella Cover


Best Historical Romance Novel Cover


Best New Adult / Young Adult Cover


Best Paranormal/ Magical /Fantasy Elements Cover


Best Paranormal Romance Cover


Best Romantic Comedy Cover


Best Romantic Suspense Cover


Best Rural Romance Cover


 Best Sci-Fi Romance Cover


Best Other Cover


By length-

Best Shorter Fiction Cover

We have a tie!



and last but not least,

Best Novel Cover

Again we have a tie!



Congratulations to you all!

I hope you had fun voting for your favourite covers.

I think every single entrant is a winner – their stories are out there in the world for all to enjoy. Great going RWA members!

Keep an eye out late in the year for the details for the 2014 Book Cover Contest!


RWA Member News 2010 in Review ~ Part 1

Welcome to the first of my two-part post – Member News Review for 2010. I scoured Hearts Talk and Member News on the RWA Blog. If I missed your news please add it to the comments. This week we look at ‘Special Celebrations’, ‘The Calls’, ‘The Sales’ and ‘The Winners’.

Special Celebrations

Allison Rushby ~ celebrated 10 years as a published author.

Anna Jacobs ~ moved up to the 7th most borrowed author of adult fiction in the UK, and is also the 19th most borrowed author on the all-fiction list.

Fiona McArthur ~ appeared on ‘The Circle’ during September to launch her non-fiction book ‘The Don’t Panic Guide to Birth’.

The Calls


Janette Whitehead ~ had one of her manuscripts accepted by Carina Press.

Shona Husk ~ sold her novella ‘An Elemental Tail’ to The Wild Rose Press.


Alli Withers ~ signed with agent Emmanuelle Alspaugh.

Michelle Diener ~ secured a two-book deal with Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster) in New York for her Historical novels. Book one is due for release in Spring 2011 and book two Autumn/Fall 2011.

Sue Mackay ~ received THE CALL from HM&B for her medical novel ‘The Doctor’s Destiny’, with a request for another novel by July.


Mel Scott ~ accepted a three-book deal with Ace/Roc (Penguin Fantasy line) for her Steampunk fantasy/romance and two sequels.


Glenda Lock ~ received a contract offer from Cobblestone Press.


Rebecca Skrabl ~ was offered representation from Natalie Fischer at the Sandra Djikstra Agency.


Jaye Ford ~ sold her thriller ‘Beyond Fear’ to Random House.

Fiona McCallum ~ sold the Australia/NZ territory rights to her first novel ‘Paycheque’ to Harlequin (Australia).


Kerri Williams ~ was offered a contract with Eternal Press.

Jess Anastasi ~ received her first contract with Noble Romance Publishing for her Paranormal/sci-fi novel.


Pia Moonglow ~ (aka H.C Brown) was contracted by Noble Gateway Romance for ‘Don’t Press Enter’, her YA Paranormal novel.


Jenn J McLeod ~ signed on with Clare Forster (Curtis Brown Australia) to represent her women’s fiction novel ‘A House For All Seasons’.

Kylie Griffin ~ Golden Heart winner signed with Elaine Spencer from The Knight Agency.

Tamara Gill ~ sold her regency erotic romance ‘To Sin With Scandal’ to  Noble Romance Publishing’s Naughty Nibbles.

Helen Lacey ~ received THE CALL from Harlequin Special Edition.


Leonie Knight ~ sold her medical romance novel ‘Dr Sophie’s Great Escape’ to Harlequin M&B with a contract for a second novel.

Shannon Stein ~ was offered a contract with Carina Press for her short category romantic suspense.


Laura O’Connell ~ sold ‘African Heart’ to Ever Before Publishing (Wombat Books).

Kylie Griffin ~ now represented by Elaine Spencer of Knight Agency signed a three-book deal with Leis Pederson of Berkley Publishing.

The Sales


Astrid Cooper and Shona Husk ~ both sold fantasy romance short stories to Ticonderoga for their ‘Scary Kisses’ anthology.

Bronwyn Parry ~ had a short story published in Woman’s Day titled ‘Letters to Ruth’.

Erica Hayes~ debut novel ‘SHADOWFAE’ hit the Australian bookstands.

Mel Tescho ~ sold a short story, ‘Kallie Revealed’ to Ellora’s Cave.

Rhian Cahill ~ sold her novella, ‘Coyote Home’ to Ellora’s Cave.

Suzanne Brandyn ~ ‘Heat in the Outback’ contracted to Eternal Press.


Annie West ~ sold her 12th novel to Harlequin for their Modern/Sexy line. Titled ‘Passion, Purity and the Prince’.

H.C Brown ~ received two contracts from Noble Romance. ‘Hot Damn!’ and ‘A Savage Lust’.

Mel Scott ~ accepted a 3 book deal with Ace/Roc (Penguin’s fantasy line) for her fantasy/romance/ steampunkish book, as well as 2 sequels.

Shona Husk ~ sold her third novel/novella ‘Boyfriend in a Bottle’ to Samhain Publishing.


Annie West ~ sold her 12th story to HMB for Modern/Sexy ‘Passion, Purity and the Prince.’

Heather Boyd ~ sold a regency romance titled ‘One Wicked Night’ to Noble Romance Publishing

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle ~ sold her single title novel ‘North Star’ to Allen and Unwin.


Anna Jacobs ~ sold the large print rights of modern romantic story ‘Licence To Dream’.

Carolyn Comito ~ sold her short story ‘Twist of Fate’ to That’s Life magazine.

Erin Grace ~ received her third contract in fourteen months for her novel ‘Fire of My Heart’ with Lyrical Press.

Lesley Smith ~ sold her short story ‘The Awful Shirt’ to Australian Women Online.

Maggie Andersen ~ had her young adult novel, ‘Waving at the Moon’, accepted by Eternal Press. Set in outback Australia, ‘Waving at the Moon’ is a post-nuclear fantasy.

Maree Andersen ~ received an offer from Red Sage Publishing for her futuristic/space opera, ‘From The Ashes’.


Cathryn Brunet ~ sold her contemporary erotic romance ‘Three Over Par’ to Carina Press.

Cathleen Ross ~ sold German translation rights of her first book ‘Man Hunt’.

Cathleen Ross ~ sold ‘French Kiss’ to Ravenous Romance for their Once Upon a Threesome anthology and ‘Love, Lust and Lies’ to Passion in Print.

Heather Brown ~ secured a new three-book contract deal with Noble Romance.

Maree Anderson ~ ‘Kat On A Hot Tin Roof’, was contracted for Red Sage’s ‘Secrets, Volume 30’ anthology.

Maggi Andersen ~ received a new contract for her Middle Reader/ YA novel ‘Dog Head Code’.

Mel Tescho ~ sold her novella ‘Ice Cold Lover’ to Ellora’s Cave.


Alison Stuart ~ 2008 Eppie Award winner ‘By The Sword’ was re-released in ebook format by Smashwords.

Anna Jacobs ~ her Fantasy and SF novels written under the name of Shannah Jay have found a new home at Smashwords as ePublished books.

Erin Grace ~ signed her fourth contract with Lyrical Press with a manuscript as part of an anthology.

Janet Woods ~ sold the audio rights to ‘Salting The Wound’ and ‘Straw in The Wind’ to ISIS Sounding.

Jennifer Brassel ~ sold her YA Urban Paranormal ‘Coins of Power’ to Parker Publishing’s Moxie Imprint.

Rhian Cahill ~ sold ‘Coyote Wild’, the second story in her Coyote Hunger series, to Ellora’s Cave.


Allison Rushby ~ sold her YA novel ‘Paparazzo Jo’ to Walker.

Anna Jacobs ~ had the first of her out of print Historical romances published on Smashwords as an ebook. ‘Mistress of Marymoor’ is a Georgian romance set in 1759.

Nicola E. Sheridan ~ had her first sale with ‘Magical Gains’ contracted by Eternal Press / Damnation Books.

Nikki Logan ~ sold her fifth book ‘Pull of the Tide’ to Harlequin Romance.

Shona Husk ~ sold ‘How to Breathe Fire’, a fantasy romance, to Samhain publishing.

Sue MacKay ~ sold a second medical with the working title ‘Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad’ to HMB Medical. Sue was also offered a three book contract.


Elisabeth Rose ~ sold her 7th sweet contemporary romance ‘The Wedding Party’ to Avalon.

Fiona Lowe ~ sold her 14th book to HMB Medical.

Janet Woods ~ sold the audio rights to PAPER DOLL to ISIS Soundings.

Mel Tescho ~ sold ‘Carnal Moon’ to Ellora’s Cave.

Shona Husk ~ sold ‘The Goblin King’ to Dorchester in a three-book deal.

Trish Morey ~ had three of her novels published as Japanese Manga comics in 2010. ‘The Italian Boss’s Secret Child, For Revenge … or Pleasure?’ And most recently ‘The Boss’s Christmas Baby’.


Annie West ~ sold her lucky 13th book to Harlequin novel, ‘Prince of Scandal’.

Rhian Cahill ~ sold ‘Coyote Run’, to Ellora’s Cave. This is the prequel to the Coyoye Hunger Series.

Rhian Cahill ~ sold a short novella ‘Doing Logan’ to Ellora’s Cave.


Alison Ahearn and Ros Baxter ~ accepted a two-book deal with Harper Collins. Their first women’s fiction novel due for release early 2012.

Anna Jacobs ~ signed a contract with Allison & Busby for the sequel to ‘Cherry Tree Lane’.

Bronwyn Parry ~ sold a short romantic suspense story ‘Echos of Daniel’ to Woman’s Day.

Cathryn Hein ~ accepted a two-book deal with Penguin for her Australian Rural Romances.

Fiona Palmer ~ sold her second book ‘Heart of Gold’ to Penguin.

Heather Brown ~ received her first Ellora’s Cave contract for a sci-fi/paranormal romance ‘No Choice But Love’.

Heather Brown ~ sold ‘Bite Here’ to Noble Romance Publishing.

Shona Husk ~ sold the the trilogy of her Paranormal romance series, the first being ‘The Goblin King’ to Sourcebooks.


Carolyn Comito ~ sold a short story ‘The Bridge’ to That’s Life magazine.

Mary Hawkins ~ Book Three in Mary’s Baragula series, ‘Justice at Baragula’, was accepted by Ark House Press.

Shona Husk ~ sold the first of her Lucinda’s Lover novellas, ‘Kissing Phoenix’, to Ellora’s Cave.

Yvonne Lindsay ~ accepted a new two-book contract with a view to contracting a third book.


Anne Whitfield ~ sold a contemporary novella, ‘What He Taught Her’, to MuseItUp Publishing.

Christina Phillips ~ sold the third book in her ‘Forbidden’ series ‘Enslaved’ to Berkley Heat.

Fiona Lowe ~ sold ‘The Boomerang Bride’ (w/t) a contemporary romance to Carina Press.

Janet Woods ~ signed contracts with Severn House UK for two more novels: ‘Tall Poppies’ and ‘Untitled.’

Janni Nell ~ sold her second ‘Allegra Fairweather’ book to Carina Press.

Jennie Brumley ~ had her second full length novel accepted by Ravenous Romance.

Jess Anastasi ~ received her second contract from Noble Romance Publishing. This time for her romantic suspense ‘Dead Reality’.

Shona Husk ~ sold a fantasy short story ‘The Skull Jeweller’s Apprentice’ to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight magazine.

Tamara Gill ~ was offered a contract with Noble Romance Publishing for her regency novella.

The Winners & Place-getters


Heather Boyd ~ placed 3rd in the Historical category of the Silicon Valley Gotcha! Contest.

Iona Jones ~ placed 1st in the RWNZ Strictly Single contest.

Michelle de Rooy ~ placed 2nd in the RWNZ Strictly Single contest.


Barbara Jeffcott-Geris ~ won the Rose City Romance Writers Golden Rose – long contemporary section.

Bec Sampson ~ placed 4th in the Spacecoast Authors of Romance Launching a Star contest.

Helen Katsinis ~ won the Little Gem Cover Contest.


Amy Matthews ~ won the unpublished manuscript prize in the Adelaide Festival Awards, which includes publication by the Wakefield Press.

Anna Newton ~ won Single Title category of the Cleveland Rocks contest.

Bec Sampson ~ won the contemporary series section of the West Houston Emily Contest.

Emmie Dark ~ won the Sensual Contemporary category of the Romance Writers Ink “Where The Magic Begins” competition.

Helen Lacey ~ placed 3rd in the RWA Silicon Valley Gotcha! Contest in the series contemporary section.

Louise Groarke ~ placed 4th in the RWA Silicon Valley Gotcha! Contest in the series contemporary section.

Maree Anderson ~ placed 2nd in the Oklahoma Romance Writers Finally a Bride contest with a YA paranormal.


Alison Leake ~ placed 4th in the West Houston RWA Emily contest paranormal contest.

CC Coburn ~ won the Short Contemporary section of the New England Romance Writers Bean Pot Award.

Kylie Griffin ~ won the West Houston RWA Emily contest paranormal section.

Kylie Griffin ~ placed second in ‘Chase the Dream’ contest.

Melissa Dark ~ won RWInk’s Where the Magic Begins Sensual Contemporary section.

Nalini Singh ~ hit the big time with wins and an honourable mention in the PEARL Awards.

‘Angels’ Blood’ won Best Fantasy/Magical Romance

‘Branded By Fire’ won Best Shapeshifter Romance

‘Blaze of Memory’ won Best Futuristic Romance and received an Honourable

Mention in the Favourite Overall Romance category

‘Must Love Hellhounds’ won Best Anthology (award shared with the awesome Charlaine Harris, Ilona Andrews & Meljean Brook)

Robyn Grady ~ won the Cataromance Award for 2009 Best Desire novel with ‘The Billionaire’s Fake Engagement’.

Tamara Gill ~ placed 7th in the Winter Rose Contest (US).

RT Reviewers Choice Awards –

Abby Gaines ~ ‘Her So – Called Fiancé’ – Best Super Romance

Nalini Singh ~ ‘Angel’s Blood’ – Best Urban Fantasy

Sarah Mayberry – ‘She’s Got It Bad’ – Best Blaze


Anna Campbell ~ ‘Tempt the Devil’ won the Regency section of the Phoenix Desert Rose RWA Golden Quill contest, and ‘Captive of Sin’ won the Historical section and finalled in the Regency section.

ARRA Winners

Anna Campbell ~

Australian Romance Readers Awards FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN ROMANCE AUTHOR OF 2009.

Australian Romance Readers Awards Favourite Historical Romance of 2009 CAPTIVE OF SIN.

Bronwyn Parry ~

Australian Romance Readers Awards Favourite Romantic Suspense of 2009 DARK COUNTRY

Kandy Shepherd ~

Australian Romance Readers Awards Favourite Contemporary Romance LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD.

Paula Roe ~

Australian Romance Readers Awards Short Category Romance 2009 THE MAGNATE’S BABY PROMISE.

Nalini Singh ~

Australian Romance Readers Awards Favourite Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance of 2009 ANGLES’ BLOOD.

Australian Romance Readers Awards Favourite Continuing Romance Series PSY/CHANGELING SERIES.

Bec Sampson ~ won Contemporary series category of the West Houston RWA Emily contest.

CC Coburn ~ ‘Colorado Christmas’ won the Best First Book category in the Golden Quill with The Phoenix Chapter.

Kylie Griffin ~ placed 2nd in the ‘Yellow Rose Chapter of RWA 2010 Winter Rose’ contest with her sci-fi romance.

Sandii Manning ~ won the series romance contemporary section of Washington RWA’s Marlene Award.


Anna Campbell ~ won the Golden Quill’s Award Regency section with ‘Tempt the Devil’.

Anna Campbell ~ ‘Captive of Sin’ won the Historical section and finalled in the Regency section of the Golden Quill’s Award

Kylie Griffin ~ placed 3rd, 4th and 5th in the RWA Valley Forge “The Sheila” paranormal section.

Nalini Singh~ won best urban fantasy protagonist in Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards with ‘Angel’s Blood’.

Sarah Mayberry ~ won best Blaze in the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards with ‘She’s Got It Bad’.


CC Coburn ~ won the Golden Quill Award for Best First Book.

Pam Collings ~ won the short story section of the North Central Review Literary Competition Awards with her story ‘The Painting’.

Suzi Love ~ placed 3rd in the Historical category of the Touch of Magic contest for the Central Florida chapter USA.


Anna Campbell ~ CAPTIVE OF SIN placed 2nd in the Historical category of the First Coast Romance Writers 2010 Beacon Award.

Bec Sampson ~ placed 3rd in the YA section of Touch of Magic contest.

Kylie Griffin ~ won her first Golden Heart at the RWA conference in the US.

Melanie Milburne ~ Award of Merit in Short Category section of Virginia Romance Writers HOLT Medallion for ‘Castellano’s Mistress of Revenge’.

Sharon Archer ~ Award of Merit in the Short Category section of Virginia Romance Writers HOLT Medallion for ‘Marriage Reuntied: Baby on the Way’.

Susanna Rogers ~ won the Sandy Competition in the thriller/suspense section.

Suzi Love ~ place 3rd in the Historical category of Touch of Magic contest.

The 2010 RWA Contest Results


Finalists – Lis Hoorweg, Sandie Hudson, Anita Joy, Helen Katsinis, Serena Tatti

AWARDED TO – Serena Tatti


1st Prize – Anna Cowan

2nd Prize – Coleen Yan

3rd Prize – Chris Weston

4th Prize – Rebecca Skrabl

Highly Commended – Michelle de Rooy

Highly Commended – Jennifer St. George

Highly Commended – Dayle White


for best unpublished category romance.

1st Prize – Coleen Yan

2nd Prize – Bec Sampson

3rd Prize – Joanne Robertson


for best unpublished single title

1st Prize -Alli Withers

2nd Prize – Michelle de Rooy

3rd Prize – Vanessa Barneveld

Runner-up – Elizabeth Beckett


for highest placed historical romance

Winner – Alli Withers

The R*BY Award – Short Sweet Romance

– Sharon Archer – Marriage Reunited:  Baby on the Way

The R*BY  Award – Short Sexy Romance

Winner:  Amy Andrews – A Doctor, A Nurse, A Christmas Baby

The R*BY Award – Long Romance

Winner – Sophia James – Christmas Betrothals

The R*BY Award – Romantic Elements

Winner – Tracey O’Hara – Night’s Cold Kiss


Anna Campbell ~ ‘Captive of Sin’ won the Historical section of the Ancient City Romance Authors Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Award.

Margaret Tanner ~ ‘Frontier Wife’ won the Historical romance section of the 2010 Readers Favourite Awards.

Natalie Hatch ~ won the Young Adult category in the CYA Writers Competition.


Angela Verdenius ~ won Love Romance and More 2010 Golden Rose Award for Paranormal with her sci-fi/futuristic romance ‘Soul of a Guardian’.

Bec Sampson ~ won the San Francisco Area Writers Heart to Heart contest in the Young Adult category.

Bec Sampson ~ won TARA series Contemporary section.

Iona Jones ~ placed second in the Historical category of the Lone Star Writing Competition.

Suzi Love ~ placed 3rd New Jersey Put your Heart in a Book contest.


Anna Campbell ~ ‘Tempt The Devil’ won the Historical category of the Heart of Denver Romance Writers 2010 Aspen Gold Award.

Barbara Jeffcott Geris ~ placed 1st and 2nd in the Long Contemporary section of the Heart of the Rockies.

Cait Teal ~ placed in the Top Ten of ‘Tis The Season Writing Contest 2010 with her entry ‘Colorado Christmas Bride’.

Leah Ashton ~ won the M&B New Voices contest with her entry ‘Secrets & Speed Dating’.

Linley Maroney ~ reached the Top Ten for ‘Tis The Season with her entry ‘A Life Too Ordinary’.

Susanna Rogers ~ won and placed 3rd in the Heart of the Rockies contest Mainstream w/Romantic elements.

Suzi Love ~ won the USA Windy City Four Seasons Erotic category with her Historical Erotic Romance.


Bec Sampson ~ won the Heart of Denver Romance Writers Molly contest in the Contemporary category.

Janet Woods ~ received the Runner up Award in the 2010, SWW, WA  Bronze quill comp for short story with: ‘Bird of Prey’. Plus the Runner up Award for the 2010 KSP open short story comp with: ‘The Greek, The Dog, Shangri-la, and me.’

Melissa Smith ~ placed 2nd in The Season contest with her entry ‘Christmas Eve Bride Of Convenience’.

Congratulations to all our members who received ‘The Call’, sold novels and won or placed in contests.

Next week I look at those members who finalled in contests, were on ‘The Bestsellers List’ and received great reviews.



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